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wireless keyboards
Are we used to always messy desks, with wires and cables sticking out everywhere and ruining the look of our computer? To create a refined and elegant workstation or studio, the first step involves removing unnecessary cables, among which the keyboard cable certainly stands out.
Fortunately, on the market, there are wireless keyboards suitable for any scenario and able to meet the needs of all types of users, from the tireless worker to the most avid gamer.
In this guide we will show you in detail what features a good modern wireless keyboard must have and which wireless keyboards can we buy online, starting from the cheapest up to the most expensive and complete keyboard.

Guide to wireless keyboards

Most of the features and keyboards that we will show you concerning the wireless keyboards that can be used on PCs, but nothing prevents us from using the smaller and lighter ones to control a Smart TV, a laptop or a game console (always if compatible with the chosen transmission technology).

Technical features

Like any good buying guide we have created over the years, we will show you what features a good wireless keyboard must-have, so as not to buy poor keyboards or keyboards that do not have those fundamental characteristics for us (which we may have neglected during the purchase phase. ).
The features to keep in mind are:

  • Connectivity: Modern wireless keyboards use the Bluetooth connection or a dedicated Wi-Fi connection to transmit inputs to the PC or any other device. In the case of Bluetooth, the connection is very simple, while on wireless keyboards we will have to use a small USB adapter to be able to connect the keyboard correctly (in fact it does not use the same frequencies and protocols of classic Wi-Fi).
  • Typing technology: almost all wireless keyboards have membrane keys to manage the electrical signals coming from all the keys, given their practicality, silence, and economy; on the more expensive models we find instead real mechanical switches, noisier but also more precise, especially if we press more keys together (Anti-ghosting technology, very useful if we use the keyboard to play).
  • Layout: when we buy any keyboard we must make sure that the Italian layout is present, that is QWERTY, so as to find the arrangement of data and symbols we have been used to for some time. We pay attention when buying online since there are also import keyboards with QWERTZ (of German origin) and AZERTY (of French origin) layout, very uncomfortable to use for us Italians.
  • dimensions: from this point of view we can find large wireless keyboards like traditional ones with cable, complete with integrated numeric keypad; in addition to large keyboards we can also view smaller keyboards, folding keyboards and mini keyboards (excellent for typing text on the Smart TV or on a TV Box).
  • Autonomy: as easy to guess wireless keyboards use one or more batteries to function. The simpler models work with two or three AA or AAA size batteries, while the more advanced models have a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged via USB (these models work as corded keyboards when charging).
  • Backlight and LED: the backlight is a gem that young people and gamers like a lot, but which risks draining the batteries of the wireless keyboard quickly. It is therefore not an indispensable feature. Unfortunately, there are few wireless keyboards that have signaling LEDs for the upper case and numeric lock, since only the presence of these lights lowers the battery life.
  • Additional keys: in addition to the classic keys of the keyboard we can also find multimedia keys, hotkeys for browser and for e-mail, and dedicated volume keys, so as to be able to expand the usability of the keyboard when used on a PC.

Other useful information on keyboards, in general, can be read in our guide to Types of PC keyboards.

Buying Guide

After seeing together what features a good wireless keyboard must have, in this chapter, we will show you the most representative models of the category, starting from the cheapest model and arriving at the high-end gaming model.
All products are present on Amazon, which we remember presents one of the best guarantees on the products sold.

The first wireless keyboard we can consider is the Microsoft Wireless 900 Desktop, available on Amazon for less than 40 €.

This kit also includes a wireless mouse, so you can also eliminate the wire of this peripheral. Features include wireless connection via the plug-and-play transceiver, hotkeys, silent keys, advanced encryption of transmitted data, and power supply via AAA alkaline batteries.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for a folding keyboard that is also compatible with Smart TV and TV Box, we advise you to focus on the MoKo keyboard, available on Amazon for less than 30 €.

The small size and featherweight make this keyboard very convenient for entering text commands within apps on the Smart TV or as an emergency keyboard on laptops or fixed PCs, to be used only when needed (the small size makes it however inconvenient to use every day for writing).
Thanks to the use of Bluetooth technology, it can also be used on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Are we looking for a portable keyboard with an integrated trackpad? In this case, the best choice is the Logitech K400 PLUS, on sale on Amazon for less than € 35.
Logitech mini

This keyboard has a compact size and integrates a comfortable trackpad, so you can move the cursor on the PC or Smart TV without having to use a wired mouse. This keyboard uses the dedicated wireless connection with Unifying receiver, compatible with other Logitech devices: with a single receiver, we can also connect a mouse or other device from the same manufacturer, avoiding clogging up all the USB ports.

Are we looking for a complete wireless keyboard that can worthily replace a wired keyboard? The choice can only fall on Logitech MK540, available on Amazon for less than 45 €.

The keyboard of this kit (there is also the wireless mouse) has dimensions and weight similar to a wired keyboard, also presenting the same advantages: well-spaced keys, large and comfortable palm rest, numeric keypad, adjustable rear feet and keys additional media on top.
One of the most obvious advantages of this keyboard is the yellow LED on the Caps Lock key, a real rarity on wireless keyboards. Both the keyboard and the mouse have a power-saving mode that cuts the connection after 10 minutes of inactivity, thus significantly increasing the battery life.

Are we looking for a top-of-the-range gaming keyboard? In this case, we suggest you evaluate the Corsair K63 Wireless, available on Amazon for less than 150 €.

This keyboard is really the top for those who want to play at high levels without using a wired keyboard: it has dual connections (Bluetooth and dedicated wireless), LED backlighting, mechanical keys with Cherry MX Red switches, internal rechargeable battery, response time optimized and multimedia keys at the top.
To view other gaming keyboards we can also read our guide Gaming keyboards, the best mechanics to play on PC.


Although many users prefer to use a wired keyboard to avoid the problems of wireless keyboards (interference, discharging batteries, etc.), technology has made great strides to the point that, at the right price, we can get a precise and accurate wireless keyboard. just as comfortable as the counterparts with the USB wire.

As we have seen above, many compact keyboards can also be used on Smart TVs, so as to help us in typing; to learn more about this possibility just read our article Type with a keyboard on Smart TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV.
Did our keyboard break? We can continue to write and restore operation by reading the tips in our guide Broken keyboard: how to replace it temporarily.


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