The best Italian sites with discounts and coupon offers for dinners, restaurants, stays, bars, entertainment, pubs and wellness treatments.

Best coupons Online we can find numerous websites that offer coupons, discounts and dedicated offerswith price reductions even higher than 15% on the final purchase price.

In general, these are mainly discounts dedicated to online purchases or to some services related to catering, but we can also find coupons for beauty treatments, travel coupons, book coupons and much more.

In the following guide we will show you what the best sites where you can take advantage of discounts, coupons and offersso you can buy online, access exclusive services or eat out at a restaurant, always saving something on the final price.

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1) Amazon Coupons

Amazon discounts The largest e-commerce site offers a section dedicated to coupons, which can be used to purchase anything: from cosmetic products to technological gadgets, home automation products, household products, mobile phone accessories and medical devices.

To access the active coupons on Amazon, all we have to do is visit the pagina Amazon Coupons (preferably with the Amazon account already logged in), choose the product on which to take advantage of the discount, press on Select couponsadd the product to the cart and complete the purchase with the discounted price.

Alternatively we can activate Amazon coupons by opening a product on offer and ticking the item Applica couponpresent immediately below the price indicator.
Applica coupon After activating the coupon, we have a few days to move the product to the cart and buy it, under penalty of losing the discount applied.

For further information, we can read our guide to ways to save money on amazon and buy at lower prices.

2) eBay Coupon

eBay eBay also allows you to get excellent discounts through coupons for some products sold with free shipping and / or with the formula Buy now; the coupons are obviously not valid for online auctions, where the price is auctioned off and no discount can be applied.

To quickly access eBay coupons, open the Promotions-coupon pagewe choose the product on which to apply the coupon and proceed with the order by entering the code provided by eBay itself (to be entered during the order as a promotional code).

Still on the subject of savings on eBay, we can read our guide to extensions to save money on online shopping (Chrome and Firefox).

3) TheFork

TheFork A valid site to find discounts for restaurants or to eat in the best places while saving is TheForkwhose offers are accessible both from official site both from the mobile app (available for Android and for iPhone).

After registering for the service, it will be enough to use the geolocation to find restaurants and other refreshment points with discounts up to 50%, with the possibility to book a discounted table directly from the app 24/7; TheFork discounts obviously exclude drinks, which we will always have to pay separately.

In this case coupons are automatically applied by TheFork, which applies the discounted price during the table reservation (we will only pay the price shown by the app or website). On TheFork we can read our guide on how find places around us wherever we are.

4) Groupon

Groupon Groupon (name derived from Coupon) is one of the largest sites internationally and has its own Italian site with all the offers redeemable from the main Italian cities. Among its offers, above all, hotels appear, but also shops, hotels, wellness centres, sports, events, bars and restaurants.

Many offers are perfect gifts to give to friends or relatives and are especially dedicated to those who want to take a vacation, perhaps to go on a wellness weekend or to visit towns and cities not far from home. The site is easily navigable and consultable, with the list of Deal (offers) of the day and the most recent deals.

5) Groupalia

Groupalia Groupalia is another great site where we can find a large collection of Gift Cardsi.e. gift cards with preset sums to be redeemed in an online store or in a physical store.

Compared to coupons these gift cards do not have discounts but they can be used to give gifts to friends, to give relatives a day of shopping or to give a gift to minor children, who will thus only be able to spend the amount provided by the gift card.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how give away Cards and vouchers to spend on online services.

6) Discount code

Discount code Discount code is a site that aggregates all the coupons and discount codes present in numerous online sites (including those seen so far in the guide, such as eBay and Amazon).

Instead of wandering around the sites looking for discounts, just visit the DiscountCode page regularly or use the search bar above to immediately find coupons, offers and exclusive discounts for any product.

7) Discount

Discount On the site Discount we can find many coupons but also free products, products with a strong discount and totally free products; the coupons provided by this site are very useful for shopping and for buying in partner shops.

To take advantage of the discount, all we have to do is register on the site, click on the coupon we are interested in and redeem it (either by printing it on a sheet of paper or by communicating the code at the time of purchase).

8) Bownty

Bownty To find offers for trips and stays at a discounted or 100% refundable price, we can rely on Bowntyan online travel agency with deeply discounted prices for the most sought-after tourist destinations or to find “secret places” (ie luxury places) at very low prices.

In Shopping section of the site we can find offers and discounts for beauty products, for SPAs and discounts for fashion products, even if the offers are snapped up and could very well be sold out (we can find all the empty categories).

9) 1001buonisconto

1001buonisconto Finally, we advise you to try it 1001buonisconto as a site to find coupons for various products, offers and discounts for services related to the car or personal care, shopping vouchers to buy online and in physical stores and many products for the home and office.

The advantage of this site is the absence of an account: we can very well redeem the codes from the site without registering, in fact, it is enough to open the desired coupon and copy the code to insert in the cart of the site to which the offer is dedicated.


Since we are talking about real money, we can try to answer the fateful question: are they real offers or are they sales that have fake inflated and discounted prices? Surely they are real promotions and there are no scams or deceptionsespecially if we rely on very famous sites such as Amazon, eBay, TheFork and the others presented in the guide.

However, each offer is described in detail and on the related Facebook fan pages you can find the uncensored comments of customers who have tried Groupon, Groupalia and others.

For further information, we can read our guide to sites to place advertisements for sale and free announcements on the Internet.


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