Blinking Cursor in Chrome: Bug or Feature

Many users are reporting the sudden appearance of a blinking cursor in Chrome. It appears in the desktop version of Google Chrome as soon as you click on any element of the web page you are visiting, for example on an area containing some text.

Many immediately thought of a bug: What does the appearance of a flashing cursor in the body of the web page have to do with it if you have not clicked on any fields or text boxes, elements that accept the entry of information?

The blinking Chrome cursor is a feature, it’s not a bug

By carefully examining the settings of the browser Chrome, it turns out that the appearance of the flashing cursor is not attributable to the presence of a bug. Instead, it is a feature intended primarily for users with special needs who need to use the keyboard to navigate between the elements that make up the page.

If, when you click on the content of the page you are visiting, a flashing cursor appears, try acting on it arrow keys on the keyboard: you will see that the cursor will move accordingly. The button TABFurthermore, it allows you to move from one hyperlink to another or in any case highlight, one after the other, the areas of the page with which the user can interact.

How to turn off the flashing cursor

To get rid of the Google Chrome behavior described above, it is possible turn off the flashing cursor simply by pressing the button F7 on the keyboard. It is possible to restore the appearance of the cursor by pressing the same key.

The option that actually activates the display of Chrome’s flashing cursor can be reached by going to the section Accessibility browser settings. Alternatively you can simply write chrome://settings/accessibility in the address bar then disable or, vice versa, activate the option Move from page to page with a text cursor.

Chrome flashing cursor

When the setting is active, the cursor also appears in, for example, the Chrome settings as well as on any other page viewed through the Google browser.


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