Being at home you can have fun at play computer by moving your hands in the air as if you were playing with the Wii but without contraptions in your hand. Hands-free games are those that exploit the monitor webcam or the camera connected to the computer.
Thanks to a system of movement detectionwebcam games, although very simple, they are very fun to play for both children and adults.
These games are playable only at home and not in workplaces or in the office because they have the side effect of making the players that move in front of the screen look crazy.

In this article we, therefore, see the best free online games to play with a webcam.

The websites that offer online games with the webcam are many, but those that make fun and cute games available that are not just nonsense, are very few. In any case, the webcam must be connected to the computer or the monitor must work.
All the Online games that take advantage of the webcam are flash and require permission to use the computer’s webcam and transmit the footage online. Filming is never visible or recorded from the outside.
If you do not have Flash installed on your computer or you are not sure, download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

1) The best site to play with the webcam is Webcam Mania Game.
Before playing, make sure you do not have furniture around and do the calibration away from the frame.
You can choose the game by scrolling the list upwards using your hands and pressing the buttons so that the visible hand on the screen “touches” the menus. Note that on Webcam Mania the mouse does not work. To choose the games you have to flick through the list with your hand and then press ok with your hand still on the bottom left button.

Games are really fun, all full screen and free:

  • Pong, you play in two and move your hand like a ping pong racket.
  • Riverrun is a race with the boat to move to avoid the red dots and taking the green dots.
  • Space Taxi is a precision game where you drive a spaceship from one platform to another.
  • Bubbles were to burst the bubbles of the same color.
  • Snake was to move a snake towards food, you can also play in two.
  • goalie is the fun game where you have to the goalkeeper and save penalties.
  • Seesaw is a fun balance game where you have to hold a scale with different weights above.
  • Wipeoff, where needed, washes the screen With the hands.
  • Mirror where you have to burst a bubble but with the frame that changes every time towards.
  • SnowBall is really a game where you have to move fast because you have to punch your balls that come before they hit us.
  • MonSoon: hit the blue balls avoiding the red ones.
  • Wetpaint to paint with hands.

To play it is better to put yourself a little away from the screen, at least a meter and a half so as not to occupy the entire space.
Since Webcam Mania is an SWF flash file, you can also download it on your PC (see how to download flash games) and play without being connected to the internet (so if the site goes offline you can keep it).

In some of the upcoming games, you must calibrate the webcam by setting the brightness of the room.
Moving the cursor on the bar and moving, the calibration is right in the memento where you see the red around your figure.

2) BazooCam is one of those sites where you can video chat with random people. In addition to the Chatroulette style video chat, you can also play online with the webcam by challenging other people. In BazooCam online games are also nice, you see yourself on the screen and you play against other people. At the moment there are only two: PowerMath with math calculations and Color Buzzer, a memory game. Sometimes the system is slow to find the challenger to play against.

3) PlayDoJam is a basketball game where you have to throw the ball in the basket with your hands. You can even play multiplayer.

4) On the site Newsground there are 5 games with very simple webcams: Ninja, Basic Training, Clear the window, hit the target.

5) Flight On Sahara is a game where you have to drive a plane without crashing it, moving it with your hands.

If you like games via webcam I remember finally the famous program CamSpace that transforms the PC into a Wii to play video games with your hands.


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