Best alternatives to Kaspersky for free

Alternative KasperskyAmong the best free and paid antivirus that we can install on our computer we find Kaspersky, which has years of experience in the sector and one of the most effective scanning engines in detecting cyber threats of all kinds.Even if the program is still very good we shouldn’t underestimate its origin: Kaspersky indeed is made in Russia and the nation is in war against Ukraine.

Even if the company has nothing to do with the war conflict, we are still talking about proprietary software (closed code) of which no one knows its internal components and both the antivirus and the security suite offered by the company do not they should be used in particular sectors (for example public administration or in companies working in the field of security or essential supplies).

If we are in one of the sectors at risk or simply do not trust Russian IT products, in the guide that follows we will show you what the best alternatives to Kaspersky for free so you can protect your PC without having to fear for the security or privacy of the device or the data stored inside it.

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Avast Free Antivirus

The best alternative to Kaspersky is without a doubt Avast Free Antivirus which we can download for free from the official website.


With this antivirus we will get complete protection from all threats, a precise and very effective real-time scanner, network protection and dedicated web protection, a system for monitoring bugs or flaws in the network or operating system and a dedicated anti ransomware protection.

Among the additional features offered by the antivirus we also find a VPN (excellent for protecting network connections), an anti-track system, a secure browser without tracking and a warning system for any privacy violations or compromised emails.

AVG Antivirus Free

Another valid alternative to Kaspersky is AVG Antivirus Free which can also be downloaded for free from the official website.


This antivirus has been a benchmark for many decades and, over the years, it has increased its virus detection capabilities, becoming one of the best that we can install on any PC with a Windows operating system. The company is owned by Avast, so in some ways the detection capabilities are similar (although the interface and functions change).

As additional components it offers a safe and secure browser, a computer cleaning and maintenance system, a program to update the drivers on the computer, a VPN to protect the Internet connection and an innovative dedicated battery saving system (for laptops).

Avira Antivirus Free

Another famous free antivirus that we can use instead of Kaspersky is Avira Antivirus Free whose installer can be downloaded for free from the official website.


In the past this antivirus had the reputation of being very effective but of presenting itself with spartan and minimal graphics. In recent years, more attention has also been given to the interface, which is now very clear and simple in every aspect; in this restyling nothing has been sacrificed in terms of protection, given that even today it is one of the best in intercepting malware and deleting them before they can cause damage.

One of the cool features added to the antivirus is Avira Crypto, a licensed cryptocurrency miner that uses computer power to mine Ethereum in moments of inactivity. The cryptocurrencies generated with this miner are credited to the account associated with the antivirus and we can transfer them to our wallet account Coinbase.

Comodo Internet Security Free

Anyone who has used Kaspersky Internet Security so far can replace it by downloading the free security suite Comodo Internet Security Free available from the official website.


By installing this security suite we will get a complete and efficient antivirus, a latest generation firewall, a rapid interception system for suspicious apps and installers, a spyware scanner, an automatic sandbox for suspicious apps, a cloud-based scanning module for free. and a purchase mode (to protect online shopping).

It is difficult to find a more complete suite than Comodo: currently it is without a shadow of a doubt the best antivirus and the best security suite that we can install on Windows without paying a euro.

Panda Free Antivirus

The last antivirus we can try as a good replacement for Kaspersky is Panda Free Antivirus available for free from the official website.


On this antivirus we find a precise and automated scanning module based on cloud technology: all signatures and information on new viruses are downloaded in real time from the Internet, so as to be able to offer a very high level of security.

Other noteworthy features include a USB stick protection system, Panda recovery kit, multimedia / game mode and free VPN connection (limited to 150MB per day).


Kaspersky security programs still remain among the best that we can install on our computer, but we cannot underestimate either the risk of using proprietary software from Russia.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives, which cannot be forgotten either Sophos Home which is free and has an effectiveness comparable to the antivirus offered by Kaspersky, so as to never leave your computer exposed to cyber threats.

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