Better a PC or a PS5 / Xbox Series to play?

PC ConsoleWith the arrival of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in the Italian market, gamers are more than ever undecided whether it is really useful to buy one of the new consoles or if it is convenient to focus on gaming PCs. For many, it could be exclusively an economic problem, but in most cases, the indecision is fueled by a choice purely from the heart (I have always bought a certain type of device, why change?) Or much more pragmatic (where will I find the games I like and want to enjoy?).

If we are strongly undecided, you have come to the right guide: here we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of any modern gaming platform, so as to be able to choose the most suitable entertainment system for us and able to give us many hours of carefree fun, without being left with the doubt, after a few months from the purchase, that you have made the right choice.

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Better the gaming PC or the console to play?

The choice between the two new generation consoles and a nice gaming PC is not easy, so better get comfortable and carefully read all the chapters below, so you can understand the best decision also based on what we are looking for and from how we play every day.

Sony PlayStation 5 features

The PS5 aims to consolidate the success achieved with the previous console (the PS4 was undoubtedly a great success), with a completely futuristic line and a concentration of technology that can compete without problems with Microsoft’s rivals.


The console is available in a version with a Blu-ray player and in a version without a player (Digital Edition). The difference is clear: with the version equipped with a player we will be able to start the games as usual (by inserting the disc and waiting for the start), while in the digital version we will be able to start only the games previously purchased and downloaded from the PlayStation Store (which is still possible also on the disc version). Prices vary and there is a saving of 100 € by purchasing the version without an optical reader.

Sony’s exclusives are truly numerous and promising (just think only of God of War) but, as usual in recent years, many of the games that we will find on PS5 will also be available on other platforms. With PS5, even more, the weight will be given to the digital purchase of videogame titles, and it is possible to play by subscription with PlayStation Now, a great rival of the Microsoft Xbox Pass service. Like any game console, the limit is in future expandability: we will only be able to change the internal SSD to increase the space to be dedicated to games, while the rest of the hardware will remain substantially unchanged for the next 4 years (excluding the smaller updated versions. , which still share the hardware base).

Features Microsoft Xbox Series X / S

Since its launch the Xbox Series X has been sponsored as the “most powerful console in the world” and, looking at the image below, one can only picture the type of technology present within this “elongated cube”.

Microsoft Console

Next to the more powerful console (equipped with a Bly-ray player), we find a smaller sister: the Xbox Series S, designed exclusively for the digital download of games (it is not equipped with an optical reader) and with lower overall power. Microsoft has guaranteed full support for both versions of the new Xbox, so we will never have to fear that a game is present on the Series X and not on the Series S. The real strength of this generation of consoles will be the download of games in format. digital, and Microsoft has focused heavily on the subscription for digital games, namely Xbox Games Pass; with it, we will be able to pay a monthly sum to access hundreds of games without owning them so that we can play them and at the end move on to something else without having to pay more money (which is instead necessary for games on optical disc).

Microsoft with these consoles must make up for lost ground with Xbox One (a powerful console but badly advertised) and will present some quality exclusives, even if in most cases they will be temporary exclusives (ie they will still be released for other platforms). Surely if you are a fan of some Microsoft games like Forza Motorsport or Halo, you will find them as unique exclusives on Microsoft consoles. Just like for PS5, the big limitation of the Xbox Series is future expandability, as it is only possible to change the internal SSD.

PC gaming features

Take any classic desktop PC, mount a good video card in it (possibly with a good processor and at least 12 GB of RAM) and we will immediately have a nice PC da gaming!

Computer game

Compared to the past, the PC platform has conquered more and more players, especially with first-person shooters and some open-word games: playing with keyboard and mouse more makes a difference when we play some titles. In any case, we can always connect a controller to the computer and play even those titles that need a quicker and faster control (for example football simulators) or which, being cross-platform, was created to be played with the classic keys of Xbox controllers or PlayStation controllers.

Among the great advantages, we find the possibility to expand the PC hardware and to install new components even every year, so as to always benefit from the highest graphic quality: a game console gets old, a PC, on the other hand, can be upgraded without problems. Among the flaws we find the absence of true PC exclusives (the best games may arrive after a long time) and the lack of uniformity from a technical point of view: A game could run very well on one PC and very badly on another, making the user experience completely different. On PC, however, we can find Steam and other similar platforms, which offer the possibility to download games even at a strong discount, so that sooner or later everyone can buy the desired title (just put it in the wish list and wait for the offers).


In the eternal struggle between PC and console, there will never be an absolute winner: the two worlds tend to be similar but profoundly different at the same time. Game consoles still have great success because they are immediate, ready to use, and offer the same experience (visual/sound) on any device on sale (net of the size of the TV to which we connect them); PCs, on the other hand, are intended for those who are always looking for the best in terms of graphics quality, for those who don’t worry about wasting time between graphics settings to find the right balance and those who are willing to spend a lot of money every year to keep them up to date. with the times. Summing up: if we look for immediacy and an experience that is immediately ready at any time of the day, better consoles; if instead, we are looking for the best from a qualitative point of view, we focus on gaming PCs.

If we have chosen to focus on the flexibility of laptops, we invite you to read our guides Hardware requirements and specifications for playing video games on your computer e Most Powerful PC Ever – Better Hardware Parts Today. If, on the other hand, we already have a good desktop computer but are only looking for a new dedicated video card, we recommend that you read our article Best video cards for PC.


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