Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

UPDF, an alternative program to Adobe Acrobat for editing PDF documents, is renewed: we present the main innovations and the most useful features.

The market is teeming with solutions for managing PDF documents: the various programs available, however, often suffer from some limitations and do not allow you to meet every need.

Speaking of solutions alternative ad Adobe Acrobatwe often realize that the program you have chosen does not allow you to modify the structure of the PDF, including texts and images present therein, does not integrate an OCR module to recognize the text acquired from paper pages, does not allow you to convert the PDF document into Word or other formats.

UPDF offers all these features and more: it is a cross-platform program compatible with Windows, macOS, Android e iOS that allows you to view and edit PDFs from any device.

You don’t need to purchase a separate license for each device – just one license you can manage PDFs anywhere, regardless of the operating system and the form factor of the chosen device.

The good news is that, for a limited time, UPDF Pro is available for purchase at a 53% discount: read more about promotion are available at the end of the article.

Who buys UPDF puts in the farm a complete and versatile PDF editing program that the developers continuously update. Thanks to the form of update integrated, it is thus possible to receive for free the innovations gradually introduced into the application. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many new features are regularly added to the program.

The following are, for example, the novelty that enrich the latest version of UPDF.

Compress and reduce PDF documents

The beating heart of UPDF is the PDF viewer starting from which a series of modifications can be applied to the document. Among the latest additions to UPDF is the function that allows you to compress PDFs and reduce its size.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

From the UPDF PDF Viewer window you can click on Save as other in the right column then choose Reduce file size.

Depending on document quality you want to achieve, UPDF will reduce the file size by mainly acting on the images they contain.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

Flatten PDF: what it means and how to do it

UPDF now also allows you to flatten PDF: This is a process that consists of merging the various layers of a PDF file by eliminating any interactive elements.

To flatten a PDF document with UPDF just always click on the button Save as other then choose Save flattened.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

At this point the user has the possibility of merging any eventual data into a single level annotations and shapes, embed a watermark and cropped content. The process ensures that other users cannot change the information contained in the PDF, remove the watermark or recover the cropped content.

It often happens, with some PDFs made using non-professional software tools, that the watermark o watermark used to indicate the document as confidential, confidential, draft and so on is easily removable precisely because it is positioned as a separate layer. UPDF allows you to avoid these situations.

Show the PDF file as a presentation

Who said that it is necessarily necessary to use programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, Google Slides and similar to show a slide show?
UPDF integrates a convenient function that is accessible by tapping on the small button shown in the figure or by pressing the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

In the presentation mode, UPDF offers controls for moving from one slide to another (pages that make up the PDF), pen and eraser tools for highlighting parts of the page, mouse pointer and a button to return to the traditional mouse pointer. You can also switch between presenter mode to layout view (and vice versa): in this second view, the PDF pages are shown as thumbnails on one side.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

It goes without saying that the PDF should be composed of pages oriented horizontally in order to avoid the appearance of black bars on the sides.

Filling out PDF forms is even easier

UPDF’s PDF viewer integrates a tool that automatically recognizes fillable fields in a document and allows the user to enter the required information.

I moduli in PDF thus they become very simple to manage: instead of being forced to print a PDF and fill it in by hand, UPDF allows you to enter all the information from your PC.

This approach saves paper consumption, reduces handling time for PDF files and keeps their lifecycle entirely digital.

The main features of UPDF

As a great software to edit PDF and convert to Office format, UPDF integrates a number of key features:

PDF viewer. The PDF file viewer is the “core” of UPDF: it allows you to open and consult the content of any document with the possibility of starting a search.

Especially useful is the function of press that does not rely directly on that of the operating system or the printer driver: in fact, it allows you to improve the printed result with the automatic rotation and the functionality to center the PDF pages. In addition to managing the print as an image, in grayscale, allowing the variation of the ordering of the pages, the UPDF print window allows you to adapt the PDF to the printable support, to use the actual dimensions and to set a customized scale.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

Edit the PDF file. Many applications that pretend to be PDF editors actually only allow you to add new layers to an existing document. UPDF certainly supports annotations, comments and the ability to draw on pages but its flagship are the functions to modify the PDF content and structure.

Just select the button Modify PDF from the left column of UPDF then double click on the element to modify. You can edit texts, images, links, watermarks, backgrounds, headers and footers.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

As regards the annotationsUPDF allows you to underline and highlight text and other parts of the document, apply “speech bubbles” on pages to draw attention to a portion of the PDF, apply stickers and “post-it”, shapes and freehand drawings.

Convert PDFs. Among the most effective functions of UPDF is the one that allows you to transform the PDF into a Word, PowerPoint, Excel document or other formats such as CSV, RTF, image, HTML, XML and pure text.

UPDF allows you to convert files by clicking on Export PDFs: compared to other competing solutions, the program allows you to customize the options in depth.

For example, in the case of conversion da PDF a Word you can choose if and how the layout should be preserved, for example by using text frames.

The option Text recognition settings allows you to enable the OCR engine on the PDF content: in this way the images containing text will be presented as flowing text in the destination format, for example in the Word document.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

Organize PDF pages. An application like UPDF also allows you to review the layout of the pages that make up each document: you can rearrange the pages, delete them, insert new ones (for example from another PDF), extract one or more pages, replace and rotate them.

To do this, just click Organize pages in the left column then refer to the buttons in the toolbar.

The order of the pages can be changed by simply dragging the thumbnails from one position to another.

With one click your Division you ask UPDF to generate multiple separate PDF documents from the original document pages. By specifying the number of pages that must compose each PDF document, UPDF returns the number of files that are created.

Encrypt PDF. With one click your Protect with password in the right column it is possible to request a password when opening the document, encrypt the PDF file and set a series of authorizations to limit printing and modification operations.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

Sign PDFs. UPDF allows you to place a handwritten signature on document pages: signatures can easily be moved to any part of the file.

At the moment the program does not allow you to affix a digital signature but this novelty will almost certainly be conveyed with a future update of the program.

Share PDFs. A convenient document sharing feature allows you to share the PDF with a link: anyone with the link can access the file. If necessary, it is possible to request the deactivation of the copy, download and print functions as well as set an expiration date for the link.

By clicking on the tab Share with others it is possible to inform other users via email about the availability of the PDF file and allow access to its contents via the cloud. Also in this case it is possible to disable the copy, download and print functions and possibly define an expiry date.

The promotion on UPDF allows you to access the 53% off on the list price of the program.

Once you visit the offer page you can choose for the plan annual subscription to UPDF or for the unlimited one (“perpetual plan“): opting for the latter you will receive a license without expiration and you will ensure that you receive all UPDF updates for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

UPDF allows you to use one of the major secure payment tools credit cards and PayPal.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Edit PDF Quickly: UPDF (53% Discount)

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