Best free VPN to surf anonymously on your phone

Best free and unlimited VPN apps to browse from Android mobile and tablet, iPhone and iPad in an anonymous, private, secure way

Free VPN for phone On our phones we can disguise our identity using a VPN appcapable of disguising the connection by passing it through an encrypted and secure “tunnel” and providing users with a new IP addressso as to obtain total anonymity while browsing the Internet or while accessing a specific site.

In order to adequately protect your privacy on your phone, we have compiled the best free vpn for anonymous surfingto use on our Android phone or iPhone to protect our privacy and connect to free Wi-Fi without risking interceptions and data theft.

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1) Best free VPN for phone

For those who want to know immediately which is the best free VPN for our phone, we can read the list below; for convenience we have included only VPN services that provide unlimited traffic and no time limitsignoring services that offer traffic limits or time limits:

  • Opera browser: web browser with unlimited VPN included;
  • Betternet VPN: Unlimited VPN app and without registration;
  • Proton VPN Free: Professional VPN app with unlimited traffic;
  • VPNBook: free VPN service for experts, configurable via OpenVPN;
  • Hotspot Shield: Unlimited VPN app for accessing US content.

To learn more, we can read the following chapters, so as to be able to analyze the pros and cons of each proposed solution and retrieve the links to add the free VPN to our phone.

2) Opera browser

Opera VPN To hide our identity we can use the browser Operabrowsers with free VPN service integrated and accessible without time and traffic limits.

To use it, just access the options, press on VPN and use the best server based on our location; always from the settings we can choose the region in which to appear in the world, so as to unlock the contents not available in Italy.

Currently the VPN features are only available on the Opera app for Android, which we can download directly from Google Play Store.

Other browsers with built-in VPN are:

  • Aloha Browseravailable for iPhone e Android. Aloha Browser is a browser that has a free unlimited VPN service that can be activated at any time and is able to offer maximum privacy and security.
  • Holaavailable only for iPhone, is a popular free application that can unblock streaming services available only in the United States. Hola is a free service that also works as a web accelerator, which compresses the data before sending it to your smartphone or tablet. Hola, in addition to being a web traffic filter, also works to unblock streaming content.
  • Turbo VPNavailable for iPhone, is perhaps the most popular and used VPN on smartphones around the world, unlimited and promises a fast connection and works very easily, just with a button to activate. The flaw is the rather annoying advertising that often appears in full screen.
  • Tor Browseravailable for free for Android and for iPhoneis a browser that uses the Tor network to hide the IP address of our phone, applying a very high level of encryption on each connection.
  • Avast Secure Browseravailable for Androidit’s a browser that checks suspicious links and stops virus downloads, but it also provides a convenient VPN that you can activate at any time to protect your connection.
  • Browser AVGavailable for Androidis a browser that protects your phone from malicious links and viruses, as well as encrypting and hiding the connection via a dedicated VPN.

For further information, we can read our guide to browser with unlimited and free VPN for your smartphone.

3) Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN As an alternative to VPN browsers, we can install an app on our phone that can protect all connections and all other apps installed on the device; the best is without a doubt Betternet VPNapps that works immediately without any registration (no login required).

This app offers unlimited VPN connection for all devices, with no time limit and no traffic limits, so you can always hide your identity and browse anonymously without taking risks. Also excellent for accessing services not available in Italy thanks to the presence of US servers.

The Betternet VPN app is free to download for Android and for iPhone.

Alternatively, we can try one of the other apps seen in the first chapter of the guide, which share the presence of unlimited connection with Betternet:

  • ProtonVPN Free: great free VPN app for Android e iPhone, provides automatic VPN connection with servers from the United States, always free and without limitations. The app is provided by the well-known adult site to overcome the limitations of some countries, but it works great with all websites and has encryption that makes every internet browsing session private.
  • VPNBook: Unlimited VPN service that needs manual setup within the app OpenVPN Connectalso available for Android and for iPhone. This service is reserved for experts because we will first have to create a configuration profile for OpenVPN and only then load it into the OpenVPN app, so we can connect without limits while benefiting from the most advanced VPN protection.
  • Hotspot Shield: Great free VPN app available since Google Play Store and fromApple App Store. The app offers unlimited connection, fast servers located all over the world and dedicated servers for accessing US services, so you can view content not yet available in Italy.

To discover other good VPN services with free trials we can read our guide to best fast, reliable and unlimited VPNs.

4) Alternative alle app VPN

If we have already learned to change DNS on phone we can use this trick to browse sites that are inaccessible from Italy, as if we were using an anonymous VPN.

The same thing can be done from an iPhone or Android mobile by changing the DNS parameters in the settings of the network you are connecting to (you need to change the DNS settings individually for each Wi-Fi network you connect to).

Among the free DNS that we can use they certainly stand out DNS Googlewhich allow you to bypass provider restrictions on blocked sites.

Besides Google DNS we can try other anonymous DNS services like CloudFlare DNSwhich we can enable for free and provide a fast DNS service without any limits, so you can also access blocked sites in Italy.

If you surf from home we can apply the free and anonymous DNS by applying the DNS directly inside the modem, as also seen in the guide on how to setup dns on modem.


To navigate in complete anonymity and in complete safety on the phone we will necessarily have to rely on a browser with built-in VPN or, even better, aComplete and free vpn appso you can navigate at home and away from home with one connection impossible for hackers or snoopers to intercept.

The advice is to always activate the VPN when we are connected to a public Wi-Fi, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For those who particularly care about privacy and anonymity, we recommend reading our guides on how spoof IP to disguise yourself online and on systems to browse anonymously with fake IP.


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