Best Android widgets for your smartphone screen

Best 40 free widgets to see information and use controls from the Home screen of Android phones and tablets

Best phone widgets One of the best features of an Android cell phone is that of widget for the home screen, so you always have interactive information or quick buttons under control.

Widgets are applications that are embedded on the phone screen and allow a quick access to its features.

Many Android applications also include their own widgets that can be quickly added to the screen by tapping and holding on an empty spot. The option to browse should then appear the widgets available and installed on your phone, to be added just by touching and dragging them to the part of the screen where you want to see them. The widgets do not open like normal applications in the general menu, they are activated by pressing the home screen button and do not open new windows, they activate the function immediately.

In this article we will see what they are the best widgets to download for free for all Android phonesgiving greater prominence to widgets that can be downloaded for free and without having to pay a subscription.

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Best free Android widgets

1) volume control to manage all volumes, including ringtone and music, quickly.

2) Battery HD to always have an eye on the status of battery charge in a drawing and activate the quick settings or battery usage view. For the battery there is also Battery Widgetthe lightest and most minimal.

3) Widget with ON/OFF switches and control buttons to quickly activate, with a touch, wifi, GPS, bluetooth, to adjust the brightness, to synchronize data, to activate airplane mode and to mute or vibrate. Many Android smartphones include the widget energy saving control which is similar, but not customizable.

4) ColorNote Notepad Notes it’s a widget for attacking colorful post-its to display on your Android screen with notes and to-do lists.

5) Evernote e Google Keepthe best clipboard appscomes with a widget for data syncing, instant access to notes, searches, voice memos, and more.

6) Il Stats Monitor Widget to see the status of your phone: memory, CPU usage, network usage and other statistics.

7) Calendar Widget it is the widget for having a customizable calendar that can also be synchronized with Facebook or Google Calendar. Another calendar to put on the phone screen and it is interactive Event Flow Calendar, highly customizable, is a very nice widget for viewing the calendar and events. Obviously too Google Calendar It has its own screen widget.

8) Speed Dial Widget It is used to set up some contacts and call them with a touch or send them messages. Another widget with favorite contacts is Contacts widget.

9) Google Messages includes the widget to quickly read SMS messages from the Android phone screen.

10) FlashLight is the best application to have different types of flashlights on your android phone which also has a widget for activate the flashlight with one touch.

11) Transparent Weather is a widget with digital clock, weather and other information, with nice and clean graphics. Very elegant it is also Another Widget which updates the weather forecast automatically and shows the clock for quick access to the alarm. For further information we can read the guide to best transparent and customizable widgets with weather and time on Android.

12) note widget it is the most particular app on the list: you can add a widget on your phone and on that of your partner, which is synchronized. In practice, what you write or draw on your smartphone also appears on the other person’s screen and becomes a nice and convenient way to exchange messages or drawings.

13) Weather Forecast it is one of the best widgets to always have the weather forecast on your mobile phone, always in view, with information on the weather and temperature, whether it is sunny or raining. For further information, see the guide Best weather app for Android with temperatures and weather forecasts.

14) Simple Weather Widget is a widget with tomorrow’s weather forecast and temperatures for every city in the world, clean, clear and without ads.

15) aCalendar show notifications and data regarding the latest calls done or missed, new text messages, and calendar events.

16) Google News is the best feed reader with widget to read news directly on the Android phone screen. Those who used Google Reader can instead use the widget Feedly to be put directly in full screen.

17) Plume is the best widget for Android capable of showing the latest news and updates from your contacts on Twitter and Facebook.

18) Device info is the widget that indicates on a screen the system information with percentages and quantities of available RAM memory, processor use, space on internal memory and SD, battery, system cache and more.

19) In another article, Widgets for check your remaining credit and internet thresholds of a rechargeable one.
Data Usage it is a widget to always have the data connection traffic thresholds under control.

20) Chronos it is a super customizable widget that allows you to see lots of information on the home and lock screen, from notifications to the time, weather and news and much more.

21) Dimmer is a widget that allows you to change the brightness of the screen, even higher than the minimum required by Android. Ideal for reading your cell phone at night in bed.

22) WiFi Manager is the Android on-screen control for managing WiFi networks with many options to search and select the network to connect or disconnect to.

23) With UCCW you can transform your Android screen in the most different ways

24) Dialer Widget is a widget with numeric keypad and address book to make phone calls quickly from the main screen.

25) Elixir It’s a collection of customizable buttons that can be added to the screen to do things like turn WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular data, location, airplane mode, sync, and more on and off.

26) Data Enabler to activate and deactivate the data connection with one touch (does not work on lollipop)

27) Todoistas a widget to mark appointments and things to do.

28) Among the most popular apps with Widgets we remember Netflixto see movies in a box on the screen, then also Shazamto recognize a song on the fly with the quick button, then the Google translator, VLC for video controls, Whatsapp for received messages and quickly write to selected contacts.

29) Hotspot Toggle to quickly activate and deactivate the hotspot function

30) Sofascorethe app for following the results of football championship matches, has its own widget to always keep an eye on the results in real time.

31) Don’t forget that all Android phones include the Widgets in Gmail to see emails, by Google for information onGoogle assistantOf Google Mapsto quickly start guidance to a specific destination (such as home), Play Musica to start playing music.

32) YoWindow Weather It is by far one of the best looking widgets with weather information.

33) Overdrop is one of the newest Android widgets in the list, a very nice and customizable forecast widget weather app.

34) TickTick is one of the best to-do list apps with many organization and customization options, to remember your work tasks or shopping list.

35) Time Until it’s a fun little app with some little countdown widgets.

36) Moon Widget show the Moon and the lunar phases on the phone screen.

37) Widgets iOS is a collection of iPhone-style widgets, easily adaptable to any type of launcher and any screen, especially if we use a launcher that faithfully follows the graphic style of the iPhone.

38) Widgets Aesthetic is a nice collection of Aestetic themed widgets, with a style that closely resembles that of the new Pixels (where the icons are full of smooth lines and contours and light colors). A collection that will please those looking to recreate a colorful phone.

39) KWGT Widget Maker: probably the most powerful tool for creating your own widgets, as well as being able to upload widgets created by other users and shared within the dedicated store, so you can always use new exclusive widgets. On this app we can read our guide on how to transform the look of the screen on Android with KWGT skins.

40) Widgeet – Color Widget: another valid collection of widgets that follows the Pixel style by presenting clocks, outlines and themes with beveled and rounded lines, as well as presenting light colors.


Android Widgets should always be used without exaggerating, as they take up memory and can slow down the performance of older or less powerful smartphones. You should also consider that widgets take up space on your phone’s desktop and that, generally Apps with widgets cannot be moved to the SD card.

Finally, in another article, we saw the best apps to create custom widgets on Android of any kind, as you wish.

For further information we can also read the guides best Android applications to download for freeamong which theapp Android How2do.

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