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Almost always to optimize the computer we have to carry out a thousand operations, often quite complicated for those with less experience. But wouldn’t everything be easier with an automatic program? Certainly yes, but not everything comes painlessly and you must always be careful and choose well which software to install since some tend to be too aggressive.Free programs that optimize Windows simply have to perform those checks and basic maintenance operations automatically and periodically, including: cleaning outdated files, alerting you for the new program and Windows versions, detecting programs that start automatically and which can slow down your PC. Let’s see together which ones to use to always get a fast and snappy PC even after many years of use.

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Optimize your PC with Windows 10

Many don’t know it but Windows 10 is able to automatically carry out system maintenance, so you always have a fast system. In a chapter of the guide, we will first show you how to best optimize this system maintenance, so as not to have to use any added programs. If the result obtained is not satisfactory we can always try one of the programs present later in the guide.

Maintenance included in Windows 10

If we still have a mechanical disk we will have to periodically defragment the files saved on it, while if we use an SSD we will not have to defragment the files but use the specific optimization called TRIM.
In both cases, we can program the defragmentation or optimization of the disks on a PC with Windows 10 by opening the Start menu, looking Defragment and optimize drives by clicking on the button Change settings below and planning the maintenance operation.
Optimize disk
We set up weekly maintenance, check the item Raise the priority of the task if there are three unfinished scheduled runs, we press the button Choose, we check all the disk drives on the system, we also check the item Automatically optimize new drives then press OK and then OK to confirm the changes.

In addition to the disk, we can start routine Windows maintenance by taking us to the Start menu, looking for the item Change scheduled maintenance settings, and choose a time when Windows 10 will perform system maintenance (possibly a time when Windows is turned on and little used).
We also talked about these activities in our guide on how to do computer maintenance and fix Windows.
Furthermore, do not forget

Programs to optimize PC

A poorly designed maintenance program could perform operations with the opposite effect: instead of improving your PC, it could delete some important files or damage your system. In other cases, it could happen instead of stumbling upon a free program only partially and asking for the payment of the full version to optimize the PC, while others could even behave like viruses and steal private data by sending it to the servers of the company that develops the program. For these reasons we only use certified and quality programs, such as those reviewed below.

Glary Utilities is the most popular free program to use for Windows performance optimization; we can download it directly from the official website.
Glary Utilities
Glary Utilities is easy to use and allows, with just a few clicks, to correct errors caused by normal computer use, to put the Windows system registry in place, to delete obsolete files that only make garbage on the disk, and many other functions. specifications. Glary has had a great reputation for years, has a hassle-free automatic PC optimization mode and there is never any risk of making mistakes or causing damage to your computer. Unfortunately, the free version does not offer constant background computer monitoring which can only be unlocked by purchasing the full version. We have also talked about this program in our guide keep your PC performing with Glary Utilities Pro.

Another very useful program to optimize your PC and make it faster is CCleaner, available for free from the official website.
It is not a complete computer optimization program like Glary Utilities, but it is capable of performing those basic computer maintenance operations perfectly, without causing problems and without burdening the system. CCleaner is very useful to clean the disk of obsolete files, to fix registry errors, and then it provides several tools to check the automatic start of programs, to find the biggest files that take up more space. On this program, we can also read our guide Add new cleaning rules to Ccleaner to eliminate all traces.

Another reliable program to optimize the PC is Advanced SystemCare Free, available for free from the official website.
IObit app
This has probably become over time one of the most reliable programs over time, adept at cleaning the PC of outdated files and fixing some Windows configurations that can have a bad impact on performance. The AI ​​mode is really interesting, which makes a sort of artificial intelligence act to immediately find problems or functions that can slow down the computer, optimizing all the necessary options; as with any similar program, remember to create a restore point before applying the suggested changes. On this software, we can also read our guide Best program to clean your pc and speed it up: Advanced SystemCare.

Other programs

The programs seen so far are the most used and reliable in circulation, but this does not mean that we cannot also try other similar and safe programs: it is better to always have a good alternative in case of problems or in case it is not possible to install one of the programs seen in precedence.

  • Tweak Windows programs to change hidden settings they are to be included in this list for their ability to optimize Windows very effectively, depending on the changes. They are not easy to use because they are often in English and in any case not so explanatory in their options, so much so that even an expert may have difficulty understanding everything. However, there are exceptions and tools such as Winaero Tweaker or Ultimate Windows Tweaker (described in the linked article), they have been recently renewed also for Windows 10, they can be used with good simplicity.
  • Services Optimizer for Windows 10 is a great program to optimize Windows services and stop unnecessary ones. The result of the optimization process will provide a sure benefit to the speed and performance of the computer.
  • System Mechanic is the trial version of a truly exceptional program, which I can recommend even if it only works by activating the paid license. System Mechanic automatically checks the computer’s memory usage, the presence of obsolete files, registry problems, Windows security, and then even the network configuration to speed up the internet.


Even a well-maintained computer can suddenly start slowing down (as also seen in the guide to causes of a slow PC), in particular after installing various programs it begins to suffer from the presence of old files, too many background processes, clogging on the system registry caused by the installation and uninstallation of many programs, after-effects of viruses and spyware even if removed and taken care of, changes to system configurations especially if unwanted.
If we find these programs useless, you can follow the advice seen at the beginning of the guide or read our guides Who thinks you don’t need programs, can read the guides optimize windows for a fast pc is Windows 10 maintenance, what changes and what remains to be done.


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