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Best Telegram groups/channels

Telegram channels and groups are a tool widely used by companies, organizations, professionals and more. They represent a virtual space where you can find promotions, information, news and insights on various types of topics. In most cases it is possible to have a discussion with other users and this gives the instant messaging platform an aspect increasingly similar to that of social networks and an important competitive advantage over competitor solutions.

Find Telegram channels and groups it’s not difficult, if you know what to look for. Based on your interests, you can join popular and more active communities. Let’s find out which ones are the most interesting.

  • 1. The differences between Telegram channels and groups

    Telegram channels allow users to disseminate messages to an audience that can potentially be very large. There are no limits as regards the number of subscribers, they can be public, open to all, or private, to which access is possible only after receiving an invitation link. When a message is written, it is published with the name of the channel and not with that of the administrator who created it.

    Telegram groups they are real chats, where opinions are exchanged and compared. They can have a maximum of 200,000 subscribers. There are private groups, which are great for people who know each other, and public groups, which anyone who wants to join in the conversation can join.

  • 2. Channels and groups for information: the most interesting ones

    Among the most sought-after groups and channels, there are those dedicated to information and the dissemination of news. In these you can find real-time news of all kinds, national and international, politics, economics, sports and much more.

    On the channel of Wired Europe a maximum of three messages are sent per day in which there are news selected by the editorial staff for the Telegram public. The topics covered are different and, in most cases, they are insights.

    Republic is the official Telegram channel of the well-known newspaper. Here you can find breaking news from Europe and the world at any time of the day. It’s constantly updated, 24 hours a day. It’s a great tool to stay informed.

    For foreign news you can follow the channels The Guardiancreated by the editorial staff of the famous English newspaper, The worldfor news from Spain e The New York Times to stay informed on US topics of discussion.

  • 3. The channels and groups where you can find sports updates

    If you have a passion for sport on Telegram you can find many discussion and update groups. News Sport releases real-time news on all types of competitions, disciplines and events.

    Football lovers is dedicated to football fans and offers information on any team in the world. It is a group created to discuss Europen and international news, in which the results of matches are shown in real time and the transfer market sections are frequently updated.

    Those who follow the MotoGp can subscribe to MotoGP news, one channel where updates and curiosities on the MotoGP championship and news in real time are published.

  • 4. Channels and groups on cooking, technology and so much more

    Anyone who works with computers, is a professional or a gamer can find in the group Computer Gaming ITA comparisons, opinions, exchange of tips and tricks, useful links, discounts, guides and everything related to the world of PC or video games.

    To receive news concerning Android, the latest updates or device releases or to be able to talk to other users in case of difficulties and doubts AndroidEurope.

    OTIScienza it is a meeting place for those who want to talk about science and everything related to the subject. It is a group in which it is possible to exchange ideas and opinions and in which information and insights can be received. It is a cohesive and always active community.

    In the group Telefilmlovers we talk about TV series and telefilms, we receive news on new releases and we can talk, respecting the rules, about each title. Netflixgroupitalia is the group to which all those who are part of the community can join Netflix. The rules for participating in conversations are very simple: respect for the other participants, we talk exclusively about cinema, do not make spoilers, spam and do not share content that could hurt the sensitivity of others or annoy third parties.

    Recipesweb it is the virtual space in which to find new recipes and inspiration every day. Using the search bar you can get recommendations for cooking whatever you want. Pigs on the go is the ideal Telegram channel for those looking for new destinations to visit on a budget and convenient offers to seize on the fly. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Traveling Pirates.

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