best apps on android and iPhone to meet new people we like, close to us, soulmates, chat or really meet them.

Dating app
The world of online dating applications has really evolved over the years and has gone from a standard registration model (almost always paid) and research to a more streamlined and fluid model where instead registration is free and is easier and more immediate. meet new people. Using dating sites therefore becomes a fun game and no longer a lonely hearts service. We can all, therefore, have fun discovering who we can like, find out who is around near us who is available to know us, and chat with strangers of the opposite sex (or even the same sex) without giving them our personal information, at least as long as we trust and actually want to arrange a real meeting. With the primary goal of having fun and only then also to find who we like, in this guide we will show you the best apps to find, meet and meet new people, virtually or actually, using an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet or even a PC connected to the internet.READ ALSO: Best Free Dating Sites To Meet New People

Best dating apps

Even if no one can eliminate the risk of finding ourselves with a fake profile or with a person completely different from the one present in the web profile, in this guide we will try to show you only the serious and controlled services, so you can have fun or really look for a soul mate. minimizing the risks we talked about earlier.


The best dating app that we can use on smartphones is without a doubt Tinder, available for free for Android and for iPhone.

This app has been very successful thanks to the fact that online dating is transformed into a fun game, made up of “likes” and “dislikes” with a simple swipe to the right or left. As soon as there is affinity (ie we do a positive swipe from a user who has already appreciated us or vice versa) we will be put in contact so that we can deepen the knowledge.
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Another very interesting app to know who we like near us is Happn, available for Android and iPhone.
This app evolves the functioning of Tinder and shows us who is around us (based on precise detection via GPS) in order to be able, possibly and if the other person agrees, a real meeting. For example, you can open Happn in a pub or restaurant to find out if someone else is using the app and, while maintaining initial anonymity, start communicating with him or her in order to then meet (but only if both parties you like them with an appreciation on the photo). Happn is having great success all over the world and is also widely used in Italy.


OkCupid is the best app for those who want a more traditional online dating service that is serious, fun, and free.

OkCupid, one of the best free online dating sites, can also be used from smartphones or tablets thanks to the apps for Android and iOS. OkCupid is based on long questionnaires whose answers are compared with those of others to find matches, perfect couples, and soul mates. The more you answer new questions, the more accurate and reliable the analysis will be.

Other dating apps

The dating apps seen above should be able to meet the needs of all users, but in case we want to try as many apps as possible we suggest you take a look at the list below:

  • Ounces: good app for Android and iPhone that promotes meetings as happens with Tinder, with an important variant, that people who like each other have only 24 hours to get to a meeting and to like each other (even if paying you can extend the time). With this app, every day at a specific time two people can see each other’s profiles and if within 24 hours they both give a positive opinion, then it is possible to exchange a message.
  • Blendr: another interesting app for Android and iPhone that is very fun and innovative, which turns online dating into a game and a chat with close people. You can register for an account via Facebook, add personal interests, fill out a basic information form, and explore profiles. It also includes an anonymous chat feature that allows you to talk to someone you like immediately while maintaining privacy.
  • Bumble: it is a rather original app for Android and iPhone, where the power is all of the women, who are the only ones who can make the first move, that is to initiate contact with a message to an appreciated profile. The advantage for women is to avoid receiving too many messages from the application, even if for men all that remains is to hope and wait.
  • Grindr: the dating app for Android and iPhone dedicated to homosexuals, who can therefore benefit from a convenient app to facilitate meetings with people of the same sex.
  • Skout: is an app for iPhone and Android to meet new people according to our search parameters, who are close to us, with an integrated chat to exchange messages.
  • MeetMe: dating and messaging app for Android and iPhone with which you can meet new people based on interests and places you’ve recently visited together.
  • Twoo: interesting app for Android and iPhone, ideal for meeting new friends and new acquaintances on a simple and freeway.
  • MICO: another useful app for Android and iPhone with which you can meet new friends and a soul mate thanks to the integrated chat and the localization system based on the contacts in the vicinity.


These dating apps will allow you to meet new people for fun and, why not, find the adventure of a single evening or even a soul mate: all we have to do is try them all, enter only real data and photos about us ( no fake profiles, they are blocked quickly), interact with the tools offered by the apps and wait for the perfect meeting.

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