Best programs for making websites

Website programsTo create content to be published on the internet you can spend a lot of money on professional programs or, to start or even to save, you can take advantage of open source software, simple programs of Web design that make creating and managing sites as easy as using a word processor. There are many high-level applications aimed at more experienced users (who want to focus on HTML, CSS or script) and more comfortable programs, ideal and suitable even for those who are starting to learn or for one-off projects.
In this guide we will show you i best programs to make websites like real web designers, all completely free and free (sometimes even for commercial purposes). In a dedicated chapter we will also show you some paid programs, for those who want the best when they create a new website (especially if we intend to create a site for a shop or business).

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Programs to curate and build sites

The design and care of websites and blogs can be difficult work, especially if we intend to focus on quality: creating a beautiful site requires the right mix of tools. This article may not be completely exhaustive, but it should be a good starting point for all web designers.

Free programs to make websites

If we are a beginner and want to quickly create a website, we can rely on the KompoZer program, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

By installing this program we will have a real editor with which to compile the site in HTML or with graphic objects at will. Among its features, a CSS editor, a tabbed browsing system and an FTP client stand out, to immediately load the site on your favorite hosting page.

Another very good program for making websites by acting on the code is BlueFish, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This program has nothing to envy to much more famous programs and paid apps, thanks to the support of all the main programming languages ​​used for the Web: HTML, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and C / C ++. For those who are studying programming at university or want to learn immediately how to write the code for a site, BlueFish is undoubtedly the right program.

Another interesting program for creating new websites is Amaya, which is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Using this program we will have all the tools to create a new website, using both the most common programming languages ​​and graphic objects, so that even an impractical programming user can quickly create a rudimentary site. Among the features we point out the possibility of immediately uploading the site to our hosting space via FTP and the possibility of working on multiple documents simultaneously.

CodeLobster is another free program for those who make websites, very powerful, which facilitates the writing of HTML, CSS and PHP code and Javascript scripts. The functions of this code editor to program websites and applications are above all: A PHP and Javascript debugger to validate the code, highlighting of the opening and closing tags and of the commands of a script, code completion, SQL Manager and much more. Through the plugins it is also possible to extend the functionality of the program.

As a last free program to make websites we recommend BlueGriffon, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The application has a really well-kept interface and has numerous ready-made tools and objects, so that even an impractical user can create a new website. The program is also suitable for expert users, thanks to the support of all the most recent web standards and real-time uploading to the chosen hosting site.

To write or modify code as real web programming experts we can also rely on the enhanced notepad, that is Notepad ++, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Notepad ++

This fantastic open source software supports a large number of programming languages ​​and allows you to insert code quickly and accurately, also allowing you to check for errors. Whenever we need to modify or understand a portion of HTML or CSS it is better to use Notepad ++. The program also includes a powerful search tool supported by bookmark support, macro support and much more, all presented in a configurable and easy-to-use interface.

Paid programs for making websites

If we are looking for paid programs to make websites, we can start by trying Adobe Dreamweaver, available for Windows and Mac.

This famous program is suitable for any type of user, offering a WYSIWYG editor for those who are not very experienced, passing through the classic HTML editor from which to create the site using programming languages. It supports practically any code created for the Internet: CSS, JavaScript, ASP and PHP.
Adobe Dreamweaver is paid but we can take advantage of a 7-day free trial version, so you can choose whether to buy the program or focus on one of the free solutions shown above.

Another very good paid program for making websites is Pinegrow Web Editor.

It comes with a well-kept interface very similar to Dreamweaver and, just like the latter, allows you to create websites both using a simple object editor (easy to use) and using the advanced editor, dedicated to those who work with websites for years and looking for fast and powerful software.
The program is available for a fee, but we can choose whether to use it on an annual subscription or whether to buy a single license valid forever.

If we use an iMac or MacBook to write an online blog, we can also test the MarsEdit program.

With this application we will in fact have a real offline editor for the posts to be made on the blog, so that we can plan the next post efficiently. MarsEdit supports all major blogging services such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type and sites with the MetaWeblog or AtomPub standards; we will only have to enable access, so as to upload (when ready) the new posts on our blog, without even opening the web editor.
MarsEdit is a paid program, but we can test the features for free for a period of 30 days.


All the programs indicated are excellent for making websites, whatever the level of experience we have: from the beginner to the user who has surfed, who creates websites by profession.

Each web designer places side by side, to the program to create websites, a powerful graphic tool, so as to be able to create and modify the real time images that will appear on the web page or on the site we are creating; in this regard, we invite you to download GIMP, the best free photo editing program also seen in the guide to the best free photo editor programs, for photo editing and graphics.
If instead we need to create buttons, graphics, icons or vector images, we can also support GIMP Inkscape, the best free vector graphics program.
Do we want to create an online site, without using any programs? In this case, we advise you to read our article on how Create free sites with fast and easy web editors.


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