Best Apps to edit photos on iPhone with filters and effects

edit iPhone photos The iPhone is the most used device in the world for taking pictures. The iPhone camera is in fact of excellent quality and is capable of capturing high-resolution images, almost like using a professional camera. If after taking the photo we want to make changes or add filters, in this guide we have collected the best free iPhone app to edit photos with filters and effects.
By using these apps we will get several editing options, with filters and special effects to apply to images, so as to prepare them for sharing on Instagram, on Facebook or on any chat. For the guide we will only report free apps, so you can edit all the photos without having to spend money on expensive and useless apps.

The best app to edit photos on iPhone

Here below we have collected what we think are the best apps to use to edit photos on our iPhones. We can also download them and try them all so that we can test them and choose the one that best suits our needs.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the free application with which we can use the famous Photoshop photo editing program on the iPhone.

In fact, many photographic filters and special effects are paid but, for basic changes such as cutting, cropping, changing the light, contrast, brightness, basic effects, borders, frames, etc. are available for free. Also from Adobe, you can also download Photoshop Mix (to make clippings and fusions) and Photoshop Fix (to adjust the photos making them more beautiful).

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Snapseed is perhaps the best application to edit photos on the iPhone.

With this app, produced by Google, we can apply filters and special effects to each photo in a simple way. The tools tab has a myriad of features, with which we can add saturation to the images, sharpen the photos and highlight an element by coloring the remaining objects in black and white tones. Numerous visual effects are also available to make the photos truly unique before sharing them on social or chat rooms.

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Instagram is the most popular free app to improve photos, fix defects, apply filters and special effects, so you can make your photos unique before sharing them on social media.

The wealth of effects and filters (all free) combined with the quality of the images have made the fortune of this application, which is among the most popular and downloaded ever. In addition to uploading and editing photos taken with the iPhone camera, the app has its own camera section, so you can immediately capture and edit the photo without using any other tool.


Among the most professional apps that we can use to make perfect photos we definitely find Retrica, available for free for iPhone.

With this app we can take photos using the internal camera section, so we can immediately apply the photo effects offered (including the retro effect, the effects of light and shadows and the filter that gives a touch of class to each photo taken).
If you want to make professional and well-maintained photos, Retrica is definitely the best app we can use on the iPhone.

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Another very nice app to edit photos on the iPhone with artistic effects is Prisma.

By uploading photos and images to the app we will be able to choose from hundreds of artistic filters, capable of transforming each shot into an oil or canvas painting, with a very realistic effect. We have discussed this app in-depth in this article The photos become paintings with artistic effects on Android and iPhone.


VSCO is another great app to edit photos on the iPhone with filters and effects.

With VSCO we get, in addition to numerous filters and an integrated camera section, access to its community, where we can find portraits, selfies and other photos edited with the app. VSCO offers a very minimal interface for everyone, with which we can easily modify photographs and make clippings, change exposure, temperature, or apply effects and filters of all kinds. VSCO has become very popular due to the automatic filters that significantly change the look of the photo to make it seem, in some cases, more dramatic or, in other cases, retouched by a professional.


Fotor is another very powerful app for editing photos from the iPhone for free.

In this app we will find, in addition to the filters and the advanced editor, a large community with shared artistic photographs and with new effects and collages that we can exploit at any time for our purposes. We have discussed this app in-depth in the article a Fotor best-advanced photo editing app.

More apps to edit photos on iPhone

The apps reported so far we consider the best that we can install on the iPhone to edit photos on iPhone with filters and effects, but the store is full of apps that deserve to be tried, in particular, if we didn’t get on very well with the apps reported in previously. Below we can find a list of all the best apps to edit photos and apply free effects on the iPhone.

  1. Pixlr is a great app to give photos of some very modern effects and then share the images on social networks. The iPhone and iPad app ask you to create an account or sign in with your Facebook account. To create a new photo, just click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and shoot. You can add an effect to a photo already saved on the iPhone by tapping the Gallery button. The effects do things like changing the colors and hues of the image or changing the edges to give it a personal touch. The images, if shared, can be viewed by other PicYou users and can enter the gallery of the most viewed images in general.
  2. Lab, another great free app, is less strong in sharing but richer in special effects to edit and improve photos. Lab has a lot of fun effects and allows you to apply photomontages quickly by putting your face, for example, in place of Santa Claus or on a magazine cover. In the free version, some effects are not available but there are still many, divided into various categories: monsters, photo filters, cartoons, magazine covers, collages, drawings, frames and more. can also take new photos to edit directly or edit images in the gallery.
  3. Canva, an app for editing photos of extraordinary quality, at Fotor level, which comes from the online service of, ideal for creating banners, thank you cards or covers and images for Facebook and many other graphic projects.
  4. Litely is a new free application, similar to VSCO Cam, with many filters for high-quality photos. In addition to filters, there are standard photo editing tools such as exposure compensation, brightness, color vividness and more. The app is simple and very nice to see and use and one of the few to support RAW files.
  5. Timer Apps is a free application only for a limited period. It allows you to set a timer to do more series shots, in quick succession.
  6. Color Splurge allows you to apply that effect so that a part of the photo is colored and stands out, while the rest remains in black and white.
  7. PhotoFox is an image search engine (based on Pixabay) that allows you to combine our photos with others. There are also filters, colors, sketches, stickers, possibility to add text, frames, etc.
  8. Lens Distortions is an app that modifies photos by adding a glass filter, atmospheric effects, various illuminations such as blurring, glows, fog, rain, snow, and glittering effects.
  9. Repix, an app similar to Prisma that transforms photos into painted images, with more precise control of each change.
  10. Polarr App Editor it is excellent for improving the quality of photos, with filters, selective adjustment tools, overlapping effects and changes to people’s faces.


On the iPhone, we are really spoiled for choice if we look for a free app to edit photos on the iPhone with filters and effects! There is not really an app better than the other, at least among those reported at the beginning of the guide: we, therefore, recommend trying them all, so as to find the best for the type of photos and images we use.

In another guide, we saw the best together iPhone selfie app, ideal for using the front camera and adding filters and effects to our face. Always with a “face” theme, we can also read the guide to App to correct imperfections of face and skin and defects in photos, which make it possible to improve the faces in the photos by applying them with makeup effects, skin cleaning, teeth whitening, removal of dark circles and many other effects.
If instead, we look for the best camera apps, so as to replace the default one on the iPhone, we advise you to read our article at 10 Apps to improve photos.


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