Best free point and click graphic adventures for PC

Best free graphic adventure games for PC and online to play with “point and click” mouse

Graphic adventure A very popular series of games on PC are the Point and click. Games of this genre are characterized by a fixed view in a closed scenario, where we can move the game character and interact with objects, scenarios and other characters. The aim of the game is in most cases solve the riddle and find a way to move to the next room, perhaps by finding the key to open the door, solving puzzles or asking the right questions to people in the same room.

In fact, in these games we have to pay attention to every detail present on the scene as if we were detectives and understand if an object can be useful to solve the riddle. These games are available both online and PC installable and require only the keyboard and mouse to play.

Let’s see together i best sites for free point and click games for PC, so you can experience real graphic adventures without having to spend a single euro and using (in most cases) only a modern browser (such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) to play.
Some of these online games are very elaborate and more difficult, while others are faster and more intuitive. There is all sorts of puzzles or riddles, the tension always remains very high and there search for hidden objects and clues it requires a lot of concentration, patience and attention. Some of them also have a plot and a story, while others are concentrated in a single place from which you have to get out.

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One of the best sites to find free graphic adventures is, a reference point for online games that can be viewed directly from the browser. The site can be misleading with the name but now there are no more Flash games but only HTML5 games (or converted Flash games to be able to run on modern browsers without the defunct Adobe plugin). On this site we find more than 150 simple and very beautiful graphic adventures to play, using only the mouse and keyboard.

Once we have found the game we are interested in, we open its page and wait for the loading to finish, so that we can immediately play using the keys recommended by the game itself or by moving the mouse to interact with the elements of the setting.


Another site to play online graphic adventures is On this site we find many point and click games based on real games, freely playable directly from the browser without having to download any plugins.

To play, simply scroll down the page until you find the game you like, wait for the game interface to load (in some cases it may take a few minutes) and start playing as indicated by the instructions.


If we are looking for online graphic adventures dedicated to small children we can take a look at the games on the site. At the moment there are only 7 games, but they are all very simple and suitable for small children, who can thus start playing point and click games from the PC without downloading anything.

As with other similar sites we can start a game by clicking on it with the mouse, then clicking on the Play button and starting to play the video game (which will open in another browser window).


Among the best sites we can visit to get point and click and free graphic adventures we find On this site we find over 600 free graphic adventure games, so you can play many different titles in a totally free way. Among the games present we find many inspired by Disney characters or cartoons appreciated by children and adolescents, but we also find horror games, romantic adventures and Escape room games.

After choosing the game to launch on our browser, let’s press it and wait for the interface to load, so that we can immediately play with the mouse and keyboard. If we have problems with the loading of the games it is better to accept the cookie window that will appear at the first start.

5) Graphic Adventure Games on Steam

If we want to play some adventure games that can be installed on Windows like a traditional game we can find some free graphic adventures on Steam, the PC game distribution platform.
Steam By downloading the Steam client on the PC and logging in, we will be able to access free point and click graphic adventure games, labeled as Free-to-Play or simply free.

After choosing the game, just start the game download and, at the end of the operation, double-click the game icon (added to the desktop) to start playing.

6) Life is Stange 1 e 2

If we are looking for a mature and very engaging graphic adventure we can also try the first episodes of the games Life is Stange 1 and Life is Strange 2.
Life is Strange

In both episodes we will have to deal with young protagonists with supernatural powers, able to influence their lives and those of others. The game comes with very accurate three-dimensional graphics, but maintains the cornerstones of graphic adventures: we must interact with the characters and with the setting in order to continue in the game, our choices can influence the final outcome of the story (with various endings available) and the superpowers are really very beautiful (in the first episode we can turn back the time by a few seconds).

Unfortunately, only the first episodes of the two games are free: if you like the genre, you should buy all the episodes in order to discover the ending of both.

Other graphic adventure sites

If the games and sites seen previously are not enough to satisfy our desire for graphic adventures, in the following list we have collected other sites where you can find other point and click adventures, even in the Escape room genre:

  • Viridian Room is a classic room game where you have to find clues to finally be able to open the door to the room. After exiting the bedroom, you must now solve another puzzle to escape from another room; as soon as you start, remember to turn on the light.
  • Escaping the prison is a nice escape game, where you have to find a way to escape from the prison by solving puzzles and collecting clues.
  • Riddle School 5 is a fairly original game always in the point and click genre, all online in a browser. Escape the abducting aliens by researching, using found objects, combining them and solving puzzles. If you like the genre, the previous episodes are also on the same site.
  • Guest House is a challenging game full of riddles and puzzles where you have to be smarter than Macgyver to find the way out.
  • No Exit it is perhaps the most difficult on the list, only for experts and those with a strong spirit of observation.

Finally, a point and click game to download for free for Windows, Linux and Mac PCs it is Suspended Sentences.


With all the games above we will be able to have fun and let many people have fun, using in most cases a simple web browser. Some games are present on Steam and must be installed like traditional games: in this case we will also need to have a Steam account in order to proceed with the download.

For those who love to have fun on the computer we can also download the best horror games and, for those who want to play only the best titles, they can always download the 20 PC games of 2021.

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