Windows 10 tablet The tablets have not had much luck, especially those born with Android: often slow and hardly usable, in particular by those who want to combine the flexibility of being able to bring their apps anywhere on a bigger screen or those who want to use a keyboard to write or to work. In this uncertain panorama (only Apple with its iPad still manages to sell) they enter powerfully convertible tablets, otherwise known as PCs with removable keyboard, that by exploiting Windows 10 they become absolutely an advantageous choice both for those who want to buy a tablet that can be transformed into a portable computer to write or work while on the move.
Let’s see together the best Windows 10 tablet convertible into PC with removable keyboard that we can buy online, so you always save something.

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Tablet convertible into PC

Before choosing these devices it is good to carefully evaluate both the advantages and the disadvantages of a convertible tablet, so as to be sure to buy only products that fully meet our needs.

Advantages of a convertible tablet

The reasons why we can focus on a convertible tablet are numerous:

  • we can find a computer that can become a tablet at a very competitive price;
  • Windows 10 tablets they really are gods 2-in-1 computer, therefore they support all the programs that we are used to using on the fixed PC or on the notebook;
  • we can also find apps optimized for the touchscreen, so as to improve the user experience when used as a simple tablet;
  • autonomy is very good, since we often find an additional battery on the keyboard that allows you to double the hours of use of the convertible tablet.

A PC convertible into a tablet with Windows 10 therefore it offers the best of two worlds and becomes a really advantageous option for those who want the best from tablets and laptops.

Disadvantages of a convertible tablet

Unfortunately, not everything is roses and flowers when we talk about convertible tablets and we must also evaluate the disadvantages they present or that can re-emerge during use:

  • greater discomfort when we have to write on a small keyboard;
  • a shorter battery life in tablet-only mode;
  • often not enough power to run the heaviest programs, unless you focus on high-end Surface models;
  • internal space that soon runs out and that therefore forces us to use the cloud a lot to save the most important files and documents.

If even one of the defects seen discourages you, better focus on one high end laptop or on a MacBook, which will surely be able to meet our needs in terms of computing power.

Buying Guide

If not even the defects have discouraged you and indeed we want at all costs a tablet with Windows 10 and removable keyboard, below we will find the best models for sale on Amazon, the best online store where to buy these devices.

Microsoft Surface product line

To be on the safe side and buy excellent tablets with Windows 10 and keyboard we recommend you to immediately see the products of the Surface line, made directly by Microsoft and then optimized to be able to give the best in any condition of use.

The cheapest Surface tablet we can buy is the Microsoft Surface Go.
Surface Go

This tablet boasts a 10-inch PixelSense screen with HD + resolution, Pentium Gold 2.3 GHz processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal SSD memory, 5 MP front camera, Dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, removable keyboard and Windows 10 authenticated.
We can view this tablet with Windows from here -> Microsoft Surface Go (€ 570).
To learn more about the tablet seen above, we can also read our guide Microsoft Surface Go: the most affordable folding keyboard laptop.

If, on the other hand, we don’t pay much attention and look for a large tablet to be able to fully replace a notebook, we recommend that you view the Microsoft Surface Pro X.
Surface Pro X

This notebook / tablet boasts a 13-inch HD PixelSense screen with 10-point multi-touch, dedicated Microsoft SQ1 processor (ARM derived from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8xx), 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal SSD memory, low weight (772g), up to at 13 hours of autonomy and authenticated Windows 10 operating system.
We can view this tablet with Windows from here -> Microsoft Surface Pro X (€ 1843).

Best Tablet with Windows 10

If we don’t want to bet on the Surface, we can view one of the following tablets with Windows 10, so as to recreate as much as possible the same usability of Microsoft tablets without spending those figures.

One of the cheapest models we can buy is theALLDOCUBE iwork10 Pro.
iwork10 Pro

This tablet with keyboard has a 10.1 inch IPS 1920×1200 screen, Intel Atom Z8330 Quad Core processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of expandable internal memory and dual operating system in dual-booot (Windows 10 + Android), so by being able to use the best of both ecosystems in one device.
We can view this tablet from here -> ALLDOCUBE iwork10 Pro (€ 229).

Another mid-range device that we can evaluate is lo CHUWI Hi10 Air.

On this device we will find a 10 inch IPS HD screen, quad-core Intel Cherry Trail-T3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of expandable internal memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Windows 10 operating system.
We can view this tablet from here -> CHUWI Hi10 Air (250 €).

If instead we look for something as close as possible to the Surface, we must focus on Lenovo MIIX 320.

With this tablet we will have a 10.1 Full HD IPS display, Intel Atom X5 quad-core processor, 128GB of internal memory, 4GB RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the Windows 10 operating system.
We can view this tablet from here -> Lenovo MIIX 320 (€ 449).

Finally, for the high end of devices similar to Surface, we also find the TECLAST X6 Pro.

In fact it is a “Surface” without having any Microsoft logo, considering also that it boasts a 12.6-inch IPS screen, Intel M processor, 8GB of RAM, 256 GB of internal SSD memory, HD Graphics 515 video processor, Dual-Band WiFi , USB Type-C socket and Windows 10 operating system.
We can view this tablet from here -> TECLAST X6 Pro (€ 499).


Despite the great domination of the iPad in the field of tablets, we can find other valid models capable of replacing the large classic notebook, especially in those operations or situations in which the lightness and practicality of a tablet with programs and potential are required. of Windows. The best products in this regard are obviously the Surface, but we can still view other interesting cheaper models to get a tablet with Windows 10 and keyboard included.

In another guide we showed you How to choose the notebook laptop PC and not make mistakes.
If instead we are interested in the classic tablets with the Androdi operating system, we refer you to reading the guide to Best Android tablets. pc


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