Best voice dictation apps for writing on Android and iPhone

Do we want to dictate with voice from our phone? Let’s see the best apps that we can use to write by dictation

Voice dictation app

Voice dictation has become so precise on modern phones that it can be used every day, without time limits, to quickly write a message in chats, to respond quickly on social media or simply to mark a voice note on your favorite reminder app.

There are excellent ones free applicationsin the Google Play and Apple stores, to transform the smartphone into a dictation writing tool, which work well with the Italian language and which do not compromise user privacy (which should not be underestimated when talking about voice recordings).

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1) Systems integrated into phones

Gboard dictation

Without installing anything we can use the voice dictation system integrated on Android and on all iPhones.

On Android you just need to make sure you have installed Gboard; after checking, we open the app in which we want to dictate, open the Gboard keyboard and press on the microphone icon at the top right, so that we can immediately start dictating the sentence we want written in the text field.

On iPhone the procedure is very similar: we open the app where we want to dictate the message, press on the text field (to bring up the integrated keyboard), press on the microphone icon at the bottom right, provide permissions and start dictating the message with the voice.

2) Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey

One of the best keyboards that we can use for voice dictation is Microsoft SwiftKeydownloadable from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

After adding it to our phone, we open any app in which there is a text field, we press on the aforementioned field and, as soon as the Microsoft SwiftKey appears, we press on the icon at the top left to show the toolbar, we press on the three dots and finally press on Typing to dictate. From the keyboard settings we can also activate Complex input -> Voice typingso as to make it easier to use dictation by holding down the comma key.

3) Google Keep

Google Keep

If we want to dictate voice notes we can rely on an app with synchronization such as Google Keepdownloadable for Android and for iPhone.

To use the app for personalized voice notes, open it, use the Google account on your phone (or log in) and, on the home screen, press the microphone-shaped button at the bottom to start dictating the notes. Alternatively, press the + button to create a new note, press the + button again at the bottom left and choose the item Registration.

4) Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Those who work a lot in the office in front of the PC can also consider it Microsoft OneNotedownloadable for free from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

The app works similarly to Keep but uses your Microsoft account to keep notes in sync across devices. To perform voice dictation, open the app and press the microphone icon at the bottom right; as an alternative method we can also open a new note (or page) and press the same microphone button (bottom).

5) More voice dictation apps for Android and iPhone

1) Instant transcriptionavailable for Androidallows you to quickly transcribe everything you say into a text file, ready to be copied to another text app or into a virtual notepad.

2) Dictation – Speak to writeavailable for iPhoneis a complete app for dictating the text to be written, displaying all the speech in real time in the form of a precise text message.

3) Voice to Text+available for iPhoneis another excellent app for transcribing any dictation with a simple touch on the screen, subsequently organizing all the notes as if they were real voice notes.

4) Voice Notebookdownloadable for Androidis currently one of the best voice dictation apps that we can try on any smartphone or tablet, managing all transcriptions as if they were digital notes.


Although there are many voice dictation apps for phones, It is best to use only safe and certified appsgiven that the apps still collect data from our voice: malicious apps can reuse the recordings for advertising purposes, so it’s better to be wary of unsafe apps and only try those reported in this guide.

To learn more we can read the guides to best apps for taking notes and notes on Android and iPhone and at best apps to record voice and sounds with Android.

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