If we want to play on the Smart TV, we see here the best free games that can be installed directly on the Android Google TV

Android TV games

With the arrival of Android TV and its evolution Google TV we can install the games that we used to use on the smartphone also on the home TV, so that you can play your favorite video games on a larger screen and using a wireless game controller. for the most demanding games, so as to bring the experience to a level comparable to the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation without spending any more money on a real console.

If we are in possession of a Google TV certified television or a Android TV compatible device we can turn them into real game consoles by installing the best android TV games and connecting a compatible controller via Bluetooth.

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Preliminary information

In order to play on Google TVs or on devices with Android system we will first of all need to connect a game controller, so that we can play without having to use the remote control or other inconvenient devices to handle. The best controller that we can connect to the TV or similar is the Maegoo Controller for Android (29 €).

Controller per Android

Once the controller is obtained, activate Bluetooth on the Smart TV with Google TV or on the Android TV device, turn on the controller and make the wireless connection. Before continuing with the actual games we will need to install an app capable of map controller keys based on the controls required by the game.

The best in class are ShootingPlus V3 or Octopus, which allow you to configure the keys for actions and simulate screen touches on any game.

If we don’t have a Google TV or don’t have Bluetooth compatibility we can always buy one Chromecast con Google TV or a TV Box Android, so you can install Android games on any TV with an HDMI port.

Best Android TV games

1) Asphalt 8

After seeing how to prepare the TV to play, let’s see together the best games that we can install directly from the Google Play Store. For racing lovers we can try Asphalt 8, one of the best games optimized for use on TV.

Asphalt 8

With this game we will have over 300 real vehicles, more than 75 circuits on which to race and deparate and the double online and offline mode (so you can play both alone and online against other players) and high customization of each car.

2) Zen Pinball

If you love pinball machines and want to play them on your TV too, we need to install the game Zen Pinball.

Zen Pinball

With this game we will be able to play pinball on numerous tables, many of which are licensed (such as the Star Wars table, the Jurassic Park table) and other very fun tables. Really simple to set up and play, it will make any nostalgic of old bar pinball machines happy.

3) Orbia

A simple but fun game to play on TV too is Orbia.


In this game just tap on the screen to start shooting towards the next area, choosing the direction and power. During the movements we will have to avoid the enemies, so as to be able to reach the end of the level. Also in this case we will really have to configure very few keys to move the character, for hours of guaranteed fun.

4) Snowboard Party: World Tour

What’s better than getting off the snowboard and beating friends? On TV we can do this by installing the game Snowboard Party: World Tour.

Snowboard Party

We get on our favorite snowboard and go down over 20 arenas, trying to perform the most beautiful stunts and accumulate as many points as possible. Both offline and multiplayer modes are available in the game, so you can play against friends or against other players online.

5) Minion Rush

For lovers of endless running games we could not fail to report Minion Rush, also perfectly compatible on Android TV.

Minion Rush

In the game we will have to run in an infinite level collecting the various bonuses and trying to run without running into any obstacles, thus accumulating a high amount of game points. The level is infinite but as the minutes pass it will become more and more difficult, thus putting a strain on the player’s skills.

6) Red Ball 4

Are our passion for side scrolling platformers? The best game to try on TV is Red Ball 4.

Red Ball 4

In this game we will have to overcome the obstacles and reach the end of the level by collecting the objects present along the way. The game is very simple to set up even on the controller, making the gaming experience very engaging even on your home TV.

7) Beach Buggy Racing

If we love wild and chaotic racing games we will have maximum fun with a game like Beach Buggy Racing.

Beach Buggy Racing

By installing the game on TV we will be able to run races in unlikely and fun tracks, throwing bombs and weapons of all kinds behind the enemies, trying to finish first without being hit by the opposing weapons. The game supports offline multiplayer, with split screen up to 4 players (by connecting 3 other controllers in addition to ours).

8) Real Boxing

If we really appreciate boxing and fighting games in general we can fight freely on our TV with the game Real Boxing.

Real Boxing

Simple to configure on the controller, with this game we will be able to create our own boxer and fight against other opponents offline and online, looking for the climb to the title of world champion. Realistic graphics and sounds and many game modes make it a perfect pastime on Android TV.

Other free games for Android TV

  • Crossy Road is one of the most popular arcade games for smartphones and also one of the best games for Android TV. You jump to cross the street without getting hit by cars, in a contemporary version of Frogger that you always enjoy. In this game you also have the option to challenge a friend in local multiplayer.
  • Horizon Chase is a racing game for Android TV. with many different streets in which to run and a mechanic reminiscent of the old arcade games of 20 years ago.
  • PBA Bowling Challenge is one of the few decent bowling games for smartphones, with support for Android TV. With good graphics and simple controls, in this Bowling game there are three game modes, multiplayer, career and quick play as well as tournaments and special events.
  • Unkilled and Dead Trigger 2 is among the best FPS games released in recent years, a zombie shooter with hundreds of levels to overcome, online multiplayer support and graphics is phenomenal. It works well on Android TV, although a joypad should be used.


These are just some of the games that we can install on Android TV, since on paper all the games in the Google Play Store can be installed and tested on the TV. The games mentioned above are optimized to play even on very large screens and high resolutions, bringing the gaming experience of a console without having to buy a PS5 or a real game console.

If we want to play PC videogame titles also on Android TV we will have to install one of the app di cloud gaming or bet on Stadia platform, developed directly by Google and compatible with certified TVs directly from the Mountain View house.


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