Best technological and original Christmas gifts, less than 50 euros

Technological gifts Online shopping is a great opportunity for everyone to buy things that are hard to find at the mall and, even if they were, to pay less for them. By buying online, you can, therefore, make really original Christmas gifts choosing one of the trendy technological gadgets, so as to really surprise the friend or relative recipient of the gift.
Without considering products that are already widespread and always present in the flyers on offer, in this guide we will show you some gadgets that can be given away with great satisfaction, spending a maximum of 50 euros.
Most of the products we will report are available on Amazon’s Italian store (and with Prime, we will also have fast and free shipping); for Google-branded products, we will indicate the official store where you can buy in Italy.

Best technological and original Christmas gifts

Here below we have collected all the best gift ideas for Christmas with a technological theme, so as to be able to purchase devices able to make both technologically expert and people who have been passionate about technology a few years happy.

Echo and Alexa products

As the hi-tech gift ideas, the real protagonist is Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant available on the entire Echo product line.
The cheapest device we can buy in this regard is Echo Flex, available for € 17.
Echo socket

This small device connects to any electrical outlet and allows you to launch Alexa’s voice commands quickly, without having to use any speakers and without having any wires for the house. The peculiarity of this device lies in the lower expansion module, to which we can connect a motion sensor or a night light, so as to exploit Alexa’s skills and routines in an advanced way.

If instead, we look for an Echo with a screen, we can focus on the Echo Show 5, available for € 49.
Echo screen

With this mini-tablet, we will be able to start Alexa’s voice commands and also have graphic feedback on the skills and routines that can be launched, so as to have more control. It also has a front camera with which to make video calls and calls between Echo, Echo Dot and other Echo Shows present within the same network, thus creating a very advanced intercom network.

Other Alexa products that we can evaluate as gift ideas are the Echo Dot with the watch (€ 34) and the Fire TV Stick with the Alexa voice remote control (€ 24).

Google products for voice and video commands

If instead of Amazon Alexa we want to give away a device compatible with Google Assistant and Google Home, we advise you to bet on the Google Nest Mini, available for € 34.
Nest Mini

Thanks to this small speaker we will be able to control all our home automation devices, perform searches, activate alarms and reminders and manage a timer using only the voice, exactly as seen for the Echo.

If we notice that our friend or relative has a Smart TV with a poor app platform, we advise you to give the evergreen Chromecast, for sale for € 29.

Connecting it to a free HDMI socket and supplying power via the USB cable, we will be able to view all the multimedia contents visible on the smartphone and tablet apps on the TV, simply by pressing the button. Cast up.
If there is also a Google Nest Mini on the network, we can also turn the TV on and off with voice, at least on HDMI-CEC compatible TVs, as seen in our guide on How to remotely switch off TVs, washing machines and household appliances.

Smart lights and sockets

Always to stay on the subject of home automation and voice control of our devices, we have collected the best sockets and intelligent lights compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so as to be able to give new “smart home” features to all technological friends (and not).

The first gift we recommend to view is the TP-Link KL110, a wireless light bulb for € 21.
TP-Link light

This dimmable smart light bulb connects to the home Wi-Fi network (no hubs or interludes) and, through the dedicated app, we can quickly configure Amazon Alexa and Google Home services for voice checks, to turn it on, turn it off and adjust it. intensity at a distance.

In addition to the light bulb, we can also offer the 3 WiFi TECKIN Smart Sockets pack, available for € 36.

By connecting these sockets you will get an intelligent switch to turn on and off any device either by acting on the dedicated app or by configuring Amazon Alexa and Google Home services, so as to integrate the switching on or off of the devices in some routine or in some personalized voice command.

Other similar devices that we can view are the Multi-socket Wi-Fi 4 sockets 4 USB ports (30 €) and the Smart WiFi Bedside Lamp (39 €).

Fast charging and wireless charging

If we know the habits of our friends well and want to give them something that will allow them to always get a fast recharge of their mobile devices, we advise you to focus on the Anker PowerDrive III 36W USB Car Charger (€ 14).
Car Charger

By connecting this charger to a cigarette lighter socket for automobiles we will have two high-speed USB Type-C charging sockets, which can also charge new iPhones and new Android smartphones in a few minutes. To take advantage of the two ports, we invite you to use the original smartphone cables or one of the cables available below: AmazonBasics – USB C to micro B 2.0 cable (Android smartphone with classic socket, € 4), AmazonBasics – USB C cable to USB Type C (new Android smartphones, € 4) and ESR USB-C Lightning cable (iPhone, € 12).

If instead the recipient of the gift works a lot on the PC and stays in the office, we can give the Anker Wireless Charger PowerWave 7.5 Stand, for sale for 20 €.
Wireless charger

With this stand it is sufficient to place the phone on the support to start high-speed wireless charging, without having to change cables each time; the stand supports all iPhones and Android phones with Qi-certified wireless charging.

Wireless headphones and earphones

If we know friends or relatives who are passionate about music, we can give you the JBL Pure Bass Sound Sovraural Headphones, available for € 27.
JBL Headphones

These classic headphones connect via Bluetooth to any mobile device and allow you to get a clear and clean sound, with deep bass and natural highs; its strengths include the almost 11 hours of autonomy.

If we are looking for something more compact and of excellent quality (AirPods style), we recommend the Xiaomi Mi Airdots, on sale for € 23.
I Airdots

These small earphones provide a very balanced sound, good autonomy from the sun and with the case (from 4 to 12 hours) and are so light that they are not perceived once worn.

Smart fitness bracelets

Another wonderful gift idea is smart band, such as the Xiaomi Miband Band 4, available for € 33.
Miband Band

With this bracelet, we will obtain various functions directly on our wrist, such as app and call notifications, sleep monitoring, the H24 heart rate monitor and the pedometer, useful for fitness activities.

A good alternative to the Mi Band 4 is the HONOR Band 5, for sale at € 29.

Also, in this case, we will have a smart bracelet with heart rate monitor, notification and call management system, reminders and alarm clocks included and an advanced tracking system for sports activities.
If instead we are looking for something more expensive and with a more innovative design we can also view the new Huawei Band 3 Pro (€ 49).

We can find other valid alternatives in our article on how to Get back in shape with fitness apps and bracelets to monitor physical activities.

More technological gift ideas

If we have not yet found anything that can satisfy the gift ideas, we can be inspired by the following list with some of the best selling devices on the Internet:

  1. AUKEY Quick Charge 6 USB sockets (18 €): excellent desk charger with 6 USB sockets, 2 of which with fast charge included.
  2. Bluedio Bluetooth Earphones (€ 19): small, practical Bluetooth earphones that resemble AirPods.
  3. Tent PW201A + P200 (€ 29): a Powerline kit with Wi-Fi module, ideal for bringing the Internet connection anywhere in the big houses.
  4. Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse (€ 32): great mouse to be able to play uncompromising games on PC.
  5. Netgear EX6120 AC1200 WiFi repeater (35 €): a powerful Wi-Fi repeater useful to amplify the wireless signal of modems, even in 5 GHz mode.
  6. Smart Thermostatic Wifi Valve (€ 35): another excellent home automation device to open and close radiator valves and control the temperature from the app or through Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice commands.
  7. TP-Link HS100P3 (pack of 3, 37 €): if we look for quality intelligent sockets we can also bet on the pack of 3 offered by TP-Link.
  8. Decdeal Wi-Fi Thermostat for Boiler (43 €): an intelligent thermostat programmable via the app and manageable even with the voice commands of Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


As we have seen, there are many gift ideas for hyper-technological but accessible and appreciable geeks even by ordinary users, who may come closer to home automation and Hi-Tech devices thanks to our gifts.

If we want to compare the prices of gifts on other sites, we invite you to read our article on Sites to buy online and give gifts via the internet.
Don’t we have any idea about ​​the gift to do? We can also take away our thoughts by giving an Amazon voucher for the value we want, as seen in our guide on How to give away an Amazon voucher.


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