Protection options to activate to block all invasive website advertising pop-ups in Chrome

Chrome ad blockerAmong the reasons users get nervous when browsing the Internet we certainly find invasive advertising via pop-ups and permanent notificationswhich disturb navigation and reading of an Internet site, visible even while we watch a streaming video or download a file.

In this article we will show you how simple it is block all pop-ups and automatic redirects on Google Chromeleaving the user the possibility to enable them only for some sites, where the pop-up box is necessary (for example file hosting sites).

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1) Block pop-ups and redirects

On Google Chrome for PC you can activate the pop-up blocker by pressing the three dots at the top right, taking you along the path Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Site Settings and pressing up Pop-ups and redirects.

For the block to be operational, make sure that the voice is active Don’t allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects; to customize the filter we can use the buttons add present under the sections They cannot send pop-ups or use redirects e They can send pop-ups or use redirectsso as to authorize or block only the sites decided by us.

2) Block invasive ads

If the advertising is too invasive we can use an additional Chrome blocker to make browsing safer and smoother, without compromising the legitimate and well-crafted ads within the body of the website.

To activate this block we open Chrome on PC, press again on the three dots at the top right, we open the path Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Site Settingswe press on Other content settings and let’s take ourselves up this time Invasive ads.

Also in this case let’s make sure that the voice is active Ads are blocked on sites known to display invasive or misleading adsso you can block all ads that appear outside the window, that take up the entire screen or that prevent navigation on the site.

3) Block third-party cookies

Many advertisements start after loading a third-party cookie, i.e. a cookie not associated with the web page we are visiting (facilitating the appearance of new pop-up windows and new redirects).

To block third-party cookies, let’s open the Chrome settings and take us to the path Privacy and security -> Third party cookies and we activate the voice Block third-party cookies. With this option active, all the most dangerous cookies will be blocked (we will see a crossed out eye appear at the top right of the search bar).

It should be remembered, however, that this setting can prevent the correct opening of some sites: in this case it is better to add it to the exceptions by going to the same screen seen before and pressing add in the section Authorized to use third-party cookies.

4) Advanced Chrome Protection

To better protect ourselves from invasive ads we can activate the Chrome’s advanced protectionalso effective against the appearance of redirects and warning windows.

To this end, let’s take the journey Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Security and let’s activate the voice immediately Advanced protectionconfirming each warning window.

To make advanced protection even more effective we can also activate the following items (we find them all on the same screen):

  • Always use secure connections
  • Use secure DNS

For further information we can read the guide above how to activate secure DNS on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and on your modem.


All these systems allow you to block invasive ads on Google Chrome from PC. Those who use the mobile version of Chrome will be able to find the exact same items in the settings menu, thus applying the same level of security even when browsing from a smartphone or tablet.

To test the new Chrome security system we can visit an “annoying” page like Test automatic redirects.

On the same topic we can read our guides on how to clean Chrome from notifications, viruses and excess advertising come on how not to be tracked online by websites by blocking the collection of personal data.


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