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The browser it is the key program of internet browsing and it is the one that must remain protected and safe from intrusion and spying. The most common browsers are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge but they are not perfect in protecting privacy, as they track users.

With Internet privacy constantly under attack and now almost impossible to maintain, we have to choose truly anonymous browsers, which never track users while browsing (both in normal mode and in incognito mode).

In the guide that follows we will show you which anonymous browsers we can use to protect our privacy 100%which ensure private browsing on the internet and do not track personal data, thus preventing the various information on our online habits from being transmitted to advertising companies and to the sites themselves.

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1) Mozilla Firefox

The first browser we can use to protect our privacy is Mozilla Firefoxavailable for download for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Mozilla Firefox With Mozilla Firefox we can get an incognito mode that does not spy on users in any way, so that we can open any page without leaving a trace. Even in normal mode Firefox offers settings for privacy protection: taking us on the path Settings -> Privacy and security we can activate the Restrictive mode, which blocks many trackers from web pages (such as tracking and cross-site cookies) and also allows you to block harmful elements such as adware or cryptominers.

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2) Tor browser

Tor Browser is arguably the best ally of online privacy, as it harnesses the power of the anonymous Tor network coupled with the privacy-friendly features seen in Firefox.
Tor browser This browser automatically makes a connection on the Tor network and protects browsing by disabling cookies, javascript, third-party plugins and extensions.

Thanks to these systems, the browser directs Internet traffic through an international network of nodes managed by volunteers and covers each message transmitted online in different layers of encryption, each decrypted by one of the passing nodes. A receiving node can only view the last intermediate node, up to the final node which decrypts the innermost layer of encryption and sends the message to the destination.

3) Comodo Dragon e Comodo Ice Dragon

Comodo Dragon e Comodo Ice Dragon they are protected browsers with advanced features intended for privacy and security. Comodo Dragon is based on Chromium, while Comodo Ice Dragon is based on Mozilla Firefox.
Browser Comodo With both versions of Comodo we will get very safe browsers able to block cookies and other spying scripts present on websites, we can avoid connection tracking and we can verify the goodness of the sites and the security certificates inside them.

Of the two browsers, the safest one is Comodo Ice Dragon (which uses the technology of Mozilla Firefox), but those looking for a browser as fast as Chrome but more secure can try Comodo Dragon as a valid alternative that is equally safe and secure.

4) Opera browser

Opera is a popular alternative browser that respects user privacy and provides an integrated VPN service.
Opera By starting this browser in incognito mode and activating the VPN provided inside we will no longer have to worry about privacy, since all traffic will be encrypted and it will not be possible to intercept it in any way. In addition to hiding the identity and the starting IP, it is also able to block cross-site cookies and tracking cookies.

To learn more we can also read our guide on how Opera’s VPN works.

5) Epic Browser

Epic Browser is based on Google Chrome and can be considered an improved version of the famous browser.
Epic BrowserEpic browser is great for those looking for the speed of Chrome but security and respect for privacy, since it does not store cookies, does not save files in the cache, does not save the history and does not store any other personal data.
Epic also deletes the session data once it is closed. Internet searches are routed through proxies to prevent a search history being logged using your IP address.

Another benefit of Epic is the ability to hide the IP address and browse with a US IP address (via built-in VPN), making it possible to browse blocked sites. Epic also has a feature that allows you to check which online service is tracking us.

6) Chromium

Finally we also point out the browser Chromium, that is the father of Google Chrome but without the integrated Google components. This browser can be downloaded in portable versionso you can use it without having to install anything.
Chromium With Chromium we will get the same browsing speed to which we are used to on Chrome but without tracking elements and without necessarily having to set up an account for data synchronization, thus obtaining a higher level of security and privacy.

On Chromium we can install the same security extensions seen for Chromecustomizing browser security according to our needs.


Anonymous browsers are perfect for browsing the internet without leaving a trace. These browsers can become the new default browsers, but we can use them occasionally, when you want to hide all traces of your online presence.

We have seen, in another article, how not to be tracked online by sites by blocking the collection of personal data using some plugins and changing some browser options. On the same topic we can read our guide on how to surf anonymously from smartphones (Android and iPhone).


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