Best VoIP modem router with block and call filter included

Call barring Receiving unwanted calls is always unpleasant, especially if you make them on our landline number (where it is more difficult to filter them). If until recently the only way to block or filter landline calls was to keep the landline switched off or unplugged, nowadays we can rely on modern modem routers, also thanks to the diffusion of VoIP technology (ie calls via Internet), allows you to apply a call filter much more effective than devices designed for the old analog line.
In this guide we will show you the best VoIP modem routers with call barring and filtering, so you can finally handle all calls received on the fixed-line and block those with the most common prefixes. Together with the devices, we will also show you how to insert new numbers in the modem filters, taking as an example the AVM Fritz! Box (the best modems on the market).

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Things to know about VoIP modems

Modern modem routers with VoIP functionality allow you to connect your landline phone directly to them, without the need to use ADSL filters. This generational leap has been made possible thanks to the digitization of the telephone signal, which now passes through the Internet (this explains the meaning of VoIP).
Telephone modem

If we have a fiber optic line (FTTH or FTTC), fixed telephony will be provided in this way, since the old analog signal for the voice is no longer available. With the optical fiber, they could also provide us with a modem included in the price, but hardly the models supplied (even for free) include a call filter or a locking system. To remedy it is sufficient to connect a new modem router with call filter, like the models that we will see in the final chapter of the guide.
In the case of FTTC we will have to choose a modem router with VDSL support, which is the technology used to send the Internet signal (and voice) to our home; as soon as the new modem has arrived at home, we remove the proprietary modem and immediately install its replacement (it is perfectly compatible with the standard telephone socket).
If instead we are in FTTH or we have a line with a blocked modem, we can always connect the new modem to the old one via a cascade; to deepen this possibility, we refer you to reading our guide -> Connect a new router to the modem without changing networks.

How to activate call barring

Each modem has a different interface and different buttons and menus, so it is not possible to show you all the screens and steps to be taken to activate call barring on each model. The generic steps involve entering the modem configuration panel (usually with the address and search for a named menu Calls, Phone or Filter / Call barring.
Fritz block

For example on Fritz! Boxes, in our opinion the best modems for this type of service, all we need to do is access the modem control panel and follow the steps below:
– Click on the menu Telephony on Call management

– Click on the button Blocked numbers

– Finally, click on the button New entry

Now we can adjust the filter according to our needs: if we want to block all anonymous calls we select, in the drop-down menu Field, the option Without number.
Alternatively we can insert, always in the menu Field, a prefix to block or a specific phone number that calls continuously: for example adding the filter “00”, we will block all international calls in the bud, so as not to receive expensive calls from abroad or from call centers (which often call from abroad).
For more information on how to block numbers with the Fritz! Box, we advise you to read the guide available on the AVM website -> Guide to the number block on the Fritz! Box.

Best modems with call barring

In this final part of the guide, we will show you the best models you can buy to activate call barring on our fixed phone lines.
Most of the models are Fritz! Box, but we will also report a high-end model from Asus.

  • AVM FRITZ! Box 7430 International Modem Router (€ 105): one of the cheapest and most powerful modems we can buy, with VoIP Telephony, DECT Base, ATA, Answering Machine, ADSL2 + support, VDSL support, 4 LAN, 1 USB, 1 FXS.
  • AVM FRITZ! Box 7490 International Modem Router (€ 189): evolution of the modem seen above, with Wireless AC 1750, ADSL2 +, Fiber support (VDSL), Analog and / or VoIP telephony, Base Dect, Switchboard, Answering machine, 4 LAN Gigabit, 2 USB 3.0, 2 FXS.
  • AVM FRITZ! Box 7530 International Modem Router (115 €): the new Fritz! Box, with a revised design and the usual power, with Wireless Veloce AC + N 1266 Mbit / s, VDSL Internet speed up to 300 Mbit / s, Base DECT and Media Server.
  • AVM FRITZ! Box 7590 International Modem Router (€ 229): one of the most expensive and powerful modems possible at home, with Wireless Veloce AC + N 2533 Mbit / s, Analog and VoIP telephony, Base DECT and Media Server.
  • Asus DSL-AC88U (€ 242): a good alternative to the Fritz! Box seen so far is the Asus DSL-AC68VG VOIP, which has a double phone port (to filter up to two phones at the same time), fast AC wireless and a system advanced filtering. One of the best solutions if we have to create a cascade with our basic router (a choice often required for FTTH fiber modems), so as to be able to benefit from an extraordinary connection speed, a large coverage, and a high-level call filter.

To learn more about blocking calls on fixed and mobile networks, we invite you to read our guide for Block unwanted commercial calls on landline and mobile.
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