List of the best extensions for Google Chrome, divided into categories

Google Chrome Extensions The Google Chrome browser is the browser of reference for many PC and Mac users, also thanks to the large number of extensions that we can add to bring different types of functionality to internet browsing and to add useful functions for security, productivity or to hide identity as we navigate.

In the following guide we will show you the best extensions for chrome to download now on our browser, all designed to improve navigation on the main websites, to integrate all the news of the moment (such as artificial intelligence and VPN connections) and to improve productivity at work or during study.

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1) Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now among us: ChatGPT and the others site in IA they can be integrated into your browser’s search or shown as a separate prompt as you search Google, so you’ll always have AI just a click away.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius adds new buttons for exporting chats in various formats, as well as introducing new themes, new quick commands for the most popular requests and introducing saving chats locally (to be able to read them without the Internet).

ChatGPT Writer integrates with Gmail and allows you to automatically write professional emails based on our requests and the style of the other emails we’ve already sent.

Merlin allows you to use ChatGPT in any known website, simply by pressing CTRL+M and asking the AI ‚Äč‚Äčanything about the page content or what we want to achieve.

Bingai introduces Bing Chat within Google searches, so as to be able to support the Microsoft search engine during any type of search.

For further information, we can read our articles at Chrome extensions to keep ChatGPT always ready at your disposal and about how ottenere Bing Chat con GPT-4 in Chrome.

2) VPN is an anonymous proxy

Who wants to surf without a trace and hide your identity behind an anonymous IP you can use one of the following free extensions for VPN and for anonymous proxy services.

VPNLY is an extension to get a free and unlimited VPN without any registration, with the possibility to choose some servers to change location and to effectively hide.

CyberGhost VPN Free Proxy is a free VPN proxy without registration to hide your identity thanks to the use of 4 different server locations (accessible without time or data traffic limits).

Touch VPN is another good VPN extension to surf the net anonymously without leaving traces, with plenty of free servers to choose from and adequate speed for streaming.

VPN Proxy VeePN allows you to browse anonymously for free and without time or data traffic limits, for always safe browsing with any Wi-Fi.

Windscribe it is one of the best VPN services that we can use on a PC and also has a handy extension to hide browser data traffic, ensuring maximum respect for privacy and anonymity.

On this topic we can read our articles at best vpn extensions for chrome and you have systems to unblock blocked sites and see the whole internet freely.

3) Productivity and utility

For a more complete list see the best extensions to improve productivity in Google Chrome.

InstapaperMercury ReaderPocket: whoever reads many articles on the internet can download one of these three very similar extensions that allow you to bookmark articles so that you can read them later or later. They are not extensions to share web pages on social networks but to use for yourself, to keep your favorite blog posts and online newspaper articles. These services also have applications for Android and iPhone smartphones so that those saved web pages are synchronized across devices.

Any.Do o Microsoft ToDo they are the extensions for marking things to do, always in a synchronized way without ever forgetting what needs to be done during the day.

StayFocusd is an extension to limit the amount of time spent on a website during a day. Basically, to prevent ourselves from wasting entire days on Facebook or some online game.

Lazarus it’s a lifesaver for anyone filling out a lot of online forms or typing in Chrome text boxes. Lazzaro saves what is written on the Forms so that if Chrome crashes, it can be recovered. Lazarus was also mentioned in the article on how to autofill textboxes and save forms

Chrome Notepad is a notepad that opens in a box and allows you to always keep notes at hand that are synchronized between all computers where Chrome is used.

Feedly Counter extension to see the number of unread articles on Feedly on the Chrome bar.

Google Bookmarks for better management of Chrome bookmarks

Google Translate on Chrome, to translate websites

Discoverly to find out everything about people from Gmail, Facebook and other social contacts.

Docusign to sign documents online.

Pushbullet allows you to create a communication channel between PC and mobile phone.
Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, this application is needed to integrate PC and smartphone, perfect for passing images, files, links and simple textual notes from one to the other.
Pushbullet is also great for read mobile phone notifications on PC and for reply to Whatsapp messages from PC and Mac.

For more information, read our guide to 10 Chrome extensions to be social and share the web.

4) Security

The best security extensions for chrome they are very important and practically all of them should be installed if we want to avoid viruses, hackers and scam sites.

The best security extensions that we can install are:

BitWarden to have an easy, free, secure password manager that works on other browsers as well as mobile phones.

HTTPS Everywhere to make sure you always browse sites with HTTPS (encrypted) and avoid ending up on fake web pages.

Disconnect to prevent cookies from tracking user navigation and therefore block advertisers from memorizing browsing habits.

Web of Trust, more commonly known as WOT, is the service that uses colors to rate websites based on their reputation. With this extension installed it becomes easy avoid clicking dangerous links and going to suspicious sites.

5) Change functionality and performance of Chrome

Many Chrome extensions can add functionality or improve browser performance at any time, especially if we have many tabs open throughout the day.

Incredible Start Page it is one of extensions to improve or change the Chrome home tab.

Fresh Startone of extensions to save open tabs and be able to reopen them with a click when you want.

Better History is the best extension to improve browser history viewing.

crxMouse Chrome Gestures is a great extension to add mouse gestures and move Chrome faster, for example to go to the previous page or refresh or switch to another tab. You can then hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse right or left to load the previous or next page, or up or down to scroll the page up and down. There are many options for customizing gestures that are worth trying out.

Click & Clean is a button to clean up Chrome with a single click and, therefore, delete cache, cookies, history and everything else.

I would imagine is the extension to enlarge images to their maximum size when hovering over them, saving you the trouble of clicking and opening them in a new tab. This is especially useful on Facebook, Google image search, Twitter and other image sites.

Panic Button to immediately close all open tabs with a button, which is always better to have.

Print Friendlyto print web pages without wasting ink, deciding what to include and what to exclude.

6) Social e web content

Between Google Chrome extensions to improve Facebook worth mentioning Social Fixeran extension to customize Facebook in all respects and make it a different site, to our liking.

Between best chrome extensions for twitter we find many extensions to better manage the social network without necessarily having to open the site or the app.

7) Extensions for YouTube

Among the many extensions to watch YouTube videos with Chrome we mention:

YouTube Options it solves all of YouTube’s biggest annoyances: hiding comments, turning off autoplay, making ads disappear, and so on.

Turn Off Lights is a very simple extension that allows you to dim the screen when you watch a video on Youtube or other streaming video sites. The button is a light bulb that appears to the right of the favorites bar.

DF YouTube to eliminate useless elements from the Youtube site and watch videos without distractions.

ImprovedTube greatly improves YouTube with several options to change the graphics of the site.

8) Extensions for Gmail

In another article we have already seen the best gmail extensions for chromebut below we have decided to remember the most useful ones and to be installed immediately.

Checker Plus to receive notification on the Chrome extension bar when new emails arrive.

Gmail Offline to read Gmail mail even if the computer is not connected to the internet.

Minimalist for Everything allows you to make Gmail easier, by removing useless or unnecessary menu bars, obviously at your choice.

Secure GMailextension to add encryption to Gmail emails

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail to change Gmail graphics and make it more productive.


We try to download only the Chrome extensions that we really need: we remind you that each added extension worsens Chrome’s performance in the long run, especially if we already have the habit of opening many browser tabs to work or study.

We install our 10 extensions giving the highest priority to security and productivity extensions, like the ones seen in the article at
apps and extensions for Google Drive.

Of course, Chrome cannot miss theNavigator extensionto be installed immediately to stay updated with the latest articles of this blog.


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