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Those who wear glasses know when it can be tiring to always keep your eyes on a desktop or laptop monitor, especially for those who work with computers or blogging for more than 5-6 hours straight. The eyes are extremely delicate and the excessive exposure to the light of the monitors and the emitted radiation will strain our eyes more frequently, leading to real eye damage (especially for those who have worked for many years with computer screens). Even those who do not wear glasses to correct visual defects can consider using neutral glasses (without corrections) to filter blue light or to avoid annoying reflections when we work on the computer.

In this guide we will show you the best glasses to use for those who often work at the computer, suitable for those who do not have striking visual defects (there are also graduated, but in that case perhaps it is better to go to the optician), but still want to protect their eyesight from blue light (very dangerous) and from the reflections of the screen (very annoying ).

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The enemies of the eyes for those who always use the PC

We have already talked about it in a guide on how to protect your eyes in front of the screen and we repeat it here in a synthetic way. The enemies of the eyes are obviously invisible and are responsible for eye fatigue or sudden tearing when we spend many hours in front of the computer or notebook are:

  • Blue light: emitted by any light source (including the backlight panel of LCD monitors) and responsible for eye fatigue, as well as causing damage to the retina (only in case of very prolonged exposure, say over the course of tens of years).
  • Reflex: the vast majority of monitors reflect sunlight or ambient light, amplifying the effect of blue light and blinding the unfortunate (which can only be solved by raising the screen brightness to the maximum, increasing discomfort and fatigue).

Fortunately, these two enemies of sight can be easily filtered with glasses equipped with an anti-reflection filter and a blue light filter: by focusing only on models of glasses equipped with these characteristics we can remain in front of the computer or notebook even several hours, without experience more eye fatigue.

The presence of a high-reflection on PC monitors or notebook displays also helps in the fight against these enemies, but this feature is not always present or works as well as on glasses.

Best PC Glasses to Buy

To buy glasses suitable for use on a PC, we can contact our trusted optician or, if we have no visual defects and want to save something, we can take a look at the models on Amazon, so as to also have the guarantee and free returns in case of problems with the size of the glasses or with the filters applied.

1) Cyxus

The first pair of glasses we can consider are the Cyxus Blue Light Filter, the cheapest.


These glasses feature a TR90 frame (a lightweight memory polymer material that can be adapted to any face), double screw frame, anti-blue light filter lens (blue light blocking), non-graded lens (neutral vision) and a guarantee to life.

2) Pixel Lens

Other glasses we can focus on to work or read on the PC are the Pixel Lens Class.

Pixel Lens

Of this brand we can find normal standard glasses, with ultralight unisex frame in TR90, Pixel Lens protective lenses (which reduce the Blue Light emitted by PC or other devices by 41%) and neutral gradation, with the possibility of choosing versions for light shades (graduated lenses for presbyopia).

Always by Pixel Lens, there are also photochromic PC sper glasses (they are the ones I currently use), available in various frame colors, with the characteristic of being also sunglasses, with the lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight.

3) NoWave

Look at him NOWAVE, whose flagship model is available on Amazon for less than € 50, are perhaps the best quality ones on this list, with the most beautiful and trendy frames, higher prices and many variations.


These glasses eliminate visual fatigue and headaches thanks to a super light frame and adaptable to men and women, 40% anti blue light rest lenses, 100% UV protection, exclusive HMC latest generation anti-glare treatment and advanced customization (thanks in the presence of glasses with different shapes and colors).

To find other PC glasses of this brand we can go to the official Nowave website, where there are many more models and many customizations, even for those who need prescription glasses.


Other PC glasses pretty good are those of Gunnar, with yellow lenses that make a lot of gamer.

With the eyes you don’t mess around so it’s better to immediately take all the necessary measures to be able to reduce eye fatigue to a minimum, also using PC glasses (neutral or graduated) able to filter the blue light emitted by the monitors and also block reflections hazards of sunlight or artificial light.

In addition to choosing a pair of special PC glasses, we can reduce eye fatigue when we work on monitors or notebooks by following these practical tips, valid both for those who always wear glasses and for those who see very well:

  • Reduce the screen brightness, especially when the ambient light is low or we often write in the dark for work.
  • Take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes in front of the monitor, so as to recover concentration and avoid eye fatigue (both with and without PC glasses).
  • Avoid using electronic devices during the break: If we leave the PC monitor to look at the phone screen, we will never truly rest our eyes.
  • Use dark mode on all operating systems that support it, so as to write with dark backgrounds and avoid white backgrounds (which are among the most “exhausting” for the view).
  • Use only monitors and displays with anti-glare technology, so as to reduce the impact of external light or artificial light when reading or writing to the PC.
  • Avoid using the monitor at night, as the lack of light will significantly increase eye fatigue.

By combining these tips with one of the eyewear models seen above, we will drastically reduce eye fatigue and eye damage caused by PCs but also by smartphones, tablets and TVs.

Always on the subject of wellness when we work or spend many hours sitting in front of the PC, we invite you to take care of your own smart working station to work from home on the PC more comfortably and to consider the advice on like sitting in front of the computer so as not to tire your back and eyes.


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