Best sites with online games to play for free on the internet

free games sites In this very generic article we do (try to do) the ranking of the best websites in the world to play online, without downloading anything directly on the Internet from the browser. Online games that do not require you to download anything, roughly speaking, are divided into two broad categories:
– Time-based online strategy browser games, including the large category of Facebook games.
– I browser games, to play with mouse or keyboard, which include action games, arcade games or card games. The games have great success because, generally, they do not require commitment and are ideal to spend some time relaxing, with fast games even of just 5 or 10 minutes.

There are an industrial amount of sites with online games but better sites, those that actually produce the original games, there aren't many, especially if we exclude those that require season tickets to play. In this list we see therefore i best sites to play free online games, also looking at their popularity in the world rankings.

1) Miniclip has been for years the number one site with flash games, today updated with the new technologies of online games. Miniclip is a portal with lots of games, which also features a section in Italian. Miniclip games are often exclusive, created by the developers of the site and can also be played in full screen.

2) MSN Games is the online games section of Microsoft, dedicated more than anything to children because the games are really simple.

3) is a huge site very famous in the United States that features popular games like Scrabble.

4) Kongregate is the GameSpot online gaming site. This, in my opinion, is one of the best to find fun and well made games, which are not found elsewhere and which certainly entertain people all over the world. There are the sections of the new games, of the most played and an organization by categories that makes the search easy. Registration allows you to chat and record records.

5) Another exceptional site is Addicting Games full of truly original and exciting online games. the site has clean graphics, without too much publicity and, above all, it is light and loads quickly (which is not the case on other websites). Also this site divides the games by genre and shows the top games of the week, of the month and of always. If you register, you can keep your scores recorded, compare them with others and select your favorite games.

6) Free Online Games is one of the largest free game portals ever and features the Italian section. In general the games are very simple and fast, ideal as a pastime. The graphics of some newer ones are really accurate and of high quality.

7), full of arcade online games to play right away via web browser.

8) it is one of the oldest internet sites and, obviously, it allows you to play online and free lots of games online.

9) Poki is one of the best sites to play browser games online, with many modern titles and the frequent addition of new features.

10) Minigames is a complete and easy to play site, with little publicity, one of the most recent and most visited in Italy.

11) Armor Games is another site at the Kongregate or Miniclip, with original games. Some titles are even complex games, where the game can be saved and continue later.
The graphic quality of this site puts it among the best ever and cannot fail to be a favorite.

Other sites worth mentioning are:

Among the other sites where to play online stand out giants like and giochixl, Friv that put the games all on one page, the cute and relaxing flashgames of Orisinal.

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