Big changes coming with iPhone 17 will concern the display

Big changes coming with iPhone 17 will concern the display

Many people who have decided to buy a new one iPhone 15 that is not part of the Pro models, they will certainly have noticed big changes compared to last year. Making a comparison with the smartphones of the previous course, Apple introduced some very interesting innovations.

First of all, we start with the Dynamic Island which was also included on the 15 and 15 Plus models, giving that extra touch of modernity. As for the camera, here is a very good sensor 48 MPjust like on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This therefore makes the new iPhone 15 slightly more “Pro”.

Of course, the top of the range models have something more, such as the new periscope sensor for the camera, 5x zoom and some other features. What stands out above all are the screens: let us remember that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are equipped with panels 120 Hz of type ProMotion, capable of offering a unique experience. According to rumors, the first “non-Pro” models that will feature a screen with this refresh rate will arrive with the 17 series.

iPhone 17, the new features on the display will be very interesting

Some very reliable voices in the world of smartphones see 2025 as the year in which even the basic models of the iPhone range will feature excellent improvements from a display point of view.

Currently the screens of non-Pro devices have a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hzhalf compared to the Pro models. In fact, users would expect something more, since in the case of other brands you only need to spend a few hundred euros to get better.

In 2025 the dimensions are also expected to see an increase: iPhone 17 e iPhone 17 Plus they should be presented to the public with screen sizes of respectively 6,27″ e 6,86″. At least for the moment these are simple rumors, however without any foundation as this date is very distant. Certainly the fans have a lot of hope for it.

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