Among the technological gadgets in vogue among users who are always attentive to the news we find the smart band, small smart bracelets much more compact than a watch but able to provide valuable help during fitness sessions or as a control system for calls and notifications received. Since these devices tend to be much cheaper than a smartwatch (just think of the cost required for the Apple Watch) they are increasingly desired and in demand, also seen in the prices at stake.

In this guide we will show you what are the best smart band, fitness watches that monitor the physical state, workouts, steps walked, sleep, calories consumed and are also able to manage notifications on the phone, on which we can focus, so as to avoid the purchase of old, obsolete or some devices features absent. All the products reported are available on Amazon, so you can always benefit from the free return in case of second thoughts or if we find some defect that does not allow us to take full advantage of all the potential of the connection with the smartphone.

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Guide to the best smart bands

We have talked about smart bands in many guides, but in this one, we will try to enclose all the information scattered on various articles so that you can always have the broader picture before purchasing. In fact, later on, we will find a chapter dedicated to the characteristics that a generic smart band must-have, followed by a buying guide full of products to choose from.

Smartband features

In the past we have already talked about the characteristics of a smart band and, to avoid repeating the same things over and over again, we will show you briefly and in a few points which are the characteristics to observe before each purchase:

First of all, let’s talk about the basic functions of a smart band: A clock with a vibrating alarm, Receiving smartphone notifications such as calls and messages, counting steps, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, fitness training programs. Depending on the model we may also find other special functions, such as integration with Alexa, the NFC chip for making payments, and the oximeter.

  • Compatibility: the smart band must be compatible with both Android and iPhone
  • A good management app: to check movement statistics, to manage options, updates, and tools such as the music player.
  • Body sensors: a good smart band must have a pedometer, a heart rate monitoring system, and an accurate GPS sensor. As a bonus, the presence of an oxygen saturation sensor can also be useful, but it is not always present.
  • Notifications and calls: every good smart band must be able to show incoming notifications from smartphone apps and, when we receive a call, it must show the sender’s name or phone number (if unknown).
  • Autonomy: Modern smart bands have a high visibility display with adjustable brightness and a battery capable of up to 2 weeks. We avoid models that do not have these kinds of features.

Only by following these characteristics will we be sure to choose only high-quality devices. If, on the other hand, we want to read all the technical characteristics that a good smart band must possess, we suggest you continue reading the article Clock with pedometer and notifications: alternatives to the Mi Band.

Best Smart Bands and Fitness Watches

Now that we have quickly seen what features the new smart bands must have, let’s see together the models that can be purchased on Amazon. If we have even a slight problem with these devices, we recommend that you apply the return immediately, as also seen in our article How to make a refund or replacement claim on Amazon.

1)The cheapest and most complete smart band that we can view is MROTY Fitness Tracker, available on Amazon for less than 30 €.

MROTY Tracker

On this device, we find a sleep monitoring system, heart rate monitoring (24 hours a day), temperature control, blood pressure and oxygen control system (oximeter), step count, calorie consumption, distance, 16 exercise mode, GPS track record, alarm, and reminder.

2) If we are looking for something more powerful and with a greater number of functions we can focus on Honor Band 5, available on Amazon for less than € 35.

On this smart band, we find a 2.5D 0.95 Inch AMOLED Touch display, blood oxygen monitoring system (oximeter), Heart rate control, continuous sleep monitoring, dedicated monitor for different sports, and advanced control functions (locate your smartphone, control the camera remotely).

3) The most sold and loved smart band by the general public is undoubtedly the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, also available on Amazon for less than 40 €.

On this smart bracelet we can find a 0.95 Inch AMOLED Touch display, dedicated control app (Mi Fit, available for Android and iOS), heart rate control system, continuous sleep monitoring, tracker dedicated to different sports, interchangeable screen skins, long-lasting battery, and advanced features such as smartphone location and GPS for car parking or for monitoring fitness activities.

4) Virtually identical to the Mi Band 5, but with something more, there is the Amazfit Band 5 (the one I use this year), which includes the voice assistant Alexa and also a very precious tool today, the oximeter to check the level of oxygenation of the blood. Amazfit Band on Amazon costs 10 Euros more, 45 Euros. The Amazfit Smartband is managed on the smartphone with an app identical to that of the MiBand, called Zepp. Furthermore, as for the Mi Band, it is possible to use a power management app such as Notify and Fitness on Android, which is really complete and which gives an added value to this series of smartwatches.

5) Are we big fans of the Huawei brand? In that case, we can take a look at the HUAWEI Band 4 Pro, available on Amazon for less than 50 €.


On this elegant and refined smart band, we find a 0.95 inch AMOLED touchscreen, heart rate monitoring system, scientific sleep monitoring (with detailed reports and advice), integrated GPS system, certified waterproof (Water resistance up to 50 meters), and 6-axis motion sensor.

6) If we are true sportsmen and are looking for something robust for sports (even extreme) we recommend the Fitbit Inspire 2, available on Amazon for less than € 100.

On this smart band, we find an advanced sleep monitoring system (2 tracks the time spent in the phases of light, deep and REM sleep), Continuous detection of the heartbeat (adapted to the type of activity), Minute start system in the active zone (for cardio activities), advice on exercises to do and nutritional tables to follow (also thanks to the Fitbit Premium subscription included for one year).


Whatever our budget or needs, it might be a good idea to focus on a smart band instead of a smartwatch: they are lighter, offer a state-of-the-art activity and fitness monitoring system plus other features typical of these devices such as real-time notifications and weather information.

If we really don’t want to give up smartwatches, let’s choose at least one of the models seen in our guide Best Smartwatch Watches: Android, Apple, and others. If instead, we have chosen the Xiaomi Mi Band, The Apps to improve the Mi Band and add functions.


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