Antivirus AVGOne of the most popular and used among free antivirus programs is without a doubt AVG, which has evolved a lot over the last few years and is considered by many to be the best antivirus to install for those who want to protect their computer without worries and without having too many headaches since most of the program’s operations are carried out automatically (including the removal of any threats detected). Since Windows 10 also offers free antivirus, it is legitimate to ask ourselves if we should install AVG on our computer or if it is better to leave the basic protection offered by Microsoft.In this guide, we will show you what are the advantages of installing AVG Antivirus, so as to conscientiously choose whether to use its scanning engine and its efficiency to protect the computer or notebook running Windows 10.

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Better AVG or Windows 10 antivirus?

While many users rely on the antivirus built into Windows 10, it might be a good idea to also think of AVG as a protection against viruses and malware in general. To decide which side to take we will show you both advantages and disadvantages of using AVG Antivirus over Windows Defender so that we can always choose the best solution for our computer.

Advantages of AVG Antivirus FREE

AVG Antivirus FREE is a complete antivirus that we can download on all PCs with Windows 10 (but older versions of the system are also supported) directly from the official website.
AVG Antivirus

The new AVG interface looks very modern and easy to use, with all buttons to access options for system scan and software update. But in order to fully evaluate whether to adopt it on our computer, we must analyze all the features that the antivirus offers:

  • Scan for all threats: with AVG we can block any cyber threats that can affect your computer, including rootkits, spyware, phishing, ransomware, and fake antivirus.
  • Additional protection system: in addition to the resident scanning module (always active in memory) AVG also boasts a module to scan web links and received emails, so as to block the entry of threats even before they can start.
  • Automatic update: both signatures and program components are updated automatically, without user intervention
  • Anti-ransomware protection: with AVG we can protect personal folders from ransomware attacks, which will not be able to encrypt personal documents.
  • Performance management system: AVG can detect PC performance issues and offer effective and targeted optimization without undermining the stability of your computer.

AVG integrates seamlessly with Windows 10, also has cloud protection (to detect viruses more quickly) even if they are still unknown threats, using the cloud engine (i.e. online). In case of overloads, AVG proposes to restart the web browser (be it Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) and solve the bottleneck problem.

AVG better than Windows Defender?

Even though Windows Defender is built into Windows 10 and offers high performance (there is probably no antivirus that is faster and more responsive at rest), Microsoft’s antivirus may be slightly less accurate (but very little) than AVG in detecting threats, as we can. ascertain by reading the report prepared by AV-Comparatives.
Test AVG

AVG achieves a high level of protection with few false positives; Microsoft still achieves great results but with a few more false positives and the possibility that some malware will be ignored based on the interaction made by the user.
Even on the performance side, the situation worsens for Windows Defender if we talk about disk scanning or cleaning of detected malware; in many cases, Microsoft’s antivirus seems to crash and slow down the whole system, as can also be seen from the tests carried out by AV-Comparatives.
Test Defender

In fact, Windows Defender is a perfect antivirus, until we catch a threat: in this case, given the long time of the scans, it would be better to use a different antimalware to scan, like Malwarebytes which is powerful and free.

On AVG, on the other hand, we get the best results both during the scan and during the removal of the detected viruses, with minimal impact on overall system performance.
To learn more, please read the summary page of AVG tests and Windows Defender tests.


AVG Antivirus is undoubtedly one of the best antivirus and the best that we can install on Windows 10, significantly increasing the level of security compared to the antivirus integrated within the operating system. If we are afraid of catching a virus and finding ourselves with the computer locked, we advise you to try it immediately on the PC at risk and to test its effectiveness first-hand, since it is free forever (there is no obligation to purchase the version a payment, which offers an even higher level of security). The main flaw of the free version is the constant invitations to buy the paid version, which can be boring. Furthermore, since it is an additional program that remains in the background, it is inevitable that it can consume resources that would be free if you left Windows Defender.
The way I see it, as already mentioned in another article in which I wondered if you should pay for an Antivirus, Windows Defender works great for most situations, and they’re really would be no reason to add another antivirus to Windows 10.

If we want to choose a new lightweight antivirus or a new paid antivirus we recommend that you read our guides Free Cloud Antivirus with online protection and scanning for malware and viruses.


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