Best free tools to repair Windows 11 and 10

Repair Windows With the old versions of Windows in case of a system error you didn’t really know what to do and, in most cases, we could only proceed with the formatting and the loss of all the programs and all the settings that we had active on Windows until at that moment (hoping that in the meantime we had already done the backup of personal data!).

Fortunately, today the situation has improved a lot: using Windows 11 or Windows 10 as an operating system we can use various tools to fix Windows errors and fix PC problems semi-automatically, practically using two mouse clicks. In addition to the tools provided by Microsoft, there are also several other automatic programs and tools that can get Windows back to working properly in every aspect.

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Windows integrated troubleshooting

In the latest versions of Windows, Microsoft has included effective tools to solve the most common problems, without having to format the system. These tools have become very effective and can solve small and medium problems in a completely automatic way.

On Windows 11 we can open the automatic troubleshooting screen by pressing WIN + I on the keyboard, opening the menu Systemby clicking on the menu Problem solvingselecting the menu Other troubleshooting tools and pressing the Run button next to the tool associated with the type of problem we have (Network, Internet, Bluetooth etc.).
Problem solving The same menu is also accessible on Windows 10, by right-clicking on the Start menu, clicking on Settings and taking us on the path Update & Security -> Troubleshoot -> Additional Troubleshooter.

To learn more we can also read our guides to common automatic troubleshooting tools.

System Restore

If the automatic tools provided by Microsoft have not solved the problem we can always count on Windows System Restore tool, which restores an old system image before the unsolvable problem or major error arose. The only hitch is due to the fact that on Windows 11 and Windows 10 this tool is disabled and must be activated before the problem occurs.

To learn more we can read our guides on how enable system restore points in Windows 10 and 11 e how to use system restore in windows 10 and 11.

Programs to repair Windows

If you want to try an external program to repair Windows for free we can download FixWin per Windows 10.
FixWin The only difficulty with this program is the fact that it is not in Italian, but all in English. On the program it is recommended to apply the Fixes one at a timerestart your pc after any corrections made and create a new restore point before solving any problems.

All the fixes contained in the program are cataloged in various sections:

  • Problems explore resources where, for example, you can restore the trash icon if it is gone, that of the cd / dvd or the folder options and their display
  • Internet it is perhaps the most important section, especially if you are using Internet Explorer as a browser to browse the web. Among the Fixes there is also the one to repair the internet connection and reset the TCP / IP.
  • Windows 10 contains system specific repairs.
  • System Tools restore system tools if they no longer start: command prompt, registry editor, task manager, .msc windows, device manager and so on.
  • Troubleshootersto correct common mistakes.
  • Other Fixes it mainly contains solutions to repair graphic problems and the correct display of icons; It is also useful to restore the guide and Windows Update.

Another useful program to repair Windows is Windows Repair Toolbox, a program that collects all the main tools for solving problems on a Windows PC in a single screen. It allows you to start tools like checkdisk and msconfig and to download and use tools like freefixer, HWMonitor, Autoruns, Aomei Backup, PatchmyPC, ADWcleaner, rKill and much more.

If everything we’ve tried so far hasn’t worked we can use it too Windows Repair, a set of tools that, with a single click, allows you to solve the most common PC problems. The program is perhaps the most complete, the best for Windows 10, which can really fix all kinds of problems including those concerning file permissions and registry keys, problems with the Start menu, with unknown files, with the hosts file, with printer, with internet connection, with UAC permissions and much more.

FRST (Farbar Recovery Scan Tool) is a program that scans your computer to find and fix any problems with registry keys and system files caused by malware.


Windows is now able to repair itself in case of errors or problems but, for the most serious errors, it may be useful to launch one of the tools seen above, so as to be able to restore the correct functioning of Windows and return to work or study on the computer.

The final solution if the PC no longer responds to commands, always freezes or does not even open the desktop, is to reset the PC in order to remove the programs as it is formatted, without deleting personal files.


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