Better services and free VPN programs for safe and free browsing

Best programs and free VPN services to access on the internet covered by foreign IP and with protected connection

Free VPNsA VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method to connect two networks as if they were on a single local private network. There are several reasons why a VPN is created, both to create remote connections between computers, and, above all, for security reasons. Let’s see then together the best VPN services and programs that we can use for free.
The VPN services that we will offer allow you to browse in a completely anonymous way or to connect two distant networks via an encrypted and secure network, imposing (in some cases) some limitations to the data traffic that we will carry out without a subscription (keep many servers in around the world costs, so it is normal that free services impose limitations).

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Why use a VPN

One possible use of a VPN is to securely connect different networks to each other (present in different locations). One can imagine a chain of stores that connects the various branches located in Italy, in a single VPN. The data transferred between the various offices inside the VPN are protected and encrypted while the data exchanged on the internet are not. Many VPNs are installed in offices to encourage employees to work even from home or remotely on computers of distant customers.
As seen in other articles you can create a VPN to connect to different computers remotely, so as to result on the same LAN network even if placed far away from the office or home.

Another possible use of VPNs (currently one of the most widespread) concerns anonymity: with the right VPN services we can hide our IP, change IP according to the country in which we want to appear and also hide all the traffic generated during navigation (even in the eyes of the telephone operator). Using a VPN, we will be able to:

  1. Surfing on Italian sites even when we are abroad: it is sufficient to set up a VPN server with Italian IP and we will be on the Italian territory, even if we are traveling in a foreign country.
  2. Surfing on foreign sites: if we are good enough with the language and we want to see films and TV series of a foreign streaming service (like for example Netflix in the USA), we can choose a VPN server with IP of the country where we want to be and browse as if we were there.
  3. Circumvent IP and regional blocks: some foreign providers or governments impose a filter for access to some sites; these filters can be bypassed (in most cases) by using a VPN.
  4. Hide traffic from the operator or control bodies: if we fear that our connection is controlled, we can hide behind a VPN and browse without being tracked or identified.
  5. Protect the internet connection, with the security that the traffic entering and leaving our PC is encrypted, without the possibility of being seen in clear by those who try to intercept it, including also the telephone company and the same company that provided the VPN.

These are the main reasons why a common user can decide to use a VPN on his computer or on his portable devices. If we still confuse proxy and VPN, we advise you to read our in-depth guide on how Proxy, VPN and DNS work.

Best free VPN services

In this part of the guide, we will show you those that, for us, is without a doubt the best VPN services to be exploited for free on a computer or portable device. They differ from other services (all in any case very good) due to the availability of the service (if it is free but with limitations or if it is free forever), on the speed (also based on our line speed) and on the presence of numerous servers to hide behind.


If we seek a completely free service, without any limitation on the data exchanged and with excellent protection the only one we can use is Tor.

Although it doesn’t work like a classic VPN (which creates a single connection between us and the server), the security level is very similar (if not even higher): our encrypted connection is bounced between multiple intermediate nodes, up to the exit node (which we can choose, so that it can be found with any IP, Italian or foreign): from here on we can connect to the page and to the server required, masking our traffic behind a fake IP. Even if someone wants to go back to the IP of our original connection, it should retrace all the bounces back, making it very difficult to recognize the real IP of the user and his possible position.
The only real flaw in the technology is that, given the numerous rebounds carried out and the voluntary nature of the project (the intermediate and exit nodes are managed by non-profit volunteers), the connection is very slow: in the best cases it is 2-3 Megabits per second, even with a very fast starting connection.
We can then use it to hide the traffic to the operator or some government agency, but it is not suitable for streaming or to hide the data generated by a BitTorrent client.
To use the mobile versions, we can download the Tor Browser app for Android and TOR Browser Secret for iOS.


If we want to use a real VPN, with good connection speed and above all no limitation in navigation, we must focus on ProtonVPN.

By installing this client on our device we will be able to navigate without bandwidth or time limits, at a reasonable speed (up to 10 Megabits per second), choosing one of the 3 VPN servers available for free. This service can, therefore, be used for any scenario in which a VPN is required, such as streaming (10 megs should be sufficient for good streaming) or to hide Web traffic. If we want to get faster connection speed and choose a greater number of VPN servers (with the same number of IPs), we advise you to purchase the subscription a € 4 per month (one of the lowest), which allows you to access all the servers of the service, connect up to 2 devices simultaneously and browse at the maximum possible speed (often identical to the line speed).
The more expensive subscription allows Tor to be integrated into the connection, to access ultra-fast servers and use highly advanced technologies to completely hide our origin, so as to be untraceable even with the powerful government filters.
Apps for mobile devices can be downloaded here -> ProtonVPN for Android and ProtonVPN for iOS.


Another good VPN service we can use for free is WindScribe.

With this VPN we will be able to surf without speed limits, choosing one of the 10 servers made available for free. In the free version, we will be able to take advantage of up to 10 GB of data per month, a decidedly high value compared to the competition, difficult to finish if we use the service only to surf the Web. Among its advantages we find a policy on cookies and data collected very restrictive (they do not store any data, since all the traffic generated can be downloaded locally and deleted from their servers with a click), advanced tools to avoid filters and government blocks and the innovative double-hop system, which allows you to connect to two VPN server simultaneously to hide the user’s identity. Obviously, if we want to use the service also for streaming content, we will inevitably have to buy a subscription, paying $ 9 a month.
Currently, the Android app is not available, but we can download the iOS app from here -> WindScribe for iOS.

Hotspot Shield Free

The last VPN we recommend to take advantage of due to its connection speed and the good amount of traffic offered is Hotspot Shield Free.
Hotspot ShieldWith the free account, we can benefit from as many as 25 VPN servers, connect up to 5 different devices and exploit up to 500 MB of data per day. If we want to use it to surf the Internet, this is certainly one of the best solutions, also considering the high degree of security offered by encryption and a large number of servers that are also offered in the free version. If interested in accessing all VPN servers and to take advantage of all the bandwidth made available by the service, we can subscribe for € 15 a month, which can go down to € 3.49 or € 6.99 a month if we choose the plans tri-annual or annual.
To use Hotspot Shield on smartphones and tablets, just download the right app from here -> Hotspot Shield for Android and Hotspot Shield for iOS.

Other free VPN services

The ones we have reported to you so far are the best VPN services we can use for free on our computer or on our mobile device, each with its limitations and constraints. But the VPN services that offer a free trial or a limited free account are very numerous; below we can find some of them:

  • Betternet is one of those VPN services that protect the privacy and security of the connection thanks to the encryption of all traffic between the home computer (or home network) and their service. Betternet does not record session data, does not discriminate protocols or IP addresses and does not host any data about users who use it.
  • TunnelBear is a program similar to Hotspot Shield but better because it guarantees a faster connection. The free version limit is 1 GB of bandwidth per month (you have to press a key to send a tweet on Twitter). The IP can be masked to alternately access US sites blocked in Europe or European sites with IP from England.
  • Opera Browser with VPN has the advantage of being a complete web browser, which includes a free VPN service to activate when needed, unlimited.
  • Speedify, a VPN that optimizes the internet connection on smartphones and PCs
  • CyberGhost is a free VPN limited to 1GB of encrypted traffic per month. CyberGhost is another VPN client for Windows only, requires registration of an account but does not allow choosing the server to use. Ideal for web browsing but not a dedicated solution for exchanging files or watching streaming videos (1 GB a month is little).
  • SecurityKISS offers 300 MB of data transfer per day but provides a very fast and unrestricted line. You need to download the SecurityKiss program to access the service (only with Windows). Although the free plan offers little bandwidth SecurityKiss unlocks websites like Skype and YouTube (many videos are blocked depending on the country).
  • VPNReactor this VPN without software to install (so it’s good for Windows Linux Mac etc.) and provides a secure connection.
  • incloack you can try it only for a limited period of time but it provides a proxy to browse with IP of a country of your choice, including Italy and the USA.
  • Avira Phantom VPN is a free program to access the web freely without any restrictions, keeping anonymous activities on the internet. You can then connect to the internet from a VPN server in the USA, CNN or other countries, mask the IP address, ignore the firewalls.
  • VPNBook it has no bandwidth limitations and provides information to set up a VPN connection without account creation. The service is financed by advertising and the sale of dedicated (virtual) payment VPN servers for customers. The installation requires the download of the free OpenVPN client or a procedure explained on the site itself.
  • HideIPVPN offers a FREE VPN account on servers located in the United States and the United Kingdom. The free website offers 100 free accounts every month.
  • Speedify, a VPN that optimizes the internet connection on smartphones and PCs


Whatever our need, we can use a free VPN with good performance in many cases, without having to spend anything. The best servers and the best connection speed are obviously reserved for paying users, but even with the free limitations we can navigate protected, hiding our identity. For those who want maximum privacy and no limit for the connection, we can always use the Tor network, even if the latter is very slow compared to other VPN services.

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