Best lists of active (free) and working proxies and programs to change proxies and surf anonymously or without blocks

Proxy web Not all methods for browse anonymously and hide your IP manage to bypass the filters for sites obscured by their company, the provider or the authorities.

Per browse blocked sites it is necessary to overcome the filters at the IP level or at the corporate service level and it is not always possible to do this by activating the simple private mode of the browserFor example, an administrator can block access to Facebook for his employees during working hours.

In the following guide we will show you what the best proxies and programs to browse blocked sites in Italy or on sites obscured by system administrators, so that we can always visit the pages we want without limits.

In the guide we will give top priority to free proxy services without registrationbut for completeness of information we will also point out the best proxies that can be used upon registration.

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1) What is a proxy?

A proxy is a server that diverts all our traffic assigning us a Fake IP other than ours.

Proxies are used in offices and businesses to prevent employees from wasting time on gaming, chat and non-business sites. For those who surf the web we usually talk about a web proxy, that is a server or a program designed for hide our IP address, covering it with another so as not to recognize the origin and location of the computer used; in this way you can also visit sites blocked in your country.

To hide the navigation on the home computer you can use public web proxieswhich divert browser traffic without having to change system or navigation settings.

2) When to use a proxy

Web proxies are well suited for the following scenarios:

  • access the blacked-out sites of a specific country. If we run into a obscured siteit is necessary to use tools that overcome the blocks such as web proxies;
  • browse sites blocked by office proxyjobs, schools and universities and there the most common example these days and definitely Facebook;
  • hide your identity on the Internet, to access sites where we have been banned or not accessible with our IP or account.

If we fall into one of these scenarios, let’s continue reading the guide to find out how to get the best free proxies to use on your computer.

3) Best proxy extensions for Google Chrome

If we use Google Chrome as a browser to browse the Internet we can take advantage of proxy extensionssimple extensions to be installed on the browser ready to use and already configured to hide the IP and network traffic generated by Chrome, without special settings.

The best proxy extensions for Google Chrome are:

  • CyberGhost VPN Free Proxy: directly from the CyberGhost VPN service, a proxy extension that is simple to use and works without any registration, in fact ready to use after installing it in the browser.
  • Hub VPN: another famous extension for effective and safe web proxy, able to protect the browser connection and to falsify the IP of origin; this addon works without registration.
  • ZenMate VPN Proxy: this extension is also based on a VPN service (ZenMate) and allows you to protect the connection with a free proxy forever, accessible without registration.
  • Windscribe Free Proxy– based on the Windscribe VPN service this extension offers secure servers and safe browsing at all times; to work it requires the registration of a free account with a limit of 10GB of data per month.
  • Hoxx VPN Proxy: effective and totally free web proxy extension, without limits of time or data traffic exchanged; requires the registration of an account (also free) in order to function.
  • VPN Unlimited Proxy: another working and safe proxy service to use every day; however, it requires a free account to work.

These are the best proxy extensions you can get using Google Chrome as your browser; even if many of them rely on VPN services, they work in all respects as proxies and not as real VPN connections, as also seen in the article on differences between VPN and proxy.

Best free web proxy lists

In addition to extensions, we can also use i public web proxiesconfigurable on computers as seen in our guide on how to set up a proxy on PC.

These proxies offer advanced features such as SSL (data traffic encryption), fast access time and load control (so that they can offer good browsing speed to all users. Normally surfing with a proxy is relatively slower than with surf without, but it all lies in choosing a proxy fast enough, close enough to our location and with adequate hardware.

The public proxy lists instead they are IP addresses to be entered in the browser, as indicated in the guide linked a few lines above; among the best lists we have:

  • US Proxy List
  • XRoxy
  • ProxySale
  • FreeProxyList
  • Free Italian proxy
  • Geonode free proxy

To configure a proxy just open one of the sites seen above, choose the fastest proxy (for ping or for residual capacity in terms of resources) and set it in the browser or PC, so as to exploit it while browsing as seen in the guide reported shortly. above.

It is also possible to install the free proxy program Privoxy, which provides a service to surf freely covered behind their server. After installing Privoxy it is necessary to set the proxy address on the browser with door 8118.

Free programs to browse blocked sites

After seeing the web proxy extensions and the sites where to retrieve free and public proxy listsin this chapter we will show you i best free proxy programsie those programs that allow you to browse the internet with a proxy variable and are methods for browsing blocked and blacked-out sites.

The best programs to surf for free behind a proxy from your PC I am:

  • Tor Browser: this portable browser is based on Firefox and uses the Tor network to hide traffic (and the user’s IP address) for free and without any limitation in terms of traffic or connection time;
  • Ultrasurf: very powerful program for bypass any kind of blockmaintaining a very high browsing speed despite being totally free;
  • Freegate: real alternative to Ultrasurf, this application allows you to access sites that only work in the United States, as well as remove the block from any site while maintaining a practically constant connection speed;
  • Hotspot Shield: program that works like a totally free VPN, providing a level of protection similar to that offered by a traditional proxy;
  • ProxySwitcher: this application automatically searches for available proxies and, once the list has been updated, allows you to choose the web proxy with the lowest ping value;
  • ProtonVPN: 100% free VPN service with no time or connection limitations; in free mode it works like a proxy, offering an essential level of security.

We try all the recommended services to be able to browse even on blocked sites and effectively protect our IP without spending a euro.


All the proxy services that we have recommended they can be used for free without spending any money: all we have to do is download the favorite application or extension, press the connect button and benefit from one anonymous and secure proxy connection. In some cases we will have to create an account to be able to use the services, but always without paying anything.

To learn more, we suggest you read our guides on Fastest, most reliable, and limitless premium VPNs come on how to surf anonymously from smartphones (Android and iPhone).


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