Best news sites, front pages, headlines and newspapers

Best breaking news sites, online newspapers and headline aggregators to get complete and fast information

News apps and sites Getting good information on the internet is becoming surprisingly less easy than it used to be. To be good, you should find a free online newsstand that has collected various sources so as to be able to read breaking news from multiple points of view, without therefore stopping only at what happened as reported by social media (often full of hoax news and inflated news).

In this guide we are going to discover the best information and news sitesprivilengiando i front page sites or headlines and news aggregated on a single pageeasy to read and consult for a quick but punctual and complete overview of all the news.

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1) Google News

Google News
First of all, the main of the world’s news sites is Google News which has improved a lot in its layout recently. In Google news it is possible to browse the main news from online newspapers divided into different categories. The front page stories are the most important news of the day, for each of which multiple sources are provided to read and links to click.

As with almost every Google service, Google News also has a powerful search engine that allows you to search for news on any person or topic, even old ones, becoming a perfect tool for historical research (recent stories).

Google News is also one of the best (but not the only one) app to read the news of the daywhich on Android also provides a convenient widget to always keep tabs on breaking news.

L’app Google Newscan be customized by including or excluding a certain type of topic and which also allows you to discover specialized sources to which you can subscribe for free through a special section of the Google Play Store.

Alternatively we can get the same news using the app Google (per Android and for iPhone), as also seen in the guide above how to activate Google Discover for personalized news on Android and iPhone.

2) Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start
An excellent app for reading information in various newspapers, receiving news of all kinds and personalizing the reading experience according to our needs is Microsoft Startdownloadable from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

Practically all national newspapers are present, allowing us to remove sources that are not of interest to us (although we recommend always reading everything, without neglecting anything).

On Android we can also install Microsoft Launchera fast and convenient launcher that integrates the Microsoft Start section as a navigable tab on your phone.

3) Flipboard

Flipboard As a valid alternative to Google News we can try Flipboard, excellent customizable news aggregator. Flipboard is free, but requires you to register an account to use it. Once logged in, you can choose, in the Explore section, which topics you are interested in, so you can watch the various news divided by theme.

In Flipboard each news story is a box with an image and you can click on it to open the article on the site that publishes it. You can also follow your favorite blogs closely or create a personalized magazine with your selected sites. For example, How2do has its own Line up your Flipboard with the list of items.

Flipboard also has its own app for Android e iPhoneso you can keep topics and sources of information organized by creating a personalized bulletin board that is available both from a PC and from a phone and tablet.

4) Feedly

Feedly To follow all news sites as a feed it is advisable to use the site Feedlycapable of grouping all sources into convenient, easy-to-read categories (each newspaper title is a clickable link, complete with a preview of the content and cover image).

In addition to the site we can also use the convenient app to Android and for iPhonewhich synchronizes with the contents added or read from the site, giving us the possibility to continue reading from the phone after work to the PC.

5) Telegram

Even the messaging app Telegram it can become very convenient for getting news, front pages, headlines and newspapers.

After installing the app on our phone or the computer let’s start following immediately best Telegram channels for newsoften provided as news aggregates from reliable Italian and foreign sources.

6) Other sites for reading news

If it’s breaking news we want to follow, there’s nothing more up to date than the site ANSA or the site ADNKronos: both offer continuous updates on news from Italy and the world, with a professional detachment often required to be able to report the news objectively.

If you want to read the headlines from the front pages of paper newspapers, there are some sites that collect them every day. The best site to keep among your favorites for information from Italian newspapers is definitely, which not only acts as an online news aggregator, but also has a large section of front pages of the editions on sale on newsstands. As an aggregator the site is also customizable, giving the possibility of creating a bulletin board in which to include favorite newspapers from which to read the news.

Those who want to read instead the front pages of newspapersthe site Newspaper it works well and has good coverage of Italian newspapers, so you can always read the front page of each newspaper.


All the sites and apps recommended in this allow you to collect news, front pages, headlines and newspapers in a single browser screen or in a single appin order to obtain a broad picture of world news, read the various points of view and editorial indications of individual newspapers and thus get a complete picture of every single piece of news.

For further information we can continue reading in the articles ai best newspaper sites without Paywall and at app to get the news of the day on your smartphone.

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