Best app to connect Android phone to PC

Connect Android to your PC In an age where all the information passes through the network, it is natural to switch from the smartphone to the tablet and from the computer to the cell phone to write a document, to send a message, to call, to browse a website and so on.
However, there are times when it is convenient to keep everything under control from the computer, including the mobile phone, which can be connected to the PC using the WiFi network instead of the classic USB cable.
There are apps that make it easy and possible to transfer control of an Android smartphone to your computer to do all the operations directly from the PC, with a direct connection.
In this guide I will show you the best apps to connect your Android phone to your computer, so we will be able to send SMS from the PC, receive notifications on the desktop, send files or personalized messages to and from the PC.

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Below we will find the apps that have been tried and selected for you with which you can connect your Android device to the PC using your home or office WiFi network, so without using USB cables.
In order to take advantage of these apps, it is essential that both the smartphone and the fixed PC
we’re going to use both connected to the same WiFi network and responding to the same router.

1) AirDroid
AirDroid app

One of the easiest ways to wirelessly transfer files between the Android device and the computer is to use AirDroid, downloadable from here -> AirDroid.
Once you have connected your computer with your phone via AirDroid (free application), you can open your browser on your PC and as you browse a website, you can view photos, videos, send text messages, take screenshots of your mobile screen, move or delete files on your Android smartphone or tablet.
AirDroid can be managed from a PC either via the program provided or via the Web interface available here -> AirDroid Web.
Read more here how to manage the Android phone from the PC via a web browser with Airdroid

2) AirMore
App AirMore

Another great app that we can use to connect the Android phone to the PC is AirMore, available for download from here -> AirMore.
This app is designed to quickly transfer any type of file both to the PC and to the smartphone via the wireless network, using the Web interface available here (to be opened on the PC) -> AirMore Web.

3) Chrono
App Desktop Notifications

If we keep the phone resting on a table away from the computer or even in another room we can receive notifications of messages, calls and any other Android app directly on the computer using this simple app, so you always know who is looking for us and what messages we’ve received.
Chrono must be downloaded from the official website and installed on PC as an extension for Chrome and on smartphones as an app.
The Chrono App was discussed in the article on how to see Android notifications on PC in real-time.

4) Pushbullet
Pushbullet app

Pushbullet is one of those apps that everyone should have on their Android phone; this app allows you to receive phone notifications on the P, but also allows you to send files to the phone, send links to websites and always keep a connection channel between the computer and Android open.
We can download the Pushbullet app from here -> Pushbullet.
If we look for PC and Mac programs and extensions for various browsers, we can get them from here -> Pushbullet app and extensions.

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App Portal

From the authors of Pushbullet comes a convenient independent app with which you can send files only from PC to your smartphone via wireless in a quick and painless way using a convenient Web interface for uploading files.
The app can be downloaded from here -> Portal, while the website to be used as an interface can be visited from here -> Web Portal.

6) MightyText
App MightyText

This is another of the indispensable apps for Android that allows you to write text messages from your computer and send them, and to receive and save all the text messages received on your computer so as not to lose them or delete them by mistake.
The app can be downloaded from here -> MightyText.
For other details, we recommend reading the guide onĀ how to receive and send text messages from your computer

7) Android Lost
Lost Android app

This is an app designed to find the phone when it is lost or stolen and can be downloaded from here -> Android Lost.
However, the app can also be used to remotely control the phone even if it has not been lost, to enable an alarm, make the phone vibrate, signal the location where it is located, etc.
You can set up SMS or email alerts when something changes and have an automated log of activities with the call log and notifications.
There is a long list of controls, some really fun like the one to make the phone talk, record sounds from the microphone or turn on the camera.
The site with which to control the app remotely can be reached here -> Android Lost Web.
AndroidLost is not the only app of this type and you could also try other free apps like Prey or Lookout, as described in the article Best anti-theft app for Android to control and lock the phone away from the PC

8) Remote desktop on PC from mobile phone
Splashtop app

Among the best PC, remote control apps using mobile phones let’s remember TeamViewer and Splashtop, which can be downloaded from here -> TeamViewer is Splashtop. Just enter the codes when required and start controlling the desktop PC with any operating system above both at home and away from home.
Programs for Windows and other compatible systems can be downloaded from here -> TeamViewer (Desktop) and Splashtop (Desktop).
These apps can also be used to control the PC remotely via the internet using the smartphone as a mouse or best app for remote control of PC and Mac from Android and iPhone, via the internet.

9) Mobizen
App Mobizen

With this application you have the reverse connection, so you can see the screen of the mobile on the computer to be able to do anything you would do on the touchscreen but using the PC keyboard and mouse.
We can download the app from here -> Mobizen.

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More apps to control smartphone functionality from the PC

To use Android’s camera as a PC webcam just read the dedicated guide, so we can turn an old Android smartphone into a webcam or a wireless surveillance camera.

Another very interesting app is G-Pad, which allows you to use your phone as a touchpad and keyboard for your computer, as are a useful app to use Android or iPhone as Joypad for PC games, just read the guides highlighted here to access some very interesting features to recycle old smartphones.

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