Bing Chat: Continue feature introduced on phone (and beyond)

Apparently, Microsoft is continuously working to increasingly improve the services offered by Bing Chat.

On the official blog of Bingin fact, two new features have been presented (previously in the testing phase) available to all users of its chatbot.

The first concerns the introduction of the icon Continue on your phone, implemented in the top right corner of the latest Bing Chat conversation. By clicking on it you can bring up a codice QR.

By scanning it, you can then start theapp mobile Bing, resuming the chat from the exact point where it was interrupted on the computer. This introduction can be very useful, as it makes the chatbot “multi-platform”, allowing maximum freedom of action for the user.

As already announced, however, this is not the only innovation made by Microsoft on this occasion to its AI-based platform.

Microsoft works to constantly improve Bing Chat and add interesting features

The second new feature concerns the integration of Bing Chat into the app Microsoft Launcher for devices Android. This introduction will not be a sensational novelty for the most informed users, as it was already present in the beta version of the application.

In fact, the stable version of Microsoft Launcher includes the chatbot and allows Android smartphones to add it to the device’s home screen. To test this update simply download the app from Google Play and put the software to the test.

These two introductions are just the latest news regarding the Microsoft project. A few weeks ago, in fact, the Redmond giant had added access to Bing Chat for all browser users Google Chrome. In this regard, many in the environment hope that other third-party browsers will soon be involved, first and foremost Safari Of Apple.

To learn more about Bing Chat, we recommend taking a look at our guide to lesser-known features.


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