Do we want to play for free on consoles? Let’s see what free games we can install on PS4 and PS 5 or on Xbox.

Console gamesWhichever console we have chosen to place in our living room or in our bedroom, it is necessary to immediately choose which games we want to play, in order to start exploiting our new pastime properly. Most of the games must be purchased (in digital format or in optical disc format) and it is, therefore, necessary to have a nice wallet to be able to satisfy the passion for our games: some of them even reach € 80! Fortunately, we can also find gods games available for free, so you can immediately play without spending a penny (although most games still offer digital transactions to buy gadgets, armor, clothes, or new weapons).

Let’s see together the best free games for PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) and Xbox, so you can play without having to spend anything, getting gods very fun games and with a large number of active users (in particular, if we are talking about MMOs, that is, massive online multiplayer games).

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Free games for PlayStation and Xbox

The games that we point out in the following chapters are available for both Sony PlayStation 4 and Sony PlayStation 5, the last console of the Japanese house; if we are big fans of the Xbox you will be pleased to know that the games listed are compatible with both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series S / X, the latest incarnations of Microsoft-designed consoles.

Best free console games

The first free game we recommend you try is Fortnite, available for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.


This famous game belongs to the genre battle royale: we can participate in the online game on a map with 100 players, in which we have to fight to be the last player or team, collecting many weapons and objects throughout the map. This game is really very easy to learn and also allows you to create new objects or new platforms within the map, so as to make the challenge more and more interesting. This game boasts events and updates at regular intervals, which therefore always offers new maps, new characters, and new objectives to discover.

Another free game that we can play on all consoles is Rocket League, available for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

Rocket League

In this game we have to control a car and try to score with a big ball, to be dragged or bounced as if we were in a football match. The game includes various online and local challenge modes, it can be played against random players, we can build our team with friends and try to climb the national and international rankings, up to tournaments with great prizes up for grabs. Learning the controls of the game is really simple and there is also a gym where you have to be able to learn all the tricks to fly, parry shots or create impregnable trajectories.

Among the free games that we can try right away, there is also Paladins, available for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

In this game (similar to Overwatch) we can choose between 46 unique characters and throw ourselves into an action-packed team shooter. Since each character has his own abilities and styles of play, each game will be different, to which is also added the random factor: in the middle of the game all players receive upgrades, so as to also introduce strategy and actually change the cards on the table. whether we are winning or whether we are losing. The game closely resembles Overwatch (which, however, is paid) but the characters and mechanics are definitely unique in their genre.

Another game to consider if we want to have fun for free is Warframe, available free for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.


Warframe is a truly spectacular MMO to play, with stunning graphics (for a free game). The huge open world is for you to explore, with many vast alien worlds. On the gameplay side, we find a lot of missions and events to take part in, so as to always have new maps and new enemies to face together or alone. And if you have friends to play with we can create a team and explore the map together, so as to face enemies and fight in breathtaking environments. Highly recommended to play on PS5 and Xbox Series X, where it takes full advantage of the available hardware.

Other best free PS5 games

In addition to the games seen in the previous chapter, we can fill the memory of our console with many other free games: they are so numerous that we can wait even months before actually buying a game in digital or physical format since the fun is not lacking. Other free games that we can install on consoles are:

  • Path of Exile: a wizarding and spellcasting adventure game among the most played for years, with a rather long story in single-mode and then also a multiplayer mode with missions in co-op mode, hideout customization, and PvP mode.
  • Genshin Impact: PS5 game in which we must explore and face the dangers of the magical world of Teyvat. The world is full of unique things to find and many items to collect.
  • World of Tanks: war and strategy game where we command tanks in various free maps so that we can challenge friends with cannon shots.
  • Astro’s Playroom: PS5 game designed to enhance all the features of the console, so you can immediately become familiar with the new features. Simple but a lot of fun.
  • Dauntless: cross-platform hunting game that will allow you to hunt monsters gradually more and more powerful, alone or with the help of friends.
  • Spellbreak: in this battle royale game we can use special weapons, able to unleash the forces of nature.
  • Apex Legends: Another more simulative and realistic battle royale shooter than other similar games.
  • Brawlhalla: A fighting game with over 51 characters to choose from, so you can play online against friends or with a team of allies.
  • Call of Duty Warzone: the king of shooters, where you can play with friends in increasingly larger maps and with a large number of weapons available.
  • Destiny 2: Another popular adventure game where you can explore distant planets and fight against enemy factions online or in single-player mode.
  • Fantasy Strike: Free fighting game for PlayStation consoles with mechanics similar to Tekken and Street Fighter.
  • PES 2021 Lite: the free version of the soccer game, with a few selected teams but all game modes accessible without limits.
  • Neverwinter: Dungeons and Dragons-style epic online battle game with vast maps and a multitude of monsters to defeat.
  • World of Warships Legends: Royal battle based on warships, so you can recreate the naval battle against or with friends.
  • Warface: violent first-person shooter to try for those who love the genre.
  • SMITE: Multi-player game in which the gods of ancient mythology compete against each other in a special three-lane arena, where two teams of five elements fight to defeat their opponents.

All the games on this list are free, offer optional purchases for weapons, clothes, or other items, and can be played on all consoles.


Compared to the past, there are so many games that can be played immediately on consoles without having to buy an optical disc or a digital license. In most cases the games we have reported allow you to play online without having any active subscription. Some games may still require a PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription to access the online component, so be sure to inquire before choosing which game to play, so you are ready.

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