Best Quiz and Trivia games with questions (Android and iPhone)

android iphone quiz games We Italians have always been great fans of television quizzes and we have always actively participated in every kind of quiz broadcast on television.
Compared to the times when Mike Bongiorno was gluing all over Italy to play his quizzoni, today everyone has the opportunity to try their hand at a quiz without having to answer the questions of a TV show, simply by using a smartphone.
There are All kinds of quiz and trivia games on the Android and iOS stores and you can play alone or even by challenging other people in the world.
In this article, we see best Quiz games for Android, iPhone and iPad phones with multiple choice questions or with words and images to guess which can be played for free and which are also available in Italian.READ ALSO: Train your mind and brain with PC Brain Training games

  1. Quiz Duel and the best game of generic Quiz currently available for Android and iPhone / iPad in all languages, including Italian. It is a kind of Trivial Pursuit, with multiple choice questions on various topics of choice and with challenges multiplayer. You can log in with a Facebook account and challenge friends too. You play against other players online in timed challenges, one on one, to see who knows more. You can play online against other people even in challenges with more people, where the fastest responder wins. The quiz questions are many, over 200,000 and new quizzes are added every week so there is no danger of getting bored. QuizDuello is one of the most popular quiz games ever.
  2. LiveQuiz for Android and iPhone, it has a lot of popularity because it is a quiz game with real prizes, in the form of Amazon vouchers or other. To win, however, you have to be really fast and good at answering and then playing every day to participate in the daily event.
  3. Trivia Crack for Android and for iPhone and iPad is the current number one of the Trivial games, the most played in the world of this kind, obviously available in Italian, with many questions to be answered divided by topics. The game owes its popularity to its social site that allows players to chat with each other and face challenges and the possibility of being able to create questions to be submitted to others.
  4. Fight List, game for Android and iPhone very popular in 2017, with many questions in Italian of general culture and different thematic categories, daily challenges against other competitors on one and rankings.
  5. Logo Quiz is another of the very successful quiz games on the stores of the various platforms, Android, iPhone. In practice, it is the game where you have to guess who is a logo, the brand, the brand, the company or anything else may have a symbol or a logo. Among the various available I suggest the Bubble Quiz Games Logo Quiz for Android and for iPhone. For iPhone, the Logos Quiz game is also very popular.
  6. QuizUp (Android and iPhone) is another quiz and trivia game whose particularity is the possibility of sharing one’s interests and preparing, for others, quizzes on the topics we know. The combination of game and social network brings involvement and also the possibility of meeting people with the same interests with which to measure their knowledge.
  7. 94%, free for Android and iPhone is a particular quiz game that has achieved great popularity all over the world. The game asks questions that seem to be those of a psychology test, to which at least 94% of the answers given by others must be found. In practice, we must think of the most probable answers that people give to certain questions such as “what do you think about in the morning?” or”what do you never have time to do?” and so on.
  8. Quiz brain training is the game that trains Dr. Kawashima’s brain that has depopulated on the Nintendo DS and can be played on iPhone and iPad with the special Einstein Brain Training version in Italian, which allows calculating brain age and train the mind with games of intelligence. The same game is also on Android with Einstein ™ trains the mind, unfortunately not free. Other alternatives of free Brain Training games for Android and iPhone, listed in another article, are Peak, Elevate and Lumosity.
  9. The Moron Test is one of the funniest and most informative quizzes and brain training games, ingenious as it is conceived, never boring, with very pleasant graphics and very rich in questions. The game is free and available for iPhone, only in English but easy to understand.
  10. Math Workout for Android and iPhone is a very successful app that offers math quizzes. The game is challenging and very stimulating, with many math questions to be solved in a short time.
  11. Elevate Brain Training (Android and iOS) is a puzzle game that comes as an adventure. There are so many puzzles that can be solved with logic, memory and computing power.
  12. Guess the soccer player for Android is the Quiz for football lovers, where you have to guess the name of the footballer portrayed in a photograph. There is a similar game on iTunes for iPhone and iPad called Photo Football Quiz.
  13. Guess the movie! – Movie Quiz (Android and iOS) is the game where you have to guess the title of a movie based on the photo.
  14. Celebrity Quiz (Android is the game where you have to guess the name of a VIP or a famous character, all in Italian. For the iPhone, there is a different game, called Guess the celebrity with the faces of the characters drawn and to guess.
  15. Quiz Driver’s License is not really a game, but an exercise to pass the license exam in Italy. The quiz is available for Android phones and tablets and for iPhone and iPad.
  16. WordMania is the game where you have to guess the word based on the images displayed. WordMania is available for iPhone, free and Italian.
  17. SongPop the game guesses the song can be played for free on iPhone and Android.
  18. Lumosity (Android and iPhone) is one of the most popular and fun brain training and puzzle games to challenge friends or to prove one’s intelligence.
  19. Who wants to Be a Millionaire, the famous television quiz much followed a few years ago, today you can still play on Android in an unofficial version with Milionario quiz and for iPhone and iPad in Italian.
  20. Akinator the genius is the countdown quiz, where the computer must ask us questions to guess the character we think; magical and incredibly precise.

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