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When we talk about wireless headphones we immediately think of Apple AirPods, which with their design and their characteristics have in fact started a new trend among young (and not) young people. Apple headphones are nice and expensive, so think about whether it’s possible to obtain a quality similar to AirPods without spending such a high figure, but still maintaining the quality of the sound emitted and the practicality of the headphones so light and easy to place on the ear.
If we are looking for the best new-generation Ear Buds earphones, we are in the right place: in this guide, we will show you the best wireless earbuds similar to Apple’s AirPods, which can often also offer superior sound quality and respectable autonomy (even 10 hours of prolonged listening, especially if combined with the charging case).

Best Ear Buds earphones

Before proceeding with the actual purchase guide, it is better to dwell on the characteristics that new wireless earphones (also called Ear Buds) must have in order to be minimally comparable to Apple’s AirPods (which we had however the care to include in the guide).

Technical features

In order to be classified as modern Ear Buds, let’s make sure that the chosen headphones have the following characteristics:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection: the new Bluetooth standard ensures better stability even over normally long distances for a connection of this type, as well as offering lower energy consumption and higher sound quality than the old standards.
  • Minimal design: Ear Buds type headphones must appear as very small headphones, which you can barely see when placed in the ear (better still if completely invisible).
  • Extra battery in the case: given their size, the autonomy of the Ear Buds headphones is never very high (4 hours maximum), but we can also reach 12 hours and more of autonomy thanks to the charging system integrated into the case, which can immediately recharge the headphones when not in use (obviously also the battery of the case will be recharged at regular intervals).
  • Double microphone: on the top models of the Ear Buds we find the classic microphone to make calls or to leave a voice note on WhatsApp and a “suppressor” microphone, capable of processing external disturbing sounds and filtering them, so as to obtain a very sound clean.
  • Touch controls: the keys to controlling calls or the music app must be touch-typed, just touch them to get the desired command (other commands can be obtained by holding down or pressing several times).
  • Support for voice assistants: given the widespread use of voice assistants, make sure that it is possible to use Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa with a simple touch on one of the two earphones, so as to immediately launch voice commands without unlocking the phone.
  • Compatibility: one of the most important things to consider is the compatibility of the chosen headphones, since some models may not work properly on Android devices (such as Apple’s AirPods).

If the model we have chosen reflects all the features shown, then it deserves to be purchased.

Buying Guide

We don’t know which Ear Buds model to buy? Want to save some money on new pairs of high-end wireless headphones? In this chapter, we will show you all the Ear Buds models that we can buy online on Amazon, benefiting from a competitive price and a very effective guarantee on the products, as seen also in the guide The Amazon guarantee reimburses the money spent within two years.

The cheapest Ear Buds headphones that we can consider are the Umi by Amazon, on sale on Amazon for less than € 50.

This pair of headphones features quad-type audio drivers, IPX7 waterproof certificate, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, TWS Dual Dynamic, touch-type controls, HD call support, compatibility for Siri voice assistants, and Google Assistant and, as a consequence, compatibility with all Android and iPhone smartphones.

If you want to spend just a little, maximum 25 Euros, then the best sellers on Amazon are the Aukey Ear Buds battle Bluetooth earphones, also excellent for not having the anxiety of losing them or even the Ear Buds by Xiaomi at 20 Euros.

If instead, we are looking for a high-end product and a famous brand, we can immediately take a look at Samsung Galaxy Buds +, on sale on Amazon for less than 150 €.

These earbuds have several innovative features such as the quick charging system, maximum autonomy of 11 hours of playback, and 22 hours of autonomy with the battery of the case, new dynamic 2-way speakers and the enhanced driver of Galaxy Buds +, 3 built-in microphone and dynamic environmental volume control system.

Also in the high end of the Ear Buds, we also find the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2, on sale on Amazon for less than 150 €.

These headphones with a minimal and practical design have diamond drivers, wireless earphones with 4 microphones, continuous playback for 28 hours, dynamic external sound removal system, wireless charging, custom HearID sound, and compatibility with the most famous voice assistants (Siri and Assistant Google).

If instead, we are looking for something signed by Google and fully compatible with Android, the only possible choice are the Google Pixel Buds, on sale on the Google site for less than € 200.

These headphones have dynamic 12 mm drivers, environmental noise reduction system, touch control, waterproof certification, integration with Google Assistant, automatic translation from other languages ​​(just start the translator and we will listen to any foreign language directly in Italian), and total autonomy up to 24 hours.

If you really can’t give up on Apple products, you should consider the top of the range or the Apple AirPods Pro, on sale on Amazon for 210 €.

With these earphones, we will be able to listen to music and make calls on each iPhone thanks to the quick association system (just bring the case closer to our iPhone to associate them) and benefit from adaptive equalization based on the shape of the ear, active cancellation of the surrounding noise and wireless charging case for over 24 hours of autonomy.


Whichever model of Ear Buds headphones we decide to buy, we will have the certainty of having in our hands an innovative product, simple to use and with truly spectacular sound, in particular with the high-end models seen in this guide. Amazon Ear Buds and OnePlus models as well as other popular brands will also be available soon.

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