Best sites to download free PC games

The top 10 sites to download free PC games, including commercial games and online store offers

sites to download video games If you want to play great videogames, without paying, you don’t need to invent unethical piracy tricks, you just need to search in the right sites. Unless you really want to play the last video game released in stores the other day, it is often enough to wait a few months to get the chance to download for free some games on offer or to find some new high-level free games.
On this page, we see the best sites to download free PC games, without paying a penny, without having to use any credit card.

1) EA Origin is the new online game store (also in Italian) of Electronic Arts, perhaps the most important production company in the digital games market. Usually, it allows us to get a free game at expiration, offered, that is, for the download only for a few days. To download the games offered for free, you only need to register an Origin account without downloading any download client.

2) The section “Free to Play” by Steam it is very wide and includes some completely free games and others that instead conceal encouragement to buy in-game.
Steam is the most important online store for downloading PC video games. For each game, however, you can read user comments so it’s easy to find out if there are scams or if it’s actually a good deal. To download the games you need to register for Steam and download the Steam management client, very good and virus free.
In another article, we talked about games on Steam like Team Fortress 2 and based on HalfLife, beautiful and valid as a console game.

3) The Windows Store is the place to look for free games for Windows 10, with lots of titles to download and try.

4) hosts over 100,000 free games ranging from role-playing games to puzzle games.

5) Good Old Games (GOG) offers some free games of excellent quality, not as old as you might think.

6) My Abandonware is the treasure of old video games (mainly for PCs) that have been “abandoned” by their developers and therefore become free and free to download.
The site offers a myriad of instantly recognizable titles, from first-person shooters like “Doom”, to real-time strategy games like “WarCraft II”. With over 14,000 titles ranging from 1978 to 2017, you will certainly find titles to play to the end.

7) modDB is a great site that offers the download of the best indie games, of independent developers, including modifications or mods of the most popular games.

8) Wikipedia and his great list of games become free. If you want to have a very broad overview of all the free games that you can download from the internet, you can look at the general Wikipedia list which lists all the free commercial games.

9) GameJolt is a site where you can download many indie games, free or for a fee.

10) IndieDB is yet another site where free games are published for download and play on PC.

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10) Other smaller sites but full of free download games for PC are:
– Acid Play
– AllGamesAtoZ
– Megagames
– freepcgamers
– reloaded

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