Best portable “soap” routers to buy to have an internet connection wherever we are, safely

Router portatili WiFi 4G LTE To have Internet access away from home or in the office, in the car and on holiday, the solution is bring a travel router with you. This is to have complete security when we use the WiFi offered by a hotel and for create a connection from your mobile phone and WiFi stick, so you can connect to the Internet when traveling without any problem. It is a real router which, without requiring particular configurations, allows multiple computers, tablets and smartphones to connect to the internet and transform any cable connection or a SIM with 4G offer into a Wi-Fi network.
It is a real router which, without requiring particular configurations, allows multiple computers, tablets and smartphones to connect to the internet and transform any cable connection or a SIM with Internet offer into a Wi-Fi network.

In the following guide we will show you how much does a soap router cost and which one to choose to always have an Internet connection at hand even when we are away from home or traveling.

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1) Soap router features

A travel router by connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, a wired broadband connection or using a 4G SIM will create a secure private network wireless type that can be used with your laptop, smartphone or tablet, to also be shared with other people in the family or with friends with whom we embarked on the journey.

Many travel routers also have USB ports that support portable hard drives, so you can share files or media streams over a network. The features to look for in a travel router are, from a functional point of view, the same as a home router. Before purchasing a portable wifi router you need to make sure that it supports the following features:

  • Standard Wi-Fi 4, Wi-Fi 5 o Wi-Fi 6: all protocols necessary to obtain very high wireless connection speeds (especially if we use the 5 GHz frequency).
  • Rechargeable battery: essential for those who often find themselves out and about outside the home and don’t have an electrical outlet to use.
  • Porta Ethernet: essential for connecting the travel router to the Ethernet socket offered by the hotel, so as to obtain a wireless network only for our bedroom.

Most travel routers only support the frequency band 2.4GHzalthough some more expensive ones can also work on the 5 GHz frequency band. The function can also be convenient WPSto connect to WiFi without typing a password, but simply by pressing a button on the router itself together with WPS access on the portable device (it should be possible to do this with any version of Windows and with any mobile device, both Android and iOS).

2) Buying guide

Now that we know what the characteristics of soap routers should be, we will show you the best models that you can buy, dividing them into Ethernet soap router (without SIM card) and SIM soap router (with support for the 4G mobile Internet line).

Router saponetta Ethernet

  • Tp-Link Tl-Mr3020: portable Wi-Fi router with 300Mbps Wireless, WAN/LAN port, automatic connection, USB port with 4G stick compatibility, small size and weight of 60 grams.
  • GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2: mini travel router with VPN (OpenVPN Client) support and bridge repeater mode, range extender and high-performance 300Mbps wireless network
  • GL.iNet GL-MT3000: small Router with Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band network at AX3000Mbps, 802.11ax support, Repeater, Access Point and Extender function, 2.5 Gigabit WAN port, VPN connection, IPV6 support and WPA3 support.

These routers must be connected to an Ethernet port of the hotel or the place to which we have access, using an Ethernet cable to connect the wall port with the WAN/LAN input present on the routers (usually with automatic connection).

SIM soap router

  • Tenda 4G185 V3.0: Portable Soap Bar Mobile Hotspot Router with 150Mbps Wi-Fi support, 4G LTE Cat4 network support, 2100 MAh battery, USB port power and automatic connection system.
  • Huawei E5576-320: Wi-Fi hotspot with support for up to 16 devices, rechargeable battery with 6 hours of battery life, parental control, guest network and support for Italian SIM cards.
  • D-Link DWR-932: 4G LTE mini Hotspot via SIM with N150 Mbps Wi-Fi network, SIM support, Micro SD Card, micro USB port, automatic connection and 2020 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • TP-Link M7000: 4G LTE Cat4 150Mbps soap with N300Mbps Wi-Fi network, router with support for Italian SIMs, rechargeable battery, simple configuration and secure access to the mobile network.
  • TP-Link M7350: 4G LTE Cat4 Portable Wi-Fi soap bar with illuminated screen, N300Mbps Wi-Fi network, support for Italian SIMs, simple configuration, control of data traffic consumed (on the display) and rechargeable battery.

To make the best use of these soaps, we invite you to read the guides above how much does it cost to sail with a bar of soap and on more convenient SIM subscriptions for tablets, pen drives and soaps.


These soap routers are great for those who travel often they are also used as a classic router to be installed at home instead of the one offered by the operator (perhaps using it in cascade as an alternative), saving in many cases on fixed line costs (even if we always have to keep an eye on data traffic).

For further information we can read our guides on SIM for PC: request an eSIM to surf outside the home and on Mobile Internet rates and subscriptions for modems with data SIM.


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