Best PC speakers and speakers to buy

PC speakers Have you bought a desktop PC for your room or office but the speakers integrated into the monitor don't satisfy you? Have you bought a very nice monitor but that doesn't have audio speakers?
Either way you can easily fix it adding dedicated speakers to your computer, so you can enjoy much better sound when viewing a video on the Internet, when listening to streaming music or when playing your favorite video game.

In this article we will show you what are the best pc speakers and speakers to buy, showing you the features to consider in order not to buy the wrong model (perhaps undersized for the room you use) and spend the money correctly for audio speakers that can give us a full and engaging sound.

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Best audio speakers for PC

In this article we will show you the best 2.1 stereo speakers, to be used in any room, on any PC and in any scenario.
We will first talk about the characteristics that these speakers must have in order to be in step with the times and, in the final part of the guide, we will find some models available on Amazon, so that you can immediately examine some very interesting models at the right price.

Audio speakers for PC: the characteristics

Even if all the models seem the same to you, before buying speakers there are some parameters to consider to avoid disappointment in the listening phase.

  • Speaker power in RMS: The sound quality also depends on how big the room is and how many objects are in it. Sound waves "bounce" and / or are continuously absorbed on everything they encounter, and these bounces also reach human ears. To avoid unpleasant echo and rumble effects, choose a PC speaker model suitable for the room. Taking into consideration the RMS power (present on all loudspeakers) as a parameter, make sure to focus only on models that offer at least 10W RMS, focusing on larger models only for larger rooms. Obviously it is not possible to predict which objects will be present in the chosen room, but as a general rule the more the room is full the more the sound will be "muffled", the more the room is empty the more the sound will be bright and acute (we avoid completely empty rooms, often a very annoying rumble effect is generated).
  • Integrated subwoofer: the sound managed by a subwoofer gives quality bass that is difficult to manage with simple houses. Rather than using software bass filters, we focus firmly on models with a subwoofer; we always place the latter on the floor on the floor, never on raised surfaces or on the desk (it will sound much better).
  • Number of satellites: 2 satellites plus the subwoofer are sufficient for use on a desktop PC (2.1 system). There are also models with a higher number of satellites on the market, but unless we really have a lot of space it makes no sense to have 4 speakers all in front of the monitor!
  • Audio inputs: Since most PC audio speakers only have 2 units, it does not change much in terms of quality between the analog signal and the digital signal managed via USB. If we fear audio interference, we focus only on USB models or at most on models that allow you to choose which audio input to use. Some models also have RCA inputs (the red and white plugs) in order to handle a greater number of audio sources.
  • Wireless connection: some models also have Bluetooth connectivity, which we can use as a separate audio source to connect a smartphone or notebook on the fly without having to move the original audio cable.
  • Supply: all models with subwoofers must be powered by a dedicated electrical outlet, so make sure you have a large multi-socket power strip available to make all the electrical connections.

PC audio speakers: buying guide

After seeing what features the PC audio speakers must have, let's see some together interesting models available on Amazon, so you can save money and also get a truly comprehensive return policy.

The cheapest model we can bet on is the Logitech Z333, available on Amazon for less than 45 €.
Logitech Z333
The speakers have a large subwoofer, 80 Watt peak power, 40 Watt RMS effective power, 3.5 mm and RCA audio inputs and a handy desktop remote control to adjust the volume and to choose which source to play the sounds from.

For those looking for a more powerful system without spending too much, you can consider the Creative Sound BlasterX Kratos S3, available on Amazon for less than 90 €.
Creative Sound
These beautiful speakers have powerful 2.75 "satellites and 5.25" subwoofers, wooden housings, audio controls via dedicated knob, effective power of 46W RMS and connection via 3.5mm Audio Jack.

If we are looking for a model with integrated Bluetooth technology, we can take a look at the Trust Tytan Set, available on Amazon for less than 110 €.
Trust funds
These speakers have a maximum power of 120W (60 Watts RMS), dual wired and wireless connection (via Bluetooth), Intelligent Energy Management (switches to standby by itself when not in use) and offers a practical remote control with cord that can be placed on the desk, ideal for controlling the volume and the audio source to use.

If we want to raise the bar and focus only on top-of-the-range PC speaker models, we advise you to examine the Logitech Z625, available on Amazon for less than 150 €.
Logitech Z625
These speakers have the THX Certificate on sound performance, 400 Watt peak power (200 W RMS), offer a triple connection with 3.5 mm audio cable, RCA input and optical audio input (Toslink) and controls integrated inside the speaker , thus further saving space.

Are we looking for a 2.1 speaker system for an advanced gaming PC? In this case we will have to focus on a set of speakers worthy of a gaming PC like the Logitech G560, available on Amazon for less than 220 €.
These speakers allow you to connect up to 4 devices via different inputs (USB cable, 3.5 mm Jack cable and two Bluetooth devices), has Lightsync RGB creates light effects and colors to the rhythm of music, offers DTS X Ultra Surround technology for a really clean and powerful audio and delivers a maximum power of 240 Watts (120W RMS).


The speakers are a very important component on PC, to the point of recommending you to always buy them even when we find them integrated into the chosen monitor: those present in the monitor body have in most cases a very bad audio and, if we work a lot in smart working or study with remote teaching, it is essential to be able to listen well to what our people say interlocutors in a clear and limpid way.

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