Best free apps to record audio, sounds, voice, memos, speeches, lectures, meetings and whatever you want with an Android phone

Gone are the days when we had to use a voice recorder at university to record the professor’s lecture: today you just need to leave your phone on the desk and use an app to quickly record the whole lecture, so you can listen to it again at home.

To get good quality audio you need to use the right recording applications; in the following guide we will show you the best apps to record voice and sound on androidrecommending only the apps that allow you to get an excellent recording in all environmental conditions.

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App to record voice and sound on android

1) Google Recorder is the simplest audio recorder app on android, free and intelligent with the function of speech recognition and automatic transcription that converts audio into text.

2) Microsoft OneNote is the best app to record voice and sound on Android, also taking advantage of the synchronization of the Microsoft account (so as to immediately have the recorded notes synchronized with our PC and Microsoft account). Opening the app, all we have to do is press the microphone button at the bottom, provide permissions, select the function Registration and start recording; in addition to recording the audio we can also make the automatic dictation.

3) Easy Voice Recorder is a simple application for recording sounds with an Android smartphone. The paid version of the app is capable of recording voice in high quality PCM format to have clear sounding WAV file. You can quickly start recording without launching the app with just one touch of the widget button that you can put on the screen.

4) Smart Voice Recorder is a free audio recorder for android phones with high quality with different features. It can be used to record business meetings or any other important event with your Android mobile or even to record the sounds of an environment or during the night. You can choose the quality at which to record, from 8Hz to 44Hz.

5) Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder is a high quality voice recorder for android smartphone that can record audio, voice notes, voice memos and it also records in the background, with the screen off. You can save recordings in WAV or 3GP format and you can also share recordings or bring to your computer quickly via email and via Dropbox or FTP. It also allows you to set a recording as a ringtone.

6) Voice Recorder is a pretty simple and fast voice recorder for Android with a REC button to press to record and to stop recording. With this app one can also schedule a recording at a given time for a predefined time, send the recordings by email and set the recorded audio, voice or sounds as a ringtone.

7) Voice Recorder Vox is a simple Android application for voice recording. You can record audio using the built-in microphone or the camera microphone if your smartphone has one, and there is no time limit. You can also play your recordings directly from the app.

8) Voice Recorder is a simple free application for recording voice memos and meetings. It is able to record in the background without keeping the mobile screen on and transfer the recordings easily to the computer as well.

9) Dolby On: Record Audio & Music is an audio recording app with noise canceling function. Also, you can add some other filters to improve the audio quality.

10) Google Keep, the note taking app, is perhaps the fastest way to record voice memos. In fact, you can put a widget on the main screen and touch the microphone button whenever you want to record something by voice. Best of all, using Google’s speech-to-text engine, the dictated and recorded words are also automatically transcribed into a text file.

11) Evernote is another good voice note taking app on our Android phone. By launching the app and recording the note, we will always have the recording available on the PC, browser or any other device where we have accessed the Evernote app or site.

12) Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes is an app designed to record voice and transcribe it on a notepad, so that we can have a series of written notes based on what we have recorded. Excellent sharing features and the ability to listen to recordings at a later time.

13) MicCheck is a simple app to record any voice and sound on your Android phone and organize each recording in a sort of register, so as to never get confused between the various recordings made and always be able to listen to the lesson of the day or the previous day.


All of the apps featured in the guide are great for those in college or who needs to record a lecture or meeting: just start the app and record to capture any sound or any voice sharply and clearly.

The more powerful apps also have the function of dictation and synchronization of recorded voice notesa plus not to be underestimated if we have to transcribe a lesson or a meeting later.

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