FacebookIt is now a tradition to receive, on one’s birthday, a disproportionate amount of greetings from all friends and even from people who do not know each other. Incredible but true even people who have never seen them or who have not heard or seen themselves for years start to wish them a happy birthday. This may or may not please, but, it would also be good manners, reciprocate these wishes, or thank those who make them. However, it is impossible to reply to everyone, especially if you have many friends and receive hundreds of happy birthday messages. Generally, then, at the end of the day, you leave a global message on your profile to thank everyone.However, if you want to respond individually, there is a setting that can come in handy, to receive the notification on Chrome or Firefox when it is someone’s birthday, so as not to miss the opportunity to congratulate. Let’s see together then how to reply to birthday wishes on Facebook and get alerts on upcoming birthdays.

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Manage birthdays on Facebook

Fortunately, it is possible to manage birthdays on Facebook using the integrated functions within Facebook, so as to avoid browser extensions or add-ons created with the sole purpose of accessing our data on Facebook. If we want to keep intruders away from Facebook, just follow the advice below.

Enable notifications on a PC browser

To receive a notification on each birthday of one of the friends, all we have to do is take us to the Facebook homepage, go to the main menu by pressing the arrow key at the top right, select the menu Settings and privacy, press on Settings and finally open the menu Notifications side to the left.

To activate birthday notifications, open the section Birthdays, we activate the switch next to the item Allow notifications on Facebook and turn on the switch next to the item Push. Now the browser warning window for Facebook notifications should appear: we accept in order to receive notifications of birthdays (and other Facebook events that may be activated).
If we do not receive birthday notifications, we have probably disabled browser push notifications for the Facebook site; to remedy on Google Chrome (by far the most used browser) let’s go to the Facebook site, press the lock icon at the top (immediately to the left of the address bar), click on Site settings and let’s make sure it’s on the menu Notifications the item is set Consented.

How to add birthdays to Google Calendar

Alternatively, we can integrate the Facebook calendar into the Google Calendar and consequently import it into the Windows calendar, so as to have a system notification on the birthday that runs today. To proceed, open the Google Calendar page on the browser, log in with a Google account, press the + icon next to the item Other calendars and select the item Yes URL; now let’s go to Facebook, open the page relating to Facebook events, press the right button on the menu Birthdays and finally we press on Copy link address; to conclude, let’s go to Google Calendar, insert the copied link in the text field that we have left pending and finally press on Add calendar.

How to add birthdays on PC

To add Google Calendar to Windows 10 (and consequently take with us all the birthdays of Facebook friends), press on the Start menu at the bottom left, open the app Calendar, click on the gear icon at the bottom left, select the item Manage accounts, press on Add account then add the Google account that we configured in the previous chapter.

After adding the Google account, new calendars will appear on the top left, just select the Facebook calendar with the checkmark to add all the dates to the Windows calendar, so as not to forget even a birthday.

Enable browser notifications on smartphone

If we want to receive Facebook birthday notifications on smartphones and tablets, that’s enough install the Facebook app on the device and be sure to turn on all notifications. If the birthday notifications do not show up, open the Facebook app, open the menu at the top right with the three lines, let’s go to Settings and privacy -> Settings, let’s scroll down to the menu Notification settings and we open the menu Birthdays.
Smartphone birthdays

Now, all we have to do is activate the Push item and activate it to Birthdays coming up e Late birthdays to be notified of all upcoming birthdays. If we no longer receive Facebook notifications, we recommend that you read the guides Block Android notifications or limit them only for some apps e iPhone Notifications Management with permanent banners.

How to automatically reply to all friends

Some may wonder if it is even possible to send greetings automatically to every friend who has a birthday or how to respond to friends who send you birthday wishes. This automated thing is very bad indeed: Facebook can already be impersonal, then if the greetings are also automatic it goes from bad to worse.

To this we also add the appearance security and privacy: all extensions or sites that allow you to automate the response to birthdays will ask you to access our profile, so nothing prevents the owners of the site or add-on from stealing our identity or posting messages on our behalf, perhaps even modifying some elements of our profile. Since with the chapters seen previously, we will not forget any birthday (from PC and smartphone), just take a few minutes and send sincere wishes or respond to the wishes received on your birthday.

If we have had any security or privacy problems on Facebook, we invite you to read the guide on Facebook account stolen or compromised, how to fix it.


Facebook can be a good site to socialize and keep in touch with all childhood friends or friends from school/university and, with the integrated tools on the site, we can also avoid the figure of forgetting birthdays and always have a notification from the browser, from your PC or smartphone on today’s birthdays.

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