Black Friday and skimming, Malwarebytes warns: surge in cases

The second part of November, with the combination of Black Friday e Cyber Monday, represents the right time to shop. Fever from shoppingHowever, as expected, it can also attract unpleasant attention.

According to research carried out by Malwarebytes, a well-known company that deals with software that combats the proliferation of malwarethe cases of skimming related to credit/debit cards are increasing drastically these days.

The increase in the use of the aforementioned payment instruments, apparently, has enticed cybercriminals who have taken action to exploit the situation. The risk, in addition to the theft of the money in the accounts, is also linked to possible identity theftan increasingly common and dangerous practice.

Specifically, Malwarebytes has extrapolated worrying data regarding Kriteca specific skimming campaign that has increased its activity dramatically over the last few weeks.

Skimming: the boom in cases linked to Kritec is worrying

This operation gets its name from malicious JavaScript code that is embedded in compromised websites that use the CMS Magento, specially designed for e-commerce. The malicious code in question infiltrates the script Google Tag Managerconcealing itself very effectively.

From here, it carries out its skimming activities, stealing credit card information undisturbed. Kritec was discovered during March 2023 by Akamaiquickly becoming one of the most widespread and refined campaigns in this branch of cybercrime.

In this regard, a post on the Malwarebytes blog clarifies how “The threat actors also took the time to customize their skimmers for each victim site with very convincing templates that were even localized into different languages. The experience was so smooth and seamless that it made it virtually impossible for online shoppers to even realize that their credit card information had just been stolen“.

For consumers, the advice is to only rely on reliable sites to reduce the risk of scams as much as possible.


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