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Biography of Mira Murati

Is called Mira Murati and in the world of technology she is known as the co-founder of Chat GPT, a tool based on artificial intelligence that has revolutionized the present and future of digital and as a leader capable of guiding the company for which she works and the world of technology towards innovation. He has held very important rolesincluding that of CEO of OpenAI after the dismissal of Sam Altman, albeit for a few days.

At a very young age, she showed interest in new technologies from an early age can boast very high quality training. In a short time she has managed to collect important work experiences, which make her one of the most interesting people of the moment.

Mira Murati, childhood, training and the start of her career

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Mira Murati is among the most famous people in the world of technology and digital, thanks to her intense work on generative artificial intelligence. Extremely private, very little is known about her childhood. She was born in Vlore, Albania, in 1988.

After attending high school, he began his career at Dartmouth College, more precisely at the Thayer School of Engineering, where obtained a degree in mechanical engineering following which his rise and his extraordinary career began.

In 2011 he worked at Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banking, securities trading and investment management companies that operates globally, in the role of analyst. Subsequently he moved to Tokyo for a short time, following which he decided to return to the United States of America.

Mira Murati, experience at Tesla and other important jobs


After returning from Tokyo, Mira Murati is hired as an engineer by Zodiac Aerospace. She subsequently landed at Tesla Motors, where is responsible for planning the launch of the company’s productsincluding Models X, and where he worked on Autopilot software, the software that enables autonomous driving.

Work in important companies operating globally have trained Mira Murati, who has demonstrated a strong focus on innovation and the ability to grasp the challenges of the future

Between 2016 and 2018 is vice president for Leap Motion. These were important years for Mira Murati, with great training, which made her able to work with different teams on very different projects. Her challenges have never scared her and this is what made her arrival at OpenAI and continuous professional growth possible.

Mira Murati and her arrival at OpenAI, a rapid rise

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In 2018 Mira Murati, still very young, arrived at OpenAI to work, at least in the first phase, as vice president of artificial intelligence and partnerships. A role he held for about two years before becoming senior vice president of research, products and partnerships.

A career that does not stop, since subsequently is appointed CTO, Chief Technology Officerand is placed in the development team of Chat GTP and Dall-e, an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that generates innovative and original images starting from textual input provided by the user.

He worked on the project with passion and dedication, allowing Open AI to transform with his contribution from a small startup to a leading company in the sector and to bring to light technologies that previously could only be a figment of the imagination.

For this reason was named to the 100 Next list of 2023, a review that brings together the names of 100 emerging figures and leaders who, according to the US Time period, will have an important role in the future. They are all very young personalities, but who have been able to demonstrate great talent in different fields, including science, philosophy, art and other humanistic disciplines.

Speaking about her on this occasion was Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who recognized her the merit of having democratized artificial intelligencecourageously facing important technical challenges.

On the part of OpenAi, which recognizes its unique capabilities, the trust in it seems to be maximum, so much so that it was important in a very delicate phase for the company. An earthquake hit the company after, surprisingly, CEO Sam Altman, who together with Murati contributed to the launch and success of Chat GPT, was removed from his role.

Mira Murati earned the trust of the OpenAi Board of Directors who offered her the role of CEO in one of the most difficult moments for the company

In his place, with an interim, temporary position, Mira Murati was placed there, who filled the role while awaiting the identification of a CEO to take over the position permanently. Before leaving the chair to Emmett Shear, he carried out this important task from November 17, 2023 to November 20, 2023.

Mira continues to actively work at OpenAI, specifically on artificial intelligence, with extreme responsibility and with awareness of the social impact and ethical issues related to the topic. AI, Murati has stated in the past, can generate something great and amazing, but it also entails risks that should not be underestimated. However, innovation must not be prevented and, for this reason, she will continue to work on it with the same passion and dedication she has shown up to now.


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