App for iPad, free, to edit photos with filters, effects, adjustments and modifications of all kinds, from the simplest ones for everyone to the professional ones

iPad photo editing
iPad is the best tablet for photo editingthanks to the large screen and support for Apple’s capacitive pen (called Apple Pencil); the latter in particular is really very useful when we want to draw or apply new effects and corrections with precision.

Thanks to iCloud or similar is easy to share photos from an iPhone or any other smartphone to an iPad which, with its large touchscreen becomes perfect for manipulating photos.

In this article we will show you the best free apps to edit photos, manipulate them and apply special effects or photo editingpushing a lot on apps optimized for iPad and able to properly exploit theApple Pencil.

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1) Snapseed

Snapseed Snapseed is a Google-owned photo editor that offers a large number of editing options and filters, as also seen in the article about how to use the snapseed app.

Snapseed works very well in making basic edits, applying filters and frames, and also doing more advanced touch-ups, all in a simple way with its interface optimized for the touchscreen. Hand gestures allow you to adjust the various effects intuitively and quickly, without making life difficult to find the various options. Unlike many other applications, which only offer photo filters, Snapseed allows you to share photos, open them with other applications, copy or print them.

2) Polar

Polarr Polarr is a very popular photo-editing app, capable of applying spectacular filters and effects to any photo taken with the iPad or shared on social networks.

It features a number of options ranging from basic enhancements and adjustments, to more advanced tools such as red-eye reduction, teeth whitening, and splash color. You can also use Polarr to draw on your photo, add text, add stickers or even turn your image into a meme.

3) Pixlr


Pixlr is a simple but very powerful photo editor. Pixlr has a very basic interface but offers very complete photo editing options.

All the tools in the app are grouped into six categories: adjustments, effects, overlays, borders, types and stickers. Touching a category you find all the editing options, not very easy to use for beginners due to their abundance. Everything here is free so you can download as many additional tools as you like.

4) Lightroom

Lightroom Lightroom per iPad is a powerful application developed by Adobe (the same company that produces Photoshop on PC) capable of modifying the photos and images saved in the catalog using a series of advanced tools.

The application can also crop and apply effects to photos and import RAW files (which are first converted and compressed). The application works on its own, but shows its true potential when connected to the computer with which it synchronizes data via the Adobe cloud (also available for Photoshop).


VSCO is among the best apps for those looking for special effects and filters with advanced photo editing tools.

If the applications above seem too basic, VSCO is worth a try, thanks also to the powerful editing tools, organized through the four main buttons: effects, adjustments, cropping and history. You can choose from various filters to apply right away and then use powerful editing tools with an intuitive interface.

6) Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop L’app Adobe Photoshop is a point of reference in the photo editing sector and can be downloaded for free on any iPad directly from theApple App Store.

The tools are the same seen on the PC app, with the necessary optimization to be able to operate with the maximum precision using the Apple Pencil. In fact, we can modify the parameters of each photo, add effects, new frames, new types of color and remove or move unwanted objects with a simple touch on the screen, saving the result in the memory of the iPad or on the Adobe cloud.

7) Darkroom

Darkroom Among the best photo editing apps for iPad it definitely stands out Darkroomavailable free of charge.

This app is the most innovative in the industry, as it uses advanced algorithms (supported byartificial intelligence) to help us express our every idea, adapting filters, improvements, new effects and new colors according to the type of photos we upload, for truly incredible results.

8) Glitch Art Studio

Glitch Art Studio Glitch effects lovers can try the app on iPad Glitch Art Studio.

The app is optimized for iPad and allows apply glitch effects to any photo or video, combining various types of Glitches and also superimposing different photos or frames, for a truly engaging result. The modified images can be shared directly on social networks or in chats, as well as being able to save them in memory.

9) Facetune Editor

facetune editor Those who want to edit face photos easily and with extraordinary effects can try the app facetune editor.

The app allows you to apply makeup virtually, smooth skin, eliminate vision defectschange background, whiten teeth, remove unwanted objects, add or remove light, change hair color and so much more.

Simplicity reigns supreme on this appwhich can also be used by users who have never done photo editing before.

10) Affinity Photo 2

Affinity Photo 2 L’app Affinity Photo 2 is one of the few available exclusively for the iPad, immediately presenting itself as a professional photo editing app.

The interface presents all the editing tools on the sides and, thanks to the Apple Pencil, it is possible to modify every detail and every parameter of the photo with a simple touch, dragging the desired effect or color to a precise point of the photo or using intelligent selection to obtain the part of the image on which to apply the modification or effect.

The app is not easy to use but, for those who use Photoshop on a PC every day, it takes very little to practice and immediately start using the app as a real photo editing editor for photographers.


The iPad App Store is full of other free to download photo editors, some of them so high quality that they can replace (in most cases) the tools and filters available on downloadable photo editing apps on PC or Mac.

The most professional apps are Affinity Photo 2, Lightroom and Photoshopwhile the other apps are suitable for quick photo edits or users who are new to such powerful editing tools.

To learn more, we can read our guides to best free photo editing apps and you have best free photo editing programs for mac.


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