Better a curved monitor or a flat screen?

curved pc monitor One of the most important and innovative features promoted by monitor and TV manufacturers is the advanced level of immersion offered by a curved screen.
By bending the side edges of the monitor or TV inward very lightly, an attempt is made to replicate a more realistic visual experience (as if you were looking out of a window).
To be wrapped by the screen it also gives the feeling of a fuller environment, especially in games where the level of depth increases, but also when you see a movie or TV.
The curved surfaces work well because they are based on the shape of the human eye, which is not flat but round.
The pupil moves back a little when it is moved to the side while it is forward when it is in the center of the eye.
Furthermore, the pupil itself has a slightly curved shape like an oval with two vertices at the two ends.
The distance from the eyes to the curved screen always remains the same and the visual field does not fade to the edges, especially on the larger screens.Speaking of PC monitors, the result of a curved panel is, therefore, to obtain a wider viewing angle, higher levels of immersion and also less distortion of images, with light directed towards the eye and not to the sides of the head.
They also come reduced glare and reflections of a window, a light source or objects placed behind us.

How to choose the LCD monitor and screen resolution

All these features seem to shift the bar of the debate towards the curved monitor which seems much more preferable than the traditional flat monitor.
It should also be noted, however, that these qualities are not as pronounced as they appear in advertising and that there are also some defects in curved screens.
The main problem with a curved-screen monitor is that it costs much more than a flat-screen monitor, even though today this price difference is a bit smaller.

The aesthetic judgment becomes clearly subjective depending on personal preferences.
The curved monitor is still less nice to see if it is mounted on a wall because the wall is flat and the curved screen may seem strange and not very aesthetic if viewed from the side.
A flat-monitor also keeps the connection cables hidden.

As for, instead, the anti-glare function of a curved monitor (I mentioned a little above), this can also be seen as a defect and not as a positive feature.
While it is true that curved displays show fewer reflections, it is also true that if the screen is positioned to receive direct light on it, it will be much more annoying than a flat monitor.
So if you choose to buy a curved monitor, then, you will need to be careful do not place it in front of a direct light source.

Better than a curved monitor or a plate?

The answer to this question cannot be given in an absolute sense.
Technically a curved screen is superior to a plate but, as seen above, it depends a lot on the way in which it is positioned and on subjective preferences.
We must also consider that those who use the PC to work and not to watch movies or to play, will not have great benefits from a curved monitor.
Furthermore, a curved monitor costs more and the various positive aspects listed above may not be so important as to justify a higher expense.
If you use two or more monitors, then surely you will not need one with a curved screen.

Also, the dimensions are important.
If you choose to buy a curved monitor, you need to choose a screen that is at least 30 inches wide, because if it were smaller, all the benefits would be lost.
It is also worth noting that a curved monitor has a 21: 9 ratio, different and wider (UltraWide) of the flat panel standard which is 16: 9.

Best curved monitors to buy today

Going to Amazon, it is possible to buy a curved monitor for the PC spending much less than 1000 Euros, with very large resolutions.
The Samsung Curved Monitor for PCs 34 inches is perhaps the best in this category, ultrawide and of great quality, from 750 Euros.
Alternatively, it is also possible to spend less (600 euros), buying the curved monitor from LG or another 650 euros model from Samsung.
Looking for curved monitors on Amazon it is also possible to find 150 Euro screens like this one on the Samsung 27 inch, but remember that the curve, in this case, is only aesthetic and it is probable, indeed, that it is worse than an equivalent flat monitor.

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