20 best free applications to play music saved on your Android smartphone, to listen to audio files and organize MP3s

App musica Android Every Android smartphone is great for listening to music with or without headphones, using a player app (such as a music player for MP3 files or similar audio files) or a media streaming app (such as Spotify).

There are dozens of applications available in the store that are rich in features compared to the default Music app which is already installed on many Android phones.

In this updated list we discover the best apps to listen to music on Androidchoosing only the best apps to install on our device, all of them free. The player apps are all free, while the streaming apps require (in some cases) a subscription to listen to music without limits.

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App streaming online

1) Spotify it is the first app to install on Android if we want to listen to music in streaming using the Internet connection. The free version of the app does not allow you to download music for offline listening, there are advertisements, we can only play songs in Shuffle mode and we cannot skip more than 6 songs per hour in this mode.

2) YouTube Music it is probably the best alternative to Spotify, since it uses the videos and songs on YouTube to provide streaming music. The free version (i.e. a simple Google or YouTube account) offers unlimited listening and we can select a single song or an entire album (without Shuffle) but we will be forced to keep the app in the foreground (with the screen turned on), advertisements will be shown during playback and you will not be able to download songs locally for offline listening.

3) Amazon Music is another excellent alternative to Spotify, with a very extensive song database. Who owns Amazon Prime can access a selection of songs and play music without any limits (no Shuffle), but we will not be able to play all your favorite songs (a dedicated subscription is required, separate from Amazon Prime).

4) Apple Music it is the streaming app integrated into iPhone and can also be used on Android with the dedicated app. The catalog is very large and the audio quality is excellent but you need an Apple Music subscription to listen to music.

For further information we can read our guide to Free streaming music programs and apps.

App to play online radio

1) TuneIn Radio it is probably the best app for listening to online radio, replacing streaming services very well. Within the app we can select any Italian radio station but also listen to podcasts, 24-hour non-stop radio stations and choose to only play radio stations of a specific musical genre.

2) myTuner Radio Italia is another good app for listening to online radio directly from your phone, using your Internet connection. All Italian radios are present and support for Android Auto is guaranteed (to play the radio at a higher quality than FM and DAB).

3) Radio FM: Live Italian Radios is an excellent app for those who want to listen to Italian radio online without having to use the vehicle antenna. All the most popular radio stations are present and you can quickly change from one station to another using the favorite menus.

4) iHeart is a perfect app to listen to music, podcasts and radio without limits. There are playlists created by users based on mood, moods and favorite musical genres, so we can always listen to music that suits our thoughts and needs.

To learn more we can read the guide to best apps to listen to FM Radio and music streaming on Android and iPhone.

App player multimediali (file MP3, AAC etc.)

1) Poweramp it is perhaps the most popular app of the series, with over 50 million downloads, definitely a must try for anyone looking for an effective mp3 player. Unfortunately, the free version is limited to two weeks’ use, after which you must purchase the Pro version. PowerAmp has a more complicated interface than most music players because it packs so many features including gapless playback, crossfade, graphic themes , support for song lyrics, widgets and playlists of various types, then also a graphic equalizer and various customization options in the settings.

2) AIMP it is the Android version of the famous PC player, perfect for those looking for a light and old-fashioned MP3 player, which supports every audio format, both MP3 and other lossy and lossless ones. The app supports themes, automatic tag detection, playlists, internet radio, HTTP streaming (from websites), headset controls, adding ringtones and then a whole series of functions for managing tracks, for organize and order them as you want.

3) Omnia Music Player It is an offline music player with simple interface and also many interesting features. In addition to supporting all lossless and high-resolution audio file formats, the app has a 10-band equalizer and support for voice commands and a mini player that displays the cover of the album you’re listening to.

4) Pulsar is a simple, good-looking, yet lightweight MP3 player and therefore also suitable for older or cheaper smartphones, which synchronizes album art and song titles. It doesn’t have the advanced features of Poweramp, but it’s free and allows you to create playlists, use a widget on the Home screen, controls on the lock screen, gapless playback, fade, change playback speed and timer. As an MP3 player it also works well for sorting your music collection, downloading album art, and selecting folders to include in your library.

5) Pi Music Player is a music app for Android with a sleek user interface, support for folders, playlists, sleep timers, and even support for audiobooks and podcasts. You also have a feature to create ringtones from songs. The only flaw is that the free version has advertising and requires you to buy the premium version to get it out of the way.

6) Musicolet it is one of the best music players for Android because it has no advertising, no in-app purchases, non-profit, 100% free. This music player only works with music saved on your phone and has a super minimal, essential and clean interface.

7) JetAudio is a top-notch music application for your Android smartphone, with tons of features, capable of playing almost all known audio file formats (including MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, MPC, TTA, WV, APE , MOD, SPX, AIFF). jetAudio has a simple design, with the ability to explore music tracks by artists, albums, songs, folders and playlists. Very useful 10-band equalizer with 32 different audio presets, powerful music playback options and sound effects with fade support and gapless to feel the music.

8) Rocket Player (free version) aims to be a complete music player for both advanced and basic use. It has 5 band equalizer, fade in and out effect during playback and stop, playlist. Rocket also works with iSyncr to sync your podcast, playlist, and song bookmarks to iTunes.

9) Music Player – MP3 Player & 10 Bands Equalizer is a well-known, very lightweight player that supports only basic file formats. With a 10-band equalizer, bass amplification, gapless playback, integrated tag editor and some options and themes for customization, it remains among the most complete, even capable of suggesting the music best suited to our tastes.

10) PlayerPro It has all the standard features of a premium music player, so choosing it depends on whether you like its interface, with a unique and original design compared to other apps. Special features include personalized custom playlists, voice search, and Google Assistant integration.

11) Folder Player is another excellent music player for Android, less popular but still updated and developed, with equalizer, bass boost and other options to personalize music listening. In addition to working well, Mort Player allows you to choose which folder to use for music, therefore, those who transfer mp3 files from the PC to the mobile phone in a customized location (not in the standard DCIM/Music SD card folder), while other players may not find songs, you can then use FolderPlayer. Mortplayer also has auto-off, alarm, widget, sending via Bluetooth and many preferences to customize the graphics.

12) MediaMonkey is a powerful music manager, Android version of the popular Windows program with which you can synchronize over Wi-Fi. The interface is very nice, with an easy to use screen for listening to music, viewing tracks and rearranging them to your liking. The app has the usual features you’d expect from an offline music player: track editing functions, EQ, multiple navigation modes, and even a sleep timer.

13) Retro Music Player It presents an interface similar to the iPhone music player, with the possibility of customizing it through themes and colors. You can sort your song collection by songs, artists, albums and playlists, you can browse your phone’s folders and it also has support for tag management and integration with Last.fm.

14) Vanilla Music is a new open source app, which can be used as a music player for an Android smartphone or tablet, lightweight and equipped with a simple user interface. It automatically provides additional information about artists, photos or biographies and allows you to edit titles, artists and album names using the tag editor.

15) MusiXmatch is a music player among best apps to read song lyrics.

16) Music Player per Android it is, instead, the default Android player, simple, light and functional, which was present in almost every smartphone before Google Play Music arrived. Even though it’s a very basic app, it’s well-regarded for its basic simplicity, especially for organizing music files and navigating through your phone’s folders.

17) Music Player is a music player created for those who want greater control over the audio because it allows you to set various parameters and “DSP Effects” that are used to manipulate the sound.

18) Pixel Music Player It supports basic file formats, but it has a really good five-band equalizer with bass boost and allows you to hear music without gaps, a built-in tag editor and some options for customizing themes and colors. In particular, Pixel Player can analyze what you listen to and suggest more music that matches your tastes.


To have all the music on our phone we recommend installing at least one app for each category, thus choosing the best streaming app for our needs, the best app for listening to the radio and one of the recommended multimedia player apps.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to recognize song titles by listening and on the best equalizer app on Android to optimize music listening.

To upload music from your computer, there are several programs for Transfer files from PC to Android phone.


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