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Despite the great domination of smartphones, the only computer sector that still “sells” is certainly that of laptops, even more so if we talk about Mac laptops (a concentration of elegance, design, and power).
But to make the work experience or entertainment truly unique in front of a laptop, we will have to place side by side with some accessories, many of which are indispensable for not feeling the need to have to switch to a desktop computer.
In this guide, we will show you the best accessories and external components that we can buy for a notebook and for any MacBook. For convenience, we will divide the guide based on the type of laptop we choose: in the first section we will show you the accessories for Windows laptops, while in the second section we will see the best accessories for a modern MacBook.READ ALSO -> How to choose the new Notebook in 2019

Accessories for Windows notebooks

Windows laptops certainly have some advantages compared to MacBooks: they are expandable, we can change RAM and disk with greater ease, we have a number of USB ports and video outputs superior to MacBooks and in generating greater flexibility in every area (from super light to PCs) from gaming). The best accessories we can combine with a Windows-based laptop are:

Speakers Set

If the sound of the laptop leaves something to be desired, we can connect these simple 6 Watt USB speakers (3 Watts RMS) in order to increase the audio power of our notebook, spending very little.
We can view the product here -> Trust Leto Speaker Set 2.0 (€ 7)

Notebook Cooling System

Cooling base

Does our laptop get too hot and the built-in fan can’t handle all the heat well?
In this case, we must absolutely use an active cooling stand like the one offered by Ewent; it has two high-speed fans, connected via USB, a metal grille to better dissipate heat and colored LEDs.
We can view the product here -> Ewent EW1256 (€ 13)

Laptop bag

Notebook bag

To carry the laptop and all the associated accessories it can be very useful to use a large notebook with many pockets, like the one offered by AmazonBasics; it is adaptable to all types of notebooks from 11 inches up to 17 inches.
We can view the product here -> AmazonBasics – Laptop bag (€ 21).

Notebook mouse

Instead of using a mouse with the thread, annoying and cumbersome, we can use a mouse-like the one offered by Microsoft, which looks simple, with good accuracy and can be connected via Bluetooth to any notebook equipped with this technology.
We can view the product here -> Microsoft Mobile 3600 Mouse (€ 22).
Alternatively, as a traditional wired mouse, you can buy the Mini Travel Mouse (€ 7) which has a retractable cable.

Stand for Laptop

Notebook stand

If the laptop is in an awkward position on our desk, we can elevate it to a more comfortable position for eyes and back using a simple and comfortable laptop stand, like the one offered by Griffin.
Non-slip rubber pads on both sides will ensure stability, while the central open structure will allow the laptop to breathe without having to use additional cooling systems.
We can view the product here -> Griffin Elevator Support / Stand for Laptop (€ 36).

Docking station

Docking station

If the ports and outputs on the laptop are very few, we can fully expand the functionality of a large laptop (used most of the time as if it were a landline) by placing a docking station, which multiplies the number of ports and video outputs exploitable. That offered by AmazonBasics connects to a USB 3.0 port (we choose the port carefully since it will work well only on 3.0 ports) and expands any laptop with 2 front USB 3.0 ports, 4 rear USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, an output for headphones, a microphone input, an HDMI video output, and a DVI-I video output.
We can view the product here -> AmazonBasics – Universal laptop docking station (€ 79).

Accessories for Apple MacBook

Macbooks are certainly the most beautiful and lightest laptops to use, but they present a problem of no small importance: they have very few sockets and outputs; on the latest models even a single USB Type-C port to do everything from charging to connecting devices!
In order to effectively expand the usability of these Apple laptops, we can focus on some of the following accessories.

Classic USB 3.0 hub

Apple USB

If we own a MacBook Pro or any Apple laptop that has a classic USB 3.0 port (such as those found on notebook PCs), we can expand the number of available USB ports using this USB Hub with a design complementary to that of the MacBook, equipped with 4 high-speed USB ports.
We can view the product here -> AUKEY USB 3.0 Hub (€ 13).

Ethernet adapter

Ethernet Apple

If we own the new MacBook Air or in new MacBooks with only one USB Type-C port, we will surely have noticed the absence of an Ethernet port to be able to connect the Apple laptop via cable. To remedy this we can get this Ethernet adapter, which easily connects to the present USB port and offers cable Internet connectivity when needed.
We can view the product here -> USB-C to Ethernet adapter (€ 14).

HDMI adapter

HDMI Apple

Do we want to connect a warning or a TV to our MacBook?
We can use this convenient USB Type-C to HDMI adapter, so you can connect any HDMI cable and clone the screen content on the second display.
If we are interested we can view the product here -> QICENT USB C HDMI Adapter Type C to HDMI 4K (15 €).

USB Type-C Hub

Apple USB hub

If we need a May number of USB ports on our new MacBook, we recommend using a specific Hub, so you can bring the number of available USB ports from 2 to 5, without having to connect other types of cables or adapters.
We can view the product from here -> AUKEY USB C Hub in Aluminum (€ 17).

USB Type-C stick

Key USB Type-C

On the new MacBooks we find only USB Type-C ports, this means that we will have to use a specific USB key like the one offered by SanDisk, which has a double connector: on one side we can use the USB Type-C, on the other side the connector USB standard.
We can view the product from here -> Sandisk Ultra Dual USB (€ 19).

Universal Hub Adapter
Apple Hub

One of the best accessories that we can buy on the MacBook is certainly the universal Hub, capable of charging the laptop, of providing two additional classic USB 3.0 ports and also offering an HDMI port to connect a monitor or a TV; the peculiarity of the device is that you can also use all the doors together without any problem!
We can view the product from here -> GIKERSY Adapter for USB hub 3.1 (€ 29).

Wireless mouse

Wireless mouse

On our MacBook, we can’t use a simple wireless mouse or a mouse with the wire (also because the doors are really few!); the only mouse that deserves to be used is the Magic Mouse produced by Apple, compatible with all MacBooks, equipped with gestures and scrolling keys, for a unique design and comfort.
We can view the product from here -> Apple Magic Mouse 2 (€ 82).

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