Do we want to practice at home with a specific instrument? Let’s see how to download free sheet music from the web

Free sheet music sites

Anyone who loves playing a musical instrument cannot do without sheet music, which is essential for practicing and learning new melodies and compositions. Thanks to the Internet we can bet on many sites to download free sheet musicthus creating our personal collection while playing the instrument.

In the following guide we will show you what the best sites to download free sheet musicreally very useful we love playing or studying the scores for the guitar, the piano and other musical instruments for pleasure or for work.

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1) Chords and Sheet Music

Chords and Sheet Music

Among the best sites that we can use to download free sheet music we find Chords and Sheet Musican Italian site with numerous scores of recent songs and classic songs.

The site interface allows you to quickly access all the useful sections containing chords, piano sheet music, music-themed YouTube videos and guitar lessons. To find a new score, simply type the name of the song or artist in the search bar at the top right, identify the score to download and finally press on Download to download the score in PDF format.

2) 1000note


Another very good site to download sheet music for free is 1000notecreated by a group of friends who are passionate about music and has quickly become a point of reference for those who want to download sheet music from the web.

Using the site is really very simple: let’s open the section Artists and we use the letters to search for the name of the artist and the song whose score we want to acquire. After finding the song, click on it to find the text and the notes to play.

The scores are designed for the guitarthus making it easy to tune it to learn a new song or to play our favorite song, given the presence of many modern singers (appreciated by young and very young people).

3) Petrucci Music Library

Petrucci Music Library

An invaluable source of classical music scores is surely the Petrucci Music Librarywhich you can download for free over 600,000 scores distributed under a free license.

The functioning of the site is quite similar to that of a Wiki page: after having opened the site we can use the search bar to search for the name of the artist (or composer) or the name of the song we are looking for, so as to be able view the score immediately.

In addition to scores it is possible listen and download the recordings of the chosen songso that we can listen to the songs to learn while we study the score.

4) ChoralWiki


Another site that we can use to download sheet music for free is ChoralWikithe official page of the Choral Public Domain Library project which maintains public domain sheet music accessible to all.

Most of the scores concern the choirs and vocals of the songsreally very useful if we are studying singing and we need to know well the score of a specific piece that we have to sing or that we have to study for the next singing lesson.

Also in this case the site works like a Wiki page: we can in fact use the search bar at the top right to search for songs, scores and authors or use one of the categories on the homepage to find what we are looking for.

5) Free-Scores


Among the international resources that we can use to download free sheet music we find Free-Scoresa mine of scores and recorded pieces of classical and contemporary music.

After having opened the site it is sufficient to use the upper search bar to immediately find the artist or song we are looking for; recordings of the chosen piece are often also available (listenable with the player integrated into the page) and a dedicated page where you can download the PDF of the score in various forms, the MP3 file for offline listening and the file in MIDI formatto rearrange the song in karaoke form.

6) 4Shared


Many free sheet music can also be found on the siti di file sharing come 4Sharedwhere many users have shared classical music sheet filesheet music of recent songs and guitar chords.

Given the large amount of files stored on this site, we advise you to use the upper bar to search for the score we are looking for by typing the name of the author or of the piece followed by the word “score” or, in English, “score” or “sheet music”.

Other sites for free sharing of text files (where we often also find sheet music) can be found in our guide to best sites to download free books in italian.


Finding sheet music on the Internet to download totally free is a piece of cakealso thanks to the will and commitment of many passionate users who are responsible for maintaining these sites. All material provided is free and not protected by copyright: we can therefore create our own personal collection of sheet music for piano or any other musical instrument at any time.

To search for any type of file on the Internet (including sheet music) we invite you to read our guides to ways to search google and find accurate results and you have sites to search the internet for anything.


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