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We all follow some pages on Facebook, some political, some humorous, others dealing with specific topics depending on the profession, hobbies and personal passions. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it remains nonetheless very difficult to draw up a ranking of the best Facebook pages to follow, because the choice would be among many alternatives and because, in reality, it is not really possible to find a unit of measurement of satisfaction. We cannot say that a page is better than another just for the number of fans and neither can you take “likes” as a benchmark, otherwise you should also reward the pages of hoaxes.This article is therefore born from my direct experience, from the shares I see on my profile, from the tenor of the topics covered by the various pages, excluding a priori those of politics almost always deployed, those of famous people and football teams. Below, therefore, the best Facebook pages to follow which should be satisfactory, interesting or funny, more or less for all tastes.

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Facebook pages to follow

1) Memorable Comments: Having become a real catchphrase for anyone who frequents Facebook in a few years, the Memorable Comments page displays the strangest and funniest comments in Facebook posts, often in response to their own weird or bizarre photos. A very interesting page to follow.

2) ScuolaZoo: another very famous page that deals with topics related to school but also provides useful advice and information for everyday life. The video content and themed podcasts are also excellent, making it a very interesting page to be followed by young students but also by parents and teachers.

3) I tear you off Na Laughter: really very funny page, which shares jokes, jokes and aphorisms revised in a humorous key in industrial quantities. If we are down in tone and really want to get a laugh, just follow this page and wait for the updates on the bulletin board, so as to bring back the smile even on the saddest days.

4) The ACI member: probably one of the most beautiful pages to follow if we love the films of Carlo Verdone or the films of the Italian comedy in general. This page shows scenes from famous Italian films, still very current quotes are shared and photos of the symbolic places of the films mentioned above are also shown. A real amarcord page for anyone over 30 years of age.

5) Insanity Page: an all-female page, with pungent jokes and quotes related to the world of entertainment, fashion and everyday life, obviously in a “pink” sauce. It’s hard to find an Italian woman who hasn’t shared at least one Insanity Page content on her personal Facebook page!

6) The Jackal: Neapolitan comedy group that often shares funny videos based on events of daily life. Their videos are always very successful on social networks and are very popular with young and old alike: if you are looking for innovative videos to make you laugh, you should follow them and wait confidently for the status update.

7) Casa Surace: one of the best Facebook pages with lots of memes and above all funny original videos, shot in a professional way. The prevailing argument is to make fun of the ways of Southern Italy, with a particular eye to culinary habits. In addition to Casa Surace, for those who want to see original funny videos, they may also like famous pages like that of LeColiche or the less famous but excellent Actual.

8) BOOM. Friedzoned: another very funny page in which the famous Friendzone is made fun of, that is the typical situation in which a boy or a girl refuses the courtship by immediately labeling the person in question as “you are just a dear friend”. Laughter assured, since many situations are based on screenshots taken from private messages (shared with the necessary protections for privacy) and on apparently real (even if paradoxical) situations.

9) TML: very irreverent page, able to make fun of the facts of national news and the facts of the life of all the jewels, but also show funny photos and videos to share.

10) For football fans there are also other inevitable pages to follow, including Ugly Footballers, very funny and then also Unfair Play, football offenders and above all the very nice videos of Gli Autogol.

11) iPantellas: comino duo very famous on YouTube and very popular with young and very young people. They make funny videos on just about any topic. If we like videos to laugh with laughter this page cannot be missing from the list.

12) Lercio: the fake news site created to make people laugh, obviously based on real facts or well-known everyday situations. Their humor is biting and subtle at times and could certainly annoy more than one person, but their motto is “Dirt That Makes News,” so expect top-notch satire on every share.

13) If social networks had always existed: but can you imagine social networks at the time of Manzoni, Dante, Homer or Shakespeare? On this page they try to imagine the messages shared by the great writers and illustrious personalities of the past, with a strong “poetic-demented” vein. Absolutely not to be missed!

14) Mothers who write messages on WhatsApp: very nice page where there are screenshots of mothers worried about their children, with messages often full of typos or with absurd requests. A page to be laughed at, especially dedicated to mothers and their children (accomplices of the screenshots made).

15) Ah but it’s not Lercio: We all know by now the news site Lercio, which obviously satirizes even politics by publishing invented and absurd headlines that make you laugh. Unfortunately, however, there are many other websites and online newspapers that publish fake news and hoaxes passing them off as true, inventing headlines only to attract clicks or to foment political extremism. This page is not an anti-hoax, but it does a bit of a press review of the most curious news, which seems incredible to be true.

16) Adopt a functional illiterate: a page of bitter satire that proposes comments and states of users who, for how they write and think, clearly prove to be functional illiterate, able to read and write, but unable to understand the meanings of things. They are therefore mocked, anonymously, especially those who write conspiracy comments on Facebook (such as those who believe in chemtrails) and then also racists and extremists of all kinds. Other Facebook pages of funny comments to mention are also Idiots Without Borders “and the funny The Mysterious Polemicist. Also worth mentioning is the Be Like Bill page to learn how to behave on Facebook, with lots of tips to avoid becoming functional illiterate.

17) Mr. Destroy: another satire page where some “infiltrated” users go to spy on what is asked and answered in some private groups of “mothers belly”. For the uninitiated, mothers belly are mothers who are expecting or with young children who exchange photos of bellies, which describe extreme and questionable practices (such as preserving the umbilical cord and making jewelry), who boast of things like “breastfeed up to 6 years” and which, of course, are always against every pediatrician and prefer instead to seek advice from “informed mothers” on any medical problem. The result is absolutely hilarious, even if sometimes it also makes an impression.

18) The most beautiful phrases of Osho: by now Osho, who was an Indian spiritual master, has become a celebrity in Italy, thanks to those who created this page, who uses this image of the saint to comment, with hilarity, facts of topicality using phrases and sayings in the Roman dialect.

19) The photos that marked an era: this page is one of the most interesting to follow to learn about anecdotes and events of contemporary history. Historical photos are published every day, with a description of what happened.

20) Serie A Operation Nostalgia: this page is dedicated to football fans who are over 30 years old, who lived the golden years of Italian football in the 1990s and early 2000s.

21) The Terrone out of office: this is another humorous page that aims to mock (but in a nice and funny way) the boy from the south who goes north to study or work.

21) Baby George despises you: this is one of the most brilliant pages ever, fun as hell, where memes are shared with photos of little Prince George who, in his luxurious and lucky life, despises the poverty that surrounds him.

22) If Paintings Could Talk: With a mix of culture and humor, this page shows us a different painting every day by putting an inscription on it. This page was created with the aim of educating people to use Facebook in a way.

23) Dead Cartoons: a page of homemade cartoons, very funny and often very sarcastic.

24) Il Socio Aci: page that proposes pieces of films to die for with laughter that are part of the history of Italian comedy.

25) How2do: the page of this blog, the best ever, absolutely to follow to get all the information and technology tips!


In our opinion, these are the best pages that you can follow today on Facebook: new ones will surely pop up over time, but already following all those present in the list seen above will allow you to fill in the best possible way a new Facebook profile, reading and sharing so funny and interesting pictures, videos and posts. To discover new Italian Facebook pages to follow e the ranking of those with the most fans updated in real time, you can go to the Webstarleague site.

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